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  1. Every time someone asks, the developer will delay it's release.
  2. Every save normally has 2 parts in the save. 1 main, 1 backup. However in a previous example, there's only 1 part. And PKHeX won't be able to read those. So, if there's only 1 part, it'll be cloned to form a complete save, so PKHeX can read it.
  3. yup, repro means not original. That method you're using only works for originals. For starters, read the linked thread below. We've been talking about the same issue.
  4. Your save data is basically random junk. No wonder PKHeX can't read it: Reason: It's not really a save. Any chance the cart is actually a fake cart? Those are known to save the save in different locations..
  5. then just change your computer date then inject it. Like I said, dates don't matter. So there's no real reason to require it to be the event's date.
  6. It doesn't exist. And dates don't matter, since NDS/3DS date can be changed before receiving the gift.
  7. As in living dex? Crown Tundra isn't out yet. One can speculate what may be released, and as much as the "species leak" based on IoA is credible, they can always change anything before CT's release. So just wait patiently. edit: Based on the supposed returning list, I cobbled together the pk7 of the mons that would likely return (+ the existing mons from SWSH+IoA). ct living dex (based on IoA datamined returning list).rar This list will not contain Galarian Birds, Calyrex, the Horses
  8. Well, modifying saves of bootleg carts isn't the easiest thing in the world, since the methods deviate from what's common...
  9. @Haki96 No idea why the saves you sent me are only half each (the other half are 0xFFs),so I cloned the first half to fill the second half. Also they were both identical, so just have the edited one (using the one I sent you) replace the data at both offsets.
  10. Generate is a strong term; generate implies that it creates the save. It simply extracts the data in there, and names it .sav. Nothing more, nothing less. As for why there are two saves, maybe one is a backup saved by the bootleg cart, who knows really. I say check both in PKHeX and see which one has more time lapsed..
  11. hmmm, looks like my tool doesn't tell you where the offsets of the save were. Gimme a while and I'll change that. Then, you can hex edit the save into those positions, then flash the new ROM file into your bootleg game (if that doesn't break it). If you want to test on whether it'll break it, you can flash an unedited version back [the one you dumped] (It is a risk, however) edit: I've made the change to the tool, make sure to redownload it.
  12. not sure if you can inject ROMs back into your cart. if you can, you can edit the save on the ROM backup, then inject it.
  13. Depends on what bootleg cart you have. Some Gen 3 bootleg carts actually stores the save in the ROM partition. So dump your ROM, then check if the save is there using this: (note: don't upload your ROM, it's against the rules)
  14. Adding on to this ^ @Urt1 In Gen 4 specific terms, the only difference depends on the void trick you used. (Is the capture location Hall of Origin or Jubilife.) That reflects in the Gen 4 location data. However upon transfer the location data isn't retained.. [the location data could still be there as trash (before gen 6), but transporter nor the game checks for that] Note: The Arceus would still be illegal tho. The only legal Arceus from Gen 4 are the event ones.
  15. Hmm, I just dragged it down. I probably did some testing before I snapped the image. Lemme try again. This time all I did was drag the mon from sav3 window to sav4 window, no other edits. Here:
  16. Uploading or linking to files that are ROMs or from ROMs are against our rules, don't do that again. (and for the record, to future readers, I've not used the forums in a long time is not a valid excuse ) Have you tried loading the save without your mods and any other edit(s), to check if it was simply caused by something else? In any event, I find it unlikely that the fashion bin has anything to do with it; the bin just contains bitflags, bitflags that the game normally uses... They don't contain textures or whatnot. So it is reasonably unlikely to be the culprit of crashes. It'
  17. Is "M x H x K series" a translated item name or something? Even if it's a released series, I don't see it at all, so I imagine it's a different name for clothes that exist. Yes, as long as you weren't wearing it, loading in the fashion block is enough to remove it.
  18. For starters, how about uploading the save? We aren't magicians; can't properly diagnose the problem without looking at the save.
  19. Here's a video I randomly searched up. It probably still works.
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