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  1. Shiny across Generations (Shiny Living Dex)

    Non Shiny Living Dex | Shiny Living Dex
    Key Description:
    This page holds files that contains shinies, based on the generation's format.
    Use PKHeX's import system to import all the wanted .PKX files. Make sure you keep an extra safe backup of the save, before performing any modifications and imports.
    .rar name Creatures in folder Excluded Creatures Special Mentions Comments Gen 1 #001 to #151 #151 VC Mew distributed with set DVs                  NIL VC Gen 1 can be imported into Gen 7 saves Gen 2 #001 to #251 #151 VC Mew distributed with set DVs #251 Celebi could be shiny in VC Crystal VC Gen 2 can be imported into Gen 7 saves Gen 3 #001 to #386 #251 Celebi #151 Mew shiny via Old Sea Map event (JPN)
    #385 Jirachi shiny via WISHMKR distribution
    #386 Deoxys shiny via Aurora ticket event Soft reboot of series; Gen 3 couldn't import
    creatures from Gen 1 and 2 Gen 4 #387 to #493 #493 Arceus #490 Manaphy shiny via egg traded then hatched
    #491 Darkrai shiny via In-game encounter (event)
    #492 Shaymin shiny via In-game encounter (event) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 Gen 5 #494 to #649 #494 Victini
    #643 Reshiram
    #644 Zekrom
    #647 Keldeo
    #648 Meloetta #649 Genesect shiny event (JPN & KOR) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 & 4 Gen 6 #493
    #650 to #721 #718 Zygarde
    #720 Hoopa
    #721 Volcanion #493 Arceus shiny (via event)
    #643 Reshiram shiny (Fabled Den)
    #644 Zekrom shiny (Fabled Den)
    #719 Diancie shiny event (JP) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 to 5 Gen 7
    (3DS) #722 to #807 #789 Cosmog
    #790 Cosmoem
    #801 Magearna
    #802 Marshadow
    #807 Zeraora #025 Partner Cap Pikachu via bad programming
    #251 Celebi could be shiny in VC Crystal
    #718 Zygarde shiny (via event)
    #785 Tapu Koko shiny (via event)
    #786 Tapu Lele shiny (via event)
    #787 Tapu Bulu shiny (via event)
    #788 Tapu Fini shiny (via event)
    #791 Solgaleo shiny (via event)
    #792 Lunala shiny (via event)
    #800 Necrozma shiny (via event)

    & Alolan Formes (shiny) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 1 to 6 Gen 7
    (Switch) #001 to #151 AND
    #808 to #809
      #151 Mew event not shiny #808 Meltan shiny via Pokémon GO
    #809 Melmeltal shiny via Pokémon GO

    & Alolan Formes (shiny) Compatible with series that can withdraw from HOME. Gen 8
    (SWSH + IoA + CT) -
      Articuno (Galar), Zapdos (Galar), Moltres (Galar), Keldeo, Volcanion, Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus, Kubfu, Urshifu, Zarude, Glastrier, Spectrier, Calyrex #807 Zeraora. Wasn't shiny in its own generation. HOME is now available.
    Promotes compatibility with every gen
    (if Pokémon species exist in SWSH)
    For clarity sake, I shall describe how the folder system works:
    For example, if you're playing on a Generation 5 game, to have all complete (excluding illegals), import mons from Gen 3.rar, Gen 4.rar and Gen 5.rar

    Just remember, the transfer system works similarly to the official system the games use:


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  2. Every NPC in-game Trade and Gift Pokémon

    This is a collection of all possible Trades and Gifts of in-game NPC's credentials in every language possible.
    All Generation I-IV Trades are obtained at the lowest level possible with thorough research.
    Please refer to the Guide.txt included in the collection archive for details on what to edit to make any of them to your personal liking.
    NOTE: If you're reading this in the future and a new game came out, please do not expect any updates with its trades immediately or anytime soon, unless users contribute them to me.
    @Taargüs Taargüs - For providing the PK5s for all languages of B2W2 Yancy and Curtis trades, and also the Korean B2 Petilil!
    @RobustRabbit - For providing CHT SM and USUM trades!
    @ViolentDarkBrown - For providing all languages of trades in Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee and Sword/Shield!
    Serebii and Bulbapedia - For providing the location whereabouts and details for the lowest levels possible of NPC's requested Pokemon. (Even though they contradict each other sometimes...)
    And of course, anyone who reports errors!
    If you would like to share this collection archive around other websites, you are free to do so, but please give credit to the mentioned users for their generosity to contributing. Thanks!
    PSA: If PKHeX flags any Pokemon as invalid, please do collate the files that do so and report them in the PKHeX forum. And if you think a Gen 1-4 Pokemon can't be at a certain level, please do notify me about it (and provide sources).


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  3. RoC's PC

    A collection of Pokemon from every game.
    See thread for more information and progress: 
    And GitHub for latest updates: https://github.com/ReignOfComputer/RoCs-PC


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  4. Pokémon Let's GO: Complete 153 PKM collection

    Perfect 6IV 200AVs in all stats Shiny (excluding Mew, Meltan and Melmetan) Almost a perfect moveset with available moves in these games Legit (acccording to PKHeX) They are FRENCH, but you can quickly change that in PKHeX Ready to kill Master Trainer


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  5. Gen6 Smogon Sets

    Gen6 Smogon Sets 


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  6. hidden Alola Starters with Hidden Ability

    All three starters with their hidden abilities, bred from the pokebank eventmons


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