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  1. Is there a "battery" folder inside the folder where your emulator is stored?
  2. That's not a save that PKHeX uses. It uses a DSV or SAV. Please save in-game, using the in-game menu (as opposed to state saving with the emulator), then send that save over.
  3. From what I can tell, the server doesn't display the same way as the main games, as such, I only have access to Rayquaza. (removed the encrypted file, pretty much useless without boss decryption lol)
  4. Without an appropriate boss dump, I can't find the server address. Thus I can't even check (tho I would imagine the files aren't there anymore)
  5. Erm, Ultra Moon saves aren't the same as Moon saves, of course it won't work. Dump the box (as a pcdata.bin) then import into your save.
  6. I don't know how the game works, but is there a menu to receive updates? or is it just fed to you without any options? If there's a connection or update screen, can you perhaps get a BOSS dump? (details on dumping here)
  7. The current streak there is probably for the in-game display of records, not the actual current streak your experiencing. either that or a flag needs to be set in order to challenge frontier brains.. (I haven’t tried; from me experience these type of edits typically are only for records purposes, doesn’t work for actual battle streak)
  8. Yeah Retron 5 is good for GB/GBC/GBA dumping. You may also want to hack your 3DS, cause that's good for dumping 3DS and NDS save files from carts.
  9. yeah opened up. and looks like the battery moved for the bootlegs. It seems different from the one I had
  10. So far, it seems the only way to link profiles, would be a restart and create a new emunand based on your sysnand profile. But that isn't going to be a solution forever. Identification of what causes the unlinking goes a long way. At present, I'm assuming it unlinked when game versions/updates or software versions between both nands differs, so keep that in mind. Always update both before going forward.
  11. @sobbingsobble your images aren't showing, so I deleted them. Note that your images were hosted on a googledrive or something. Our site CAN host images (you can just drag and drop them at the Drag Files portion when making a reply) Also, consider having images in a spoiler or reducing their size. For example, the image I uploaded is of a reduced size (double clicking on the image when crafting a reply will pop up options, which includes ability to change size) If you click on an image in my post, it should show you the full size; doing this reduces the size in the main post, without making the post look too big
  12. As per our tutorial for GBA games: Looks at the options on the left. There is Using GBA Backup Tool and Using Emulators. Since you're on retail cart, we agree that Using Emulators doesn't apply to you, right? Thus the only option would be to go to Using GBA Backup Tool. Next, do you have a DS/DS lite and a DS Flashcart? Those are required for one method to dump GBA games (as seen in the first paragraph of the tutorial.) If you don't, you need to get a Retron 5. Now tell me, do you have either?
  13. The index are basically file versions. They seem to update the old versions on the save file, with a newer version, that is basically old version ID +1. How the decide when to release updates? No idea, these are the files dumped from the saves. I basically dump them whenever they're updated. I don't keep a comprehensive list regarding each update, since sometimes they have 2 versions for the same event in the same timeframe. (Maybe the made a mistaken and pushed another file to cover the mistake, who knows really) For your wild area event to correct, all 4 files loaded into your save need to be of the same index.
  14. Try using Suloku’s tool (check our save editing tool), it should be just one byte to activate Pokémon link, and I think that tool may have it.
  15. Yeah, since we didn't calculate the checksum, it wouldn't be correct. However just save in PKHeX. PKHeX recalculates the checksum for all sectors, so it should work. I'm assuming you have yet to test the edits on your X/Y. Have a safe unedited save backup, loaded the edited one into your game, then let me know.
  16. They always had PID 0, same TID and SID. Pretty much clones. I don't remember about the Nature, but even if it is variant, that means they are cloned for every nature.
  17. I don't think so. I don't think there's any documentation for those either.
  18. They're all clones. Just set yours to ENG on PKHeX, delete the HOME tracker, and move on
  19. https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/ The save editing portion of our tutorials has "managing x saves", where x is the device the game run out, then inside the link it'll show you what you need. There's usually multiple ways to dump a save, so it really depends on what you have on hand, or what you're willing to buy.
  20. On top of Lv 20 being no badges, it's this: source: https://www.gfinityesports.com/article/2528/pokemon-sword-and-shield-how-do-i-catch-very-strong-looking-pokemon Also note, for your own raid (you are the host), if your badge count (level can be caught) is lower than the level of the mon you encounter (before it is reduced), that encounter is shiny locked.
  21. As long as you can dump your saves, and copy them to the PC, regardless of the save originating from emulators or physical carts, PKHeX will read the save. Of course, we are talking about standard Pokémon games. PKHeX won't be 100% functional when it comes to saves from ROM hacks.
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