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  1. Here's a video I randomly searched up. It probably still works.
  2. Try this then https://www.supercheats.com/nintendods/pokemon-black/7543/ar-codes/genesect-wonder-card-request/ didn't check if it spawns a legal genesect tho. Alternatively, why don't you use the DNS manipulation trick and receive a Genesect from the fake servers.
  3. If you on Black 2 and the game is English, try this code 94000130 FFFB0000 02029FFC FFF8F3D0 E23FAFF0 00000030 4808B5F9 F40F2101 4807FE17 22CC4907 E9A4F47D 21014803 FDE4F40F 22002128 0000BDF9 02221784 023FB020 02221A1C E23FB020 000000CC 00002758 00000000 00000000 00100010 02220000 004C01BB 02890144 FFFF0000 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 000002FF 9C850000 0000000F FF000000 FFFFFFFF 005000FF 0061006C 006D0073 FFFF0061 0F00FFFF 00000000 00680054 00200065 0079004D 00680074 00630069 006C0061 00500020 006B006F 006D00E9 006E006F 00470020 006E0065 00730065 00630065 00210074 FFFFFFFF
  4. I would think so too, which in that case, the internet has modifier codes all over the place, just do an internet search.. I've seen weirder requests before, and why ask it if it was something so common that could be searched. So with that in mind, I had ask for clarification.
  5. No need to have the same post in multiple areas, especially where it's an event contribution thread and you are not contributing anything. When you say enemy, you referring to wild spawns or trainers?
  6. What clothing items were above the M x H x K Hoodie? I probably am blind, but don't see it. Additionally, C x L hoodie was removed in 1.0.8f female bin for Sword. Can you redownload and check? At the time of your original comment, 1.0.8f wasn't up yet. Also to be absolutely sure, you're using a female.bin on a female save right? edit: If it's still there for you in 1.0.8f, and you're using the female.bin on a female save, mind sending me the save to take a look?
  7. If you're really concerned, you can make it from the wonder card data. It's documented there. edit: @papaj I've attached my Celebi and my Zarude that I received. I slightly changed the time code (just increased or decreased the value). I still don't understand how the time code fully works, so there's that. Celebi.wr8 Zarude.wr8
  8. Some WR8 is included, not all. Also WR8 isn't really necessarily, since one could get the Zarude or Celebi via trade..
  9. If I'm not mistaken, you're attempting to create a shiny Cyndaquil using ALM. That has nothing to do with us. Next, this thread isn't for asking for help. Do be mindful next time.
  10. theSLAYER

    Extra byte

    yes but no. As said, there could be some purpose to legality, it's just unknown.
  11. Erm, the folder can only have main. Cut-paste the original to elsewhere, then restore the folder with only main.
  12. Not even going to look at the saves, cause I got other things to do. But if you really "managed to get it to work for one", then it's rather simple. 1. Get the non-working saves to have the same TID/SID as the working save. 2. Then, clone the Cute Charmer from the working save and use it on the non-working saves.
  13. which fashion bin did you use? for sword or for shield? for male or for female? you gotta be more specific.. I see the C x L at my female bins, but can't see the M H K. Where is it located at? edit: Blocks have been edited. No idea where you saw the M H K Hoodie. Until you can specify where it is, I can't do anything about it.
  14. Without a ROM hack, no. In Gen 3, abilities are hardcoded to either ability 1 or ability 2.
  15. that wasn't what I asked. Okay, just send me the save file.
  16. no I mean the literal folder with the file. Like this. A screenshot on your computer, that shows the save file.
  17. Can you show me a screenshot of the folder that contains the save?
  18. no worries no worries :3
  19. Oh, I take it you meant Gold Bottle Cap. For Hyper Training. This is a English speaking forum, so it might help if you use the English name to describe problem, as opposed to (what I can only assume) is a foreign name that went through the translator Hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then left mouseclick on the stat value. :3 The green highlights are the hyper trained IVs.
  20. Plug? I really have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe link me to the bulbapedia page, so I know what you're talking about
  21. In other words, if you don't know what you're doing, don't create a pokemon from scratch. Download an existing one, then edit it.
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