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  1. There’s no Mew wonder card. Also, the legitimate wonder cards are on site. If you can’t use those, then you’re potentially doing something wrong. If in doubt, try using Suloku’s tool for Gen 3 event injection. Should be in our downloads. (I’m out, so can’t link atm)
  2. Mod Moon to have Zeraora? Potentially possible but definitely would not be easy. You’re gonna have to go beyond the bounds of existing tools. add via PKHeX to Moon? Not possible as Moon is. Zeraora doesn’t exist in SM. It’s like trying to add non-existent species into SWSH, they won’t show up right. Going back to modding, one of the “slightly easier ways” would be replace an existing mon, as opposed to adding an entirely new one (one that doesn’t exist in the games data). So modify the personalinfo, and replace the 2D sprite, character models and animation. Go with something unused or something you feel is too plentiful, like Eternal Floette or Ash Cap Pikachu. (I said “easier”, but you’ll still have to end up going beyond existing tools)
  3. Make sure you’re injecting the right language wonder card into the correct language save. Gen 3 has a very clear difference between non-JPN and JPN wonder cards. The size and formats are different.
  4. Confirm what? Using Wild Area News files to make event raids appear? That’s literally why they’re dumped or is that not what you’re looking for?
  5. Just download everything in our files/download category. also shifted your post away from event contributions cause you’re personally not contributing anything.
  6. yeah if you restored the save and it shows broken, then it is probably hopeless
  7. yeah if you do try again, make sure the save is named exactly the same as the one you're replacing in the folder. Delete secure value, then replace the save, then try to delete secure value again. If it cannot be recognized, then it is lost. In the future, using homebrew (JKSM/Checkpoint) to back up the save. Those obtained this way are decrypted, and can go on any device. Don't have to worry about device unique encryption.
  8. well I just tried, and PKHeX is not allowing edits to that slot. Guess you gotta stick with Advanced Save then
  9. Well PKHeX won’t support saves from hackroms, cause the data can be radically different. Also, just a personal guess unrelated to the devs, if you allow one hackrom, it’ll open the floodgates and everyone will want their hackroms/favourite hackroms supported. It’s just cleaner to stick to official games. thanks for the link, I’ll check it out later. also, you mentioned something about types? Types aren’t in the Pokémon data outside of Gen 1/2, so you can’t edit that via save editing.
  10. Can you just upload an image that is directly viewable, like jpg or png? edit: had to use a converter program to view it on my phone (I am out). Sheesh, don’t try to replace the file in your Switch immediately. export onto your Desktop or something, then move it in. Maybe with SD reader, maybe with FTP. Maybe with RCM GUI launching the Switch as drive. Just export onto desktop first. If you read the error message, the issue is with the place you’ve chosen to write to...
  11. Just to clarify, from what folder did you get the original 00000001.sav from? and that is the name when you placed it back in right? No asterisk no renaming no nothing?
  12. Here’s something you could try. use batch editor to edit the species of that exact slot, to make it an already existing Pokémon. Then check if the other stats/moves show up. better yet, upload the save so I’ve got something to play around. In the future, just upload the image to our site, rather than use a different service. :3
  13. Just grab one from the wonder card (you can drag it into PKHeX) or from the mystery gift database.
  14. @Ash Greninja Fan247 Here’s a response from a fellow helpful member on Discord: In conclusion, don’t try to make your own from scratch. edit: I also see you’ve changed your upload?
  15. I’m away from the computer at the moment, so I’ll check it later. In the mean time, mind telling me what’s the origin game under met details?
  16. Wouldn’t they show up as a red square, as opposed to not showing up?
  17. 1. Use the latest PKHeX 2. Make sure you've imported a BDSP save, before you try to export one. I've been able to replace my existing BDSP save all this time, I'm assuming you may have missed one of those steps.
  18. Maybe I didn't answer you right: AFAIK there's no online service for Yuzu, it's only on Ryujinx AFAIK. I meant to say if you wanna have the updated game, just dump the stuff from the Switch. Also, playing the game on Yuzu without owning a Switch implies piracy. We don't do piracy here.
  19. Working as intended. pretty much all Pokemon in BDSP have PIDIV correlations. So you made a bad hack, and PKHeX flags it. Read other threads in our forums relating to this. This thread isn't for troubleshooting bad hacks.
  20. If you dump the relevant data from your Switch, should be.
  21. you can have any date on your 3DS. This person basically received the event while the 3DS had a different date. No issues here, carry on.
  22. I'm assuming you're running the program without loading a save. Just change the default blank save.
  23. Cresselia uses Roaming8 PID, of course existing methods won't work. It's a new method. I've not yet released a new version; it's still in testing. In the mean time:
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