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  1. It's basically the line of text below your profile picture. I cannot confirm or deny what it is linked or not linked to. Off the top of my head, I don't remember what it would stop you from doing. Just try and find out I reckon.
  2. You're not a rank that allows you to send messages to people. Try again when your rank goes up. (And no, for the sake of keeping the forums intact, I'm going to refrain from elaborating rank progression)
  3. Just a reminder to all that piracy, or partaking in the act of piracy, isn't allowed on our forums. Please be mindful. @BLAZIKEN_emerald please stop multi-posting. If you have multiple things to say, say it all in the post, or edit them into your latest unanswered post. You have 3 posts right after their response, and that is rather unnecessary. @Deep Sarcasm what I could find on reddit they're being saved in a directory you're not seeing.
  4. Must load the correct save for the generation then import the bin. Alternatively have a default blank save loaded that matches the generation of what you’re trying to load.
  5. If you never play it online you can change whatever you want really. But it’s always a risk if you accidentally go online. Also the whole “will they won’t they ban” was explained earlier by me, and my advice doesn’t change. Do whatever you want but at your own risk.
  6. That’s one of the identifying factors for a trainer according the network. OT name, OT gender, TID, SID, assigned ‘game sync ID’. I’m not super sure, but I believe the following factors are not actively monitored but important as well (based on my experience in Gen 7): version of game the save was created on, save game language. Those shouldn’t be changed. I think that’s all I could think of at the moment.
  7. Besides clothing, you probably shouldn’t edit stuff related to your trainer, such as Trainer ID, and tampering with MyStatus. There are IDs given to saves that has gone online, and you don’t want your trainer details to mismatch them logs of the ID in their servers. so you can replace fashion block, but you can change the clothes in-game. No reason to mess with MyStatus.
  8. Can you use them another emulator, like Desmume? Are the saves there?
  9. PKHeX pretty much needs Windows, so I'm looking at other programs, and you can test it out Trigger's PC - Gen 3 PKX Delta - Gen 1 - 3 Pokegen - Gen 4 - 5 Don't think there's anything else for Gen 7.
  10. Whatever was shared holds some truth; they probably don’t care until they set up a system to retroactively check logs and catch specific offenders, and you might get caught up in them. We don’t allow cheating against unsuspecting players, but doing other stuff online is typically fine (like interacting with their servers). In any case, do what you want at your own risk
  11. Hadou Mew, that’s interesting. Any Japanese titans on it? @Sabresite if you may ><
  12. Yeah previously the HOME tracker didn’t matter, so bots removed it to maintain privacy for the original uploader. However valid HOME trackers started to truly matter during and after v2.0 of HOME, but some bots continued to use a protocol that wipes the tracker. In any case, glad to have been of help
  13. 10+ shinies are not a big enough sample size to conclude that. Also, I've not checked RNG protocol for the SV non-static wild encounters (I've checked for other Gen 8 and Gen 9 generation methods), but if the method used for wilds generates a 'fake trainer ID', the only way to get a non 0/1 xor would be for the save's TSV to match the fake trainer's TSV (in this case, it's at least as rare as double odds, if not rarer) I hope you can accept my somewhat objective answer.
  14. The scale isn't a factor for trading. Maybe something else got fixed by PKHeX. Also make sure you're performing the trades online (with yourself), not using local trades, if you want to test the robustness of their hack trades for trades. Also, maybe don't create mons from scratch. Use the Mystery Gift Database to generate the gifts.
  15. Gen 5 events innately have no height and scale, and get assigned randomly when being transferred to SV via HOME. SV trades probably blocked them due to them being hacks. As you said you made them in PKHeX, that makes sense. That is probably some hacked information hiding somewhere in the mon. Lastly, do remember it is against the rules to used hacked mons against unsuspecting opponents. While it is not a battle, but rather a trade, that rule still comes into effect.
  16. Some bots erase the HOME tracker. GO Pokémon without valid tracker trying to enter HOME = blocked from entering Your best bet would be for him to ensure the tracker is there on one of the dumps (maybe he made a backup on his computer), then use a bot that doesn’t erase the tracker to send it back to the game. Also that Deoxys would need to be unedited. Any invalid edits breaks the tracker.
  17. 1. Export save with a save manager after entering Emu CFW 2. Enter Sys CFW, back up the saves, and import the saves from step 1 using the same save manager 3. Now load Sys Stock and play the games You gotta export and import saves while accessing the correct Sys/Emu states as I described.
  18. The Deoxys you have currently originated from a bad hack. The reason why HOME isn’t accepting it now is due to an improvement in the hacks checks, found in the v3.0 update. The questions would be: How did you really get this Deoxys. Did your friend do anything to it. Was sysbot used at any step. Was save modification and injection used at any step. Just to name a few steps.
  19. If you’re using hekate, the bootloader has options to boot into Sys CFW, EmU CFW, and Sys Stock, if I’m not mistaken.
  20. Back up the save that is in Stock/Sysnand (you can boot into Stock - CFW), then boot up your Emunand/EmuMMC + CFW and transfer in the save.
  21. A patent was found online, and it supposedly describes how HOME operates. What we’ve understood of HOME so far appears to match the details. If you’re interested, take a read: Credits to xfire for finding this.
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