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  1. Yea, take a look for yourself. Just rename those files to wc9 and drag into PKHeX. If they are a Pokémon gift, they’ll load just fine. and as for why some of them aren’t there, not all gifts are permanently in the BCAT. Once the event expires, the team that manages BCAT may choose to remove them. And IIRC your device’s BCAT tends to sync with the server whenever you’re idle in your HOME screen connected to the network, or when you grab a new network gift, so your old archives would have been gone. Anyhow, this won’t work fully for the Switch Gift Data Manager (since it’ll need data from your own BCAT; you can merge the relevant files you want into your BCAT, as per instructions in SGDM), but @CitrusBolt has been dumping them: https://citrusbolt.net/bcat/ Lastly, we have an event repository that has all the events we gathered (all of Gen 9 is there): https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery And finally finally, this isn’t the right place to have this discussion. Please start your own thread in the Events Help and Questions sub-forum if you need more help.
  2. This only applies for cards distributed locally. (as in you have to attend physically, and there's a distribution beacon within the area. Typically shop-wide, or at events, venue/hall wide) As far as I know there's no Gen 9 card distributed locally. Additionally, for non local cards (serial, wireless, etc), you could have just dumped them via JKSM -> BCAT dumping.
  3. 203 downloads

    This gift was distributed to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet via the serial code GYARAD0S2023SG, to commemorate the 2024 Asia Championships. This Gyarados was based on the one used by Melvin Keh in the 2023 Singapore Pokémon Championships. The trainer name is Sophia, as Sophia another OT that Melvin uses. Wonder Card ID #0052: Sophia’s Gyarados Gift Species Gyarados TID 240512 Distribution Serial Code Location a Battle Competition Dates May 12 to June 30, 2024 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games Scarlet Violet Nature Careful Ability Intimidate (1) Item Aguav Berry Tera: IVs EVs HP 31 252 ATK 31 20 DEF 31 30 SPA 31 0 SPD 31 156 SPE 31 52 Lv. 50 Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Waterfall Thunder Wave Taunt Protect Partner Ribbon Battle Champion Ribbon Lang Slot Mon's Lang Nickname OT Name OT's Lang JPN (lang' tag default) Sophia JPN ENG (lang' tag default) Sophia ENG FRE (lang' tag default) Sophia FRE ITA (lang' tag default) Sophia ITA GER (lang' tag default) Sophia GER SPA (lang' tag default) Sophia SPA KOR (lang' tag default) Sophia KOR CHS (lang' tag default) Sophia CHS CHT (lang' tag default) Sophia CHT Only One Redemption Allowed Format Ver.3.0.1-5, Post Updated Date:20240513_2015
  4. I think the problem is that it is not documented, and we can’t exactly perform “before and after” comparison to try to see what it’ll be. Short of reading the source or doing trial and error, I’m not sure how would one be able to identify the change.. Why don’t you just start a fresh female save, then import the progress from a another save, by importing the Event Flags/Constants block?
  5. The language of the events doesn’t affect the trade. Any language-trade shenanigans was related to the games itself, not due to the fact it’s an event. Example: Gen 3 carts could all trade cross-language, but you get weird issues when trading European mons with diacritic in name characters, display of European names in a Japanese game and what happens to the name when you evolve such mons etc. Gen 4 could trade cross language just fine, except with Korean games (language). They were introduced late and didn’t appear to be planned for, so no trading with Non-Korean games there. Due to not having Gen 3 Korean games, their Pal Park usage isn’t language locked. Gen 5, IIRC, no issues cross language trading wise. Region of the DS doesn’t matter. Main issue with language of the cartridge. So in this example, let’s say a ENG Diamond and a JPN Pearl. They can trade (doesn’t matter if ENG game was purchased in US or EU). They can battle. You only issue would be a KOR Pearl instead, due to the Korean Gen 4 issue mentioned earlier. But you could have just transferred the Mon into a Gen 5 game then trade there. minor edit: I think region lock was kinda an issue with 3DS/DSi and Gen 5 games (cause they have DSi features). But that’s about it. Don’t have to worry if you’re not using a 3DS/DSi console
  6. NDS didn’t have region set into it. IIRC Gen 3 - Gen 5 had wonder cards limited to language of the cart (again, region wasn’t a thing for the device, and if you see it from the perspective that people bought the carts from stores in their own country, as most physical stores then [depending on country you’re in] weren’t big on just importing merch of other languages not native to that country, where that store only sold carts of the common language or the language spoken there, that’s technically the ‘region lock’ right there). If I’m not mistaken, only events like WORLDS had event distribution that mixed European and Asian languages, else it’s normally “just stick to the languages used in the area” type of deal.
  7. All flags are just visual; the flags themselves don’t write anything onto the Mon. Probably some added code that didn’t catch the edge cases, or for some reason the nickname isn’t thoroughly accepted (maybe there trash bytes when there shouldn’t be). Drop a message either in GitHub or the thread here used to track errors.
  8. It’s odd that it wouldn’t read it. You could try flashing back, and selecting the same options as what you see above, but it would certainly be a risk, as there’s a chance it can render your card unplayable. It is at your own risk.
  9. Oh right, so it definitely can’t be read using GBAbf? Possible to get it to read with a different version? Also Detect Flash, and take a photo of the option listed. Probably shouldn’t try writing to it if it can’t be read..
  10. If you were able to extract the save from the ROM, means likely your save is stored in the ROM. Read everything in the very first post, regarding how to transfer saves back to your ROM, and your ROM back to your cart. Make sure you read everything!
  11. Yeah, repro ROMs are edited/modified to display that instead of the typical shtick about save files being corrupted and a backup being loaded and what not. Have you tried backing up your save using 1. GBA backup tool (save dumping/backing up) 2. gbabf -> ROM extraction -> Run ROM in Extractor program If so, lemme know which method you used, and show me the save (FYI, don't upload ROMs here)
  12. Don’t edit any of the data if you want to be able to use them in conjunction with HOME
  13. Extract your save. Then modify your save on PKHeX. Then place the save back.
  14. Go to the GitHub and use the latest release of the plugin. It works on latest dev build on PKHeX
  15. That’s for 3DS. Also only applies to distributions. I’ve never tried for NDS saves, however given your save isn’t being broadcasted wirelessly, and I’m not even sure whether you can use NTR CFW when booted into NDS mode, I kinda doubt it.
  16. So summary of the conversation: 1. Definitely bootleg cart 2. Using GBAbackup tool to dump and restore unmodified saves (at that point) works fine [save not stored in ROM] 3. When viewing save in HxD, the save appears to be mutated. 4. With further testing, it appears the game expects to load a mutated save. 5. By using PKHeX on the save first (first partition of save is fine), then copying the block at offset 0x0 to 0xDFFF and paste overwriting to 0x10000, then subsequently restoring the save, the PKHeX edited save was loaded by the repro cart. I imagine the cart reads the save starting from 0x10000 but who knows. [we tried with an unedited save but rearranged to be not-mutated, didn't load] 6. I advised that one either may not be able to beat Elite 4, or could beat them but won't have the HOF records. In any case, the steps: Issue is now resolved
  17. then perhaps your save is saved differently or something.
  18. yeah that should be okay since you aren't touching the mon's directly. You could also just hyper train the mon in later games (actual mechanic in the game). The stats would function as 31 IVs but the actual stat remains, so won't cause it to become illegal.
  19. If it says that, there’s likely no Pokémon data in the file.
  20. It’s missing the “windows” looking icon at the top left on the back of the cart. Yeah it’s fake. Read:
  21. For some of the Gen 3 bootleg carts, the save data is actually stored in the ROM. So using the bootleg ROM dump with that program just may extract the save for you. Godspeed!
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