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  1. I probably can try to provide an example with photographs later, when I’m back at my PC. Maybe in 12 hours time lol
  2. Use hex editing. Block by block replace your save’s blocks, until it is able to load. Make sure you sue PKHeX to fix checksums after such an edit. Should be able to find block size and offset checking PKHeX’s older commits
  3. There's a few things you wanna consider if you wanna edit them after transferring them. If you're just transferring with no edits then it's all gucci.
  4. Gee, it's as tho PKHeX stable build hasn't updated to account for the HOME update... /j Jokes aside, in case you're not aware, the current stable build of PKHeX was released *before* the HOME 2.0.0 update was released. PKHeX has the date written in the app window, so that may be a clue in the future. For now, wait patiently for support to come :3
  5. If data is written to somewhere the game doesn't expect there to be data, then it'll be corrupt. What the cause is tho, I can't say. Too many things can go wrong. They both work similarly. Haven't had issues with either. You mean the tool I made? Your save can load fine in PKHeX, so it won't need it. It's only for those that used some kind of FTP with the wrong settings, and a byte or 2 going missing. Those files can't be opened by PKHeX. It's not any of that. Also, just because PKHeX loads a file, doesn't mean some sectors aren't invalid. In any case, you could try to swap out blocks till you figure out the cause (being which block), then proceed to narrow it down.
  6. Give me some time. I'll try restoring the file to my game to see if the same issue occurs. If it does, I'll proceed to extract your mons. Do you have another save that already has progress? I can just plop the mons in. Preferably all the mons you want to keep in that save is in the last box or something. (With party containing nothing but trash)
  7. Yeah FTP. Next, usually you’ll restore a folder with a save in it. during restore, is the save named “main” (no extension, no other name), and the only file in that folder? In addition, you said you managed to restore a new save just fine, only this file is causing issues? And PKHeX is loading it fine?
  8. General guidelines for 2.0.0, still under development, so they may change at any time without notice: In general: If you make any edits to immutable stuff, like PIDs, EC, IVs, etc, clear the HOME tracker. For injecting new mons into HOME: Switch games origin mon - If game of origin is SWSH, transfer from SWSH - If game of origin is BDSP, transfer from BDSP - If game of origin is PLA, transfer from PLA - If game of origin is LGPE, transfer from LGPE Mons of non-Switch origin games, priority list: - If possible, transfer from Bank -> HOME. Skips a lot of weird stuff. Move restriction stated below doesn't apply. - If the species exist in SWSH, transfer from SWSH * - If the species exist in BDSP, and also don't exist in SWSH, transfer from BDSP * - If the species exist in PLA, and also don't exist in both SWSH and BDSP, transfer from PLA * * I'll advise only having one move on it. Make sure it has a move in its level up moveset, from both its origin game, and the game you're transferring from. That means no event moves! Do note that there may still be weirdness if there's event moves in the relearn moves area, and someone peeks into your data. Just don't transfer stuff that has exotic moves, in moveset or relearn!
  9. Does what still work? Clearing your HOME tracker?
  10. You can’t. Use PKHeX to hack the item into your bag, and activate the event flag
  11. Actually I think the memory is OT memory, just that it says you received it via trade. Just do a bunch of things with it in-game to try to change the memory. But do note in the data, it will have the bot as NotOT, unless you managed to trade it with someone else.
  12. Just to be sure, the Mon OT details matches yours? Including origin game? Also, I’ve got to check, you’ve definitely set the Mon into the save, exported the edited save, restored the edited save into your game?
  13. There’s no tool for that. You literally got to look at the files and figure it out.
  14. They supposedly don’t delete your box after your sub ends. so you’re outta luck, if you plan to do that to remove bad eggs. unless there’s a way to directly manipulate HOME (which prior 1.3.0 was possible and not publicised, and now not known to be possible yet), you can’t get rid of the eggs. 3 slots out of 200 boxes, it’s frankly not that bad. Learn to live with it
  15. what format save is your emulator expecting. not a .sav? Mind sharing an example of that Pokemon save here? (and only the save, mind you.) Also, please be a proper save. not a state save.
  16. can't you use that save with the emulator? Does it expect something different? I just don't understand the situation here
  17. The first and most important main difference is international FRLG and Emerald doesn't support e-Reader. Does that help?
  18. There’s probably gonna be a format change but nothing is concrete at this moment
  19. It can have memories with OT, and also memories with a trainer that isn't an OT.
  20. I've not checked, but whether the trades can be done online depends on whether the server whitelists them (which is same scenario as HOME supposedly). So only time would tell..
  21. I just edited my post with pictures of what I'm talking about. Anyhow no worries :3
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