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  1. Being "Battle ready" wipes away your moveset. Is this explanation enough?
  2. Version .


    A Original Colored Magearna can be obtained from Pokémon HOME, as a reward for completing its National Dex. However, a Lv.10 Magearna that had 15 ribbons attached to it was obtainable by players within a few hours on Pokémon HOME's launch day. One reasoning, would be the devs were testing/creating the intend Magearna, and they didn't realize that this glitched Magearna was flagged as obtainable by player. Given an official announcement wasn't given on how to obtain one, some players stumbled across it without knowing the requirements to receive it, hence it was not easy to replicat
  3. did you unblock the plugin? The steps for that is on the description of the plugin's github page.
  4. Details for Index 41 of dai_encount Rewards for Index 41 of dai_encount
  5. Details for Index 41 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Rewards for Index 41 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences)
  6. It's an encrypted save, and it is the progress you made; If you "deleted your corrupted save", that means the 00000001.sav contains a encrypted blank save. In the future, back up your saves with JKSV or checkpoint, before doing sure reckless things
  7. Is your game updated to v1.3? If you just want to edit your save, then if your game is updated, it should be on v1.3. On another note, you know PKHeX works regardless of what update your save is on, right? Once again (but in slightly different words), what are you trying to do?
  8. This isn't a private question, no need to PM me. Also, as I said, you can't save it. If you want to load a CT save, use your own CT save. Also for the record, if you didn't buy the DLC, loading another save won't help you go to CT. (Unless the coordinates of that save is in CT, but if you leave you won't be able to return)
  9. It loads Blank CT save as default, tho you just can't save for it. What do you need it for?
  10. The comments section of a file isn't the place to discuss this, so this will be my last reply regarding the matter. Any more questions, create a thread in the appropriate sub-forum. When you say problem, you weren't being specific, so I'll take a guess. Would your 3DS be banned? - people hack stuff all the time. GF/Nint don't monitor people's offline play. If you're that worried, you could skip the wonder card redemption step and drag the wonder card to the left side of PKHeX, and immediately edit the region info, then inject the mon into PC. Lastly, any region/language info may be gla
  11. wonder cards ignore region information of the save you're injecting it into. Region information isn't on wonder card, hence PKHeX wouldn't know to check it. You can inject into any region save. But the mon will be illegal (even if PKHeX doesn't flag it as so) This Ho-oh, having the wrong region, is a clear sign that you hacked the event into your save. This information isn't based on metadata, it's based on the fact that serial code events are typically region locked; Only Japan 3DS can receive the wonder card via serial code legitimately .
  12. No. PKHeX doesn’t support nonstandard mons. And hacked mon bad. Could corrupt your save. Do I really have to explain myself. Learn to accept no when others say no. :3
  13. No idea what you’re saying. regardless only a JP 3DS (region, not language) can receive this. If the region is US, then you’re doing it wrong. as Blackshark said, it can be injected into any save, but legally the wonder card could only be received by JP 3DS via Serial code.
  14. What do you mean won't open. Throws an exception? Just disappears? Can you give more details?
  15. From what I know, PKHeX is adding these missing locations for the roaming birds. So just report, and it probably would be added.
  16. Sincerely cannot replicate your issue.
  17. Any mon from below Gen 6 won't have relearnable moves. so your TRU Arceus doesn't have relearnable moves. no such list exists. The mon's OT follows that language slot. ie: the OT name will be adapted to your game's language. However, if it's all the same language on the wonder card, that means that OT is the only acceptable OT.
  18. Well, if the issue is with the game itself, I doubt doing such a wipe would fix it.. tho I guess you're at the stage where anything goes XD
  19. from what I see above, xddhgze didn't tell you to go to 1.3.0 xddhgze told you to try checkpoint. While 1.3.0 was being discussed, the main line is However since this wasn't your issue, you should have tested checkpoint. In any case, not pointing fingers, but you may want to google your need to verify issue.
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