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  1. So summary of the conversation: 1. Definitely bootleg cart 2. Using GBAbackup tool to dump and restore unmodified saves (at that point) works fine [save not stored in ROM] 3. When viewing save in HxD, the save appears to be mutated. 4. With further testing, it appears the game expects to load a mutated save. 5. By using PKHeX on the save first (first partition of save is fine), then copying the block at offset 0x0 to 0xDFFF and paste overwriting to 0x10000, then subsequently restoring the save, the PKHeX edited save was loaded by the repro cart. I imagine the cart reads the save starting from 0x10000 but who knows. [we tried with an unedited save but rearranged to be not-mutated, didn't load] 6. I advised that one either may not be able to beat Elite 4, or could beat them but won't have the HOF records. In any case, the steps: Issue is now resolved
  2. then perhaps your save is saved differently or something.
  3. yeah that should be okay since you aren't touching the mon's directly. You could also just hyper train the mon in later games (actual mechanic in the game). The stats would function as 31 IVs but the actual stat remains, so won't cause it to become illegal.
  4. If it says that, there’s likely no Pokémon data in the file.
  5. It’s missing the “windows” looking icon at the top left on the back of the cart. Yeah it’s fake. Read:
  6. For some of the Gen 3 bootleg carts, the save data is actually stored in the ROM. So using the bootleg ROM dump with that program just may extract the save for you. Godspeed!
  7. If you've read what I've shared before, then you'll know, there's no save data in that file. And just to be sure, I checked. Nothing of use there. What you should be doing is dumping the ROM, and not the save, of the bootleg cart. (and don't share that ROM here) Only then, would you be able to extract the save.
  8. "Method 1, 2 and 4" PIDs aren't the be all end all. Encounters and all that have limited encounter slots etc, so it's always better to gen the full thing properly, as opposed to 100% relying on PID to IVs.
  9. Ask them for certificate and photos of the event.
  10. If you have CFW on the Switch and SWSH, there’s a loophole where you can move Gen 3-7 captured mons into HOME, provided those species exist in SWSH. Otherwise you’ll need someone to move them in for you.. which isn’t really a good idea for involved parties.
  11. The ROM is likely a regular ROM, with just the Mew shared via trade. Besides ROM sharing isn't allowed here anyway so that's off the table. (and, even if the ROM were to be different, I don't expect it to be different from the debug variants that leaked a while ago) As much as having an old Mew would be interesting, it's not difficult to fake one. Without adequate proof (such as old certs and photos and a convincing story), it would be ill-advised for anyone to make such a purchase (because more often than not, these Mew are fake; they are very easy to fake). Also, quite curious this seller mentions save, rather than cartridge. In any case, if anyone would like to do it, just know to do it at your own risk. I'm just being a cautious bystander and warning everyone of the associated risks, carry on.
  12. it should be okay; think about it from the hypothetical scenario: a japanese person launched a new save, and select their save launch as Spanish, then claimed the event. Then transferred it to Bank -> HOME. The language of the mon would be spanish.
  13. Sorry, but based on this conversation, I’ve not seen you mention the RNG generation method used, nor the seed that would lead to those stats. The Method is important. For example, you can’t use Method 1 for Channel Jirachi. Can’t use Reverse Method 1 for static FRLG Mewtwo. Etc. PKHeX has method validation when it comes to PIDIV, so unless you can validly prove an error, it’s hard to see there’ll be one. Additionally, for certain generation algorithms, other factors such as OT gender and OT name may be generated together, so you need to know those too. Also, best to use Pokefinder. RNG reporter is outdated. ><
  14. Were you using some kind of app to generate the stats. Got any seed for that, so that anyone can verify it? what method of generation did you use?
  15. Curious, whats your basis for every check out there being “wrong”?
  16. You can fix the IVs on the 3DS before sending them up:
  17. Mind taking a screenshot of the Mon in the PC, when you hover your mouse over it? (A bubble should appear). Also, I forget, but I think you may have to hold alt or shift while clicking the exclamation mark, to show a big message. (I would do it myself, but not by the computer)
  18. Right click on the exclamation mark. What PID method is it? I expect it to be anything but “Method_1”. If so, you’re gonna need to reencounter Groudon in your Gen 3 game then transfer it forward. You won’t be able to fix it in this state (MUST NOT modify stats as it has been given a HOME tracker; you’ll be able to modify stats as the game doesn’t care, but won’t be able to enter HOME). Additionally even if you were to modify the stats and blank out the tracker, it won’t be able to enter HOME from Gen 9.
  19. When was the event released VS what’s the update date of the version of PKHeX you’re using?
  20. Yes, save editing works for Sysnand saves, just don’t make ridiculous edits (like 0x999 every item) and then going online. as far as I know, no one got flagged for stuff like that, but you’ll wanna be safe. Also, remember that cheating against unsuspecting opponents (eg. using mons with significant edits) are against our rules.
  21. Odd. I’ll take a look but won’t be anytime soon.
  22. If you want to perform transfers without actual hardware, PKHeX can transfer up stuff for you. Open 2 saves on 2 PKHeX windows, and drag the mons across. If you want to know what gets changed, well, ask the one question (which the scope isn’t at all big) that is most important to you (relating to this). Perhaps we can move forward, bit by bit. As mentioned above, an essay probably shouldn’t be expected. Yes, this is a help forum, and one may feel entitled to get help, but you gotta remember that no one here is paid nor obliged to help. If your question appears too big/too demanding, it may in fact shun away those that otherwise would have been willing to help. Please understand.
  23. Look at BDSP/PLA entries, is there a shiny one there? If there is one with a tracker, just use a bot to inject that. Also make sure you’re not using a bot that wipes HOME trackers.
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