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  1. If you remove the v1.3 update, would you revert to 1.2.1? I think you've made it more complicated than it should be. If 1.2.1 was the issue, then should have worked to resolve the issue on that. Also, I doubt it's the saving injecting and exporting, since every save is the issue. Tho, to be sure, the save name is main, and not anything else right?
  2. I don't know if that will help, but we gotta narrow down the issue. Did it stop working after the update. Or did it stop working, then you installed the update?
  3. I'm under the impression you were banned before the update, and probably installed the update via other means. If that is the case, remove the update and try again. If that isn't the case, then I'm out of ideas.
  4. pasting an image since I don't want to reexplain everything. Basically, besides what was said in the image, I won't recommend it.
  5. It appears that most, if not all, regional forms, especially Alolan, are messed up in this PKHeX update. It's already been fixed if you're using the development build. Should be included in the next stable update.
  6. Is this your primary Switch. If so you may need to downgrade or something. Who knows. Never had a Banned Switch, so don't really know the ins and outs of it. Basically if it was a cart, it should have been playable straight away. I imagine v1.0.0 of the game, even if digital, shouldn't be too different, if on the primary Switch
  7. one of the settings in system settings. Data Management > Move Data Between Console/microSD card Being banned shouldn't affect you whether the game crashes. If the game integrity check turned out okay, could be your SD card. But who knows really. Try creating a new profile and starting a new game, see if that launches.
  8. Didn't see your edit. Also, if you didn't see it in my quote, I tagged Kaphotics to inform him. It was done so that he can know that PKHeX probably can tweak its checks a bit, since the game does allow it if combined with other text. As such, no need to change it just yet. Wait for PKHeX to update the checks (if necessary).
  9. @Kaphotics Just a few tests, I was able to name my characters "wtfhi", "wtf hi", "wtf-hi", "wtf_hi"
  10. are you certain? I tried a new save with wtf and WTF, and the game won't allow it.
  11. the game crashed, not frozen at black screen, but crashed. If so, go to your system settings or whatever and recheck the data. Also move the data to the device's nand instead of your SD card. Maybe your SD card is dying.
  12. were you able to name yourself WTF using the Switch, or did you have to transfer the save to the PC to give yourself that name
  13. because the lair only generates xor=1 in the code. Any other shiny xors are illegal.
  14. they can only be star, and they appear as star. did you not set the mon into a box
  15. also note the image I showed above. It teaches you how to get xor=1 without having to do multiple rerolls.
  16. You borked. Nothing to do with PKHeX. same issue for this. Shiny from Dynamax Adventures xor = 1. You basically gave it the wrong shiny PID. I've hidden both invalid entries. Also just in case either of you decided to do it, please don't reply to this with the specific interest of asking for help related to making them shiny. There are many other threads on the forum that touch about this. This thread isn't a help or FAQ thread.
  17. go show us the PID, and Hover over it. What's the xor = ? example
  18. Furthermove, all event shinies are displayed as Square Shiny. So you won't be able to change them to Star Shiny, even if the PID could be rerolled.
  19. Spiritomb to appear overworld via having players interacted online 31A13425 - 1047 UInt32 0 Or *UInt32 KPlayersInteractedOnline (Full name in block editor, may depend on PKHeX version) Value 32 or higher for this block, then interact with the gravestone for Spiritomb. This value basically stores interacted with players online. Note editing for Legendaries in Dynamax Adventures 6F669A35 - 2226 UInt32 0 or *UInt32 KMaxLairSpeciesID1Noted (Full name in block editor, may depend on PKHeX version) You basically edit in the Pokedex ID. And you can only edit in entries that can be f
  20. It is relevant, cause I wanted to find an alternative for you. Simply put, yes you can create it. However, the offsets are not documented, and I do not intend to document it. If you take a look at existing wonder cards, you should be able to see what is what.
  21. Let's backtrack a bit, as even though you stated what you wanted, you never stated its purpose. Is this your own Sysbot server or something? Most sysbot servers have some kind of Legalize function. Or creation function. Why do you need something to be in MGDB folder. what are you trying to achieve?
  22. It answers the question, but if what you're saying is to be taken at face value, the process doesn't seem to be very well thought out... Sysbot and PKHeX just uses that information to make a PK8. You pretty much can just use a PK8.
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