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  1. I'm guessing you did block editing. I've already reported the issue, in relation to block editing. editing my mons or items (ignoring block editing) doesn't seem to trigger it.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    PKHeX has introducted a Block exporting option, and thus, this program is born. Able to read WR8 files, and the bin file that contains WR8. (Note, there is no intention of exporting WR8 from the bin) If you use any files that is not compatible, the program WILL crash. For technical info relating to the offset can be found here. When more details are known (for example, if they store abilities or what the cashback thing is), those will be added. To extract the block using PKHeX:
  3. @JamesLikesGames is your Switch hacked? If your Switch has CFW, you can follow our guide on the how-to required to extract the save file. Once you extract the save file, you can use that on PKHeX.
  4. theSLAYER

    Wonder Card Records (WR8)

    This area is still under constructing. I'm doing some tests and collecting some intel, so I'm using this page to document what I get. Each WR8 is 0x68 in length. PKHeX now has block imported and exporter, so keep in mind a record is 0x68 in length within the block. The block immediate begins with WR8s... (WR8s are confined within the *Object KMysteryGift block) Do note, the empty cells below represents values that are presently 0x00 on the records, so utility is unknown/not discovered yet. WR8 Hex Pokémon Gift Clothes Gift Items Gift BPs Gift 0x00 Timestamp? 0x01 Timestamp? 0x02 Timestamp? 0x03 Timestamp? 0x04 0x1F (unknown) 0x05 0x06 0x07 0x08 WC ID (0x08 WC) 0x09 WC ID (0x09 WC) 0x0A Card Description (0x15 WC) 0x0B 0x0C Gift Type (Item Gift, Pokémon Gift etc) (0x11 WC) 0x0D NIL Amount of line items (if type items/clothes/BPs) NIL 0x0E 0x01 (unknown) 0x0F 0x10 0x11 0x12 0x13 0x14 0x15 0x16 0x17 0x18 0x19 0x1A 0x1B 0x1C 0x1D 0x1E 0x1F 0x20 0x21 0x22 0x23 0x24 0x25 0x26 0x27 0x28 0x29 0x2A 0x2B 0x2C 0x2D 0x2E 0x2F 0x30 Species ID (0x240 WC) Copy from Wonder Card (0x20 to 0x5F if Male, 0x60 to 0x8F if Female) (Basically copy 3 rows) Item 1 (0x20 WC) Amount (0x20 WC) 0x31 Species ID (0x241 WC) Item 1 (0x21 WC) 0x32 NIL Amount (0x22 WC) 0x33 NIL Amount (0x23 WC) 0x34 OT Gender (0 if Male, 1 if Female) Item 2 (0x24 WC) 0x35 NIL Item 2 (0x25 WC) 0x36 NIL Amount (0x26 WC) 0x37 NIL Amount (0x27 WC) 0x38 Move 1 (0x230 WC) Item 3 (You see the pattern by now...) 0x39 Move 1 (0x231 WC) Item 3 0x3A Amount 0x3B Amount 0x3C Move 2 (0x232 WC) Item 4 0x3D Move 2 (0x233 WC) Item 4 0x3E Amount 0x3F Amount 0x40 Move 3 (0x234 WC) Item 5 0x41 Move 3 (0x235 WC) Item 5 0x42 Amount 0x43 Amount 0x44 Move 4 (0x236 WC) Item 6 0x45 Move 4 (0x237 WC) Item 6 0x46 Amount 0x47 Amount 0x48 OT1 (0x12C WC onwards; if Blank - recipient) 0x49 OT1 0x4A OT2 0x4B OT2 0x4C OT3 0x4D OT3 0x4E OT4 0x4F OT4 0x50 OT5 0x51 OT5 0x52 OT6 0x53 OT6 0x54 OT7 0x55 OT7 0x56 OT8 0x57 OT8 0x58 OT9 0x59 OT9 0x5A OT10 0x5B OT10 0x5C OT11 0x5D OT11 0x5E OT12 0x5F OT12 0x60 OT13? 0x61 OT13? 0x62 Language Received 0x63 Ribbons (0x25C WC) 0x64 Pokegender (0x243 WC) 0x65 0x66 0x67 0x68 more do be discovered.. For the record, these are the gift descriptions, as per found in the text dump: 0 [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 1 Pokémon Egg Gift 2 Pokémon Gift 3 [VAR 0109(0008)] Gift 4 Item Set Gift 5 Item Gift 6 Dynamax Crystal Gift 7 Curry Ingredient Gift 8 [VAR 0104(0001)] [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 9 Legendary Pokémon [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 10 Mythical Pokémon [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 11 [VAR 0100(0003)]’s [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 12 Shiny [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 13 [VAR 0101(0000)] ([VAR 01D4(0002)]) Gift 14 [VAR 01D4(0002)] Gift 15 Hidden Ability [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 16 [VAR 0101(0000)] with [VAR 0107(0004)] Gift 17 [VAR 0101(0000)] with [VAR 0107(0005)] Gift 18 [VAR 0101(0000)] with [VAR 0107(0006)] Gift 19 [VAR 0101(0000)] with [VAR 0107(0007)] Gift 20 [VAR 0101(0000)] and [VAR 0109(0009)] Gift 21 Gigantamax [VAR 0101(0000)] Gift 22 [VAR 01D1(000B)] Gift 23 Downloadable Version Purchase Bonus 24 Special Pack Purchase Bonus 25 Store Purchase Bonus 26 Strategy Guide Purchase Bonus 27 Purchase Bonus 28 Happy Birthday! 29 Virtual Console Purchase Bonus 30 Pokémon Trainer Club Gift 31 Pokémon Global Link Gift 32 Pokémon Bank Gift 33 Pokémon HOME 34 Pocket Money Gift 35 [VAR 0206(000C,002C)] Cash Back 36 Clothing Gift 37 Ranked Battle Reward 38 Online Competition Participation Gift 39 BP Gift 40 Official Competition Item Gift 41 Official Competition BP Gift 42 Official Competition Pokémon Gift 43 Official Competition Egg Gift 44 Official Competition Clothing Gift 45 Singles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Item Gift 46 Singles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] BP Gift 47 Singles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Pokémon Gift 48 Singles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Egg Gift 49 Singles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Clothing Gift 50 Doubles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Item Gift 51 Doubles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] BP Gift 52 Doubles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Pokémon Gift 53 Doubles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Egg Gift 54 Doubles Season [VAR 0201(000A)] Clothing Gift
  5. Try this. This is a from a save I have that should be before the fight. (you may need to progress a few events to get to the fight) Remember to rename to main main(21)
  6. Except it won't. Previously the dev said that for PID IV calculations, existing tools out there could be used to figure it out. Adding such stuff to PKHeX, when an existing tool already exists, only bloats PKHeX with minimum utility achieved.
  7. You made a duplicate posting elsewhere, so I removed it. And no, I do not know. Wait for a response from someone who knows.
  8. If you're injecting the Wonder Card, that is considered an event file, and event files are in our event gallery.
  9. when you "receive dream world era Pokémon", this is how the PID-IVs are generated. They have the mon in that encounter table, then you proceed to encounter it. This is the same thing.
  10. We have a tutorial section. You can use that to guide you in loading wonder cards.
  11. You asked what's the most proper way, so I answered you. If you want a improper way, such as PKHeX, then just use the wonder card. We got the wonder card on our site. :3
  12. Street pass with something that has received the ticket. Besides that, the event has ended.
  13. Best way? PKHeX on a save on another Switch, then trade over the mon to your online save/Switch
  14. The count on your trainer card is based on species of shiny found, in Pokédex.
  15. Let’s use a little example. For example, a NPC blocks your way until you get a badge. what happens when you defeat the gym leader is: a. You receive the badge b. The event that the NPC was blocking your way (let’s say the event was “set”) became “unset”. Meaning, the game doesn’t check whether you have the badge and then proceeds to place the trainer there. Rather, the game simply removes the NPC from blocking your way when you acquire the badge normally. So, if you were to acquire the badge abnormally (such as via hacking it in), because you didn’t actually defeat the gym leader, the NPC will still be blocking your way. It doesn’t just apply a NPC blocking your progress, but it occurs with a variety of stuff, such as when an NPC is suppose to appear, legendary subquest etc. No clue. It is released when it’s released.
  16. PKHeX is able to generate square shinies. Insert the TID and SID into PKHeX, then just hold shift and press the star in PKHeX
  17. While PKHeX presently don't support badge editing, the upcoming release that allows the importing and exporting of save blocks should help. Tho note, event flags might be affected; you can import the badges, but without the event flag being set or unset, you may not be able to progress the story.
  18. No idea why they didn’t announce these. the official site updated the same page that initially held the info for the G-Snorlax, maybe Joe didn’t keep close attention to that page.
  19. Use PKHeXs Tools>Load Boxes to load mons from a folder.
  20. Also, this may help you with your search: https://pokedens.github.io/
  21. Here: In the last spoiler, I've have a table that converts Serebii den's to PKHeX den
  22. I’ll give this a test later. I’ve directly extracted the cards from the system, so I don’t expect any problems. Tho maybe there was a mistake when PKHeX converted it into a mon. I’ll edit my findings into this comment edit: @Kaphotics this is indeed a thing. I tested this and it was a ball on my save too. Not sure what's causing the issue. It showing Coalossal correctly in the summary screen, it's just the icon is a ball. It's also showing correctly form 0 on PKHeX.
  23. Legitimately? They're not out yet. Maybe they'll be released for HOME. We wouldn't know until they legitimately allow it. Illegally? Hack it in.
  24. IF you indeed have a save file, you can drag and drop it into PKHeX, and PKHeX would open it.
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