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  1. Thanks. I guess i will need to breed a regular Greninja with is HA.
  2. I think in this discussion is ok. Is mostly a curiosity on my part. If i rename Ash Greninja with a Nickname (via Pkhex since you cannot change the name of a Pokemon from another trainer) can be considere "legal"? Becouse Pkhex dosen't mark that as problematic, but i have the fear that stuff like Pokebank will considere that a not legit pokemon just for a nickname. (I ask becouse i wanna use this pokemon but there is no way to breed a battle bond Froakie)
  3. At the moment i was watching KingNappy, PIMPNITE and the lord and savior of Pokemon Community...........
  4. Is this app still working? Becouse i download the app and try out but all the time says to me that i need java...the problem i have java and all the time constantly re-direct me to the java website for download the new version of java that i already have.
  5. Just for ask there are cheat code fro FR/LG for the Italian version around here? I have found some in the past but unfortunaly the page in question now no longer exist.
  6. Don't gte me wrong i like the Totodile line, is cool. But in my eyes a starter based on the plesiosaurus (or at least an out dated reconstruction of a plesiosaurus) is more cool then a crocodile/aligator. Also the final evolution also have this element of hid design that remind me a bit of Dragonair. I hope they re use the idea in the future, not necessarly for a starter.
  7. Happy of this. But i can also udnerstand why pepole are worry about this game, especilay becouse (for make even more easy) they took away many thing not just random encounters. But ehy visualy i liked, it almos make me feels im inside of one episode from the anime and is fine for me. Im only a bit disappointed about the fact that my Eevee will never be able to evolve in Flareon. O well you can get evreything i suppose. If i understand correctly the core pokemon game for the fan (and competetive battlers fans) will be relase in 2019. So if this are the premese for the new generation in terms of visual....we are up to a good start in my eye at the very least.
  8. For what i have read sound like a very usefull tool. I will probably give it a try. Also i really love the name Porybox.
  9. Bit dissapointed that they still use the same old boring sound effect from the others pokemon theme. I don't know i was expect something more winter like. But at least the BGM is good.
  10. From the one listed i want to have back the Park Ball, i simply like is color. For other in my mind: all the Kurt Ball and this time (for a future game) maked that you can buy the item and don't give to the player just one or two per save file.
  11. I know this is a bit old but i was not aware of this special promotion in crossover with the Hiroshima Carps. For thoose how don't know they a re a baseball team from the NLB in japan; they even get a refence in the Johto anime from Ash in the same episode when they encounter Casey. Along side the, apperently, the Yokohama DeNA Baystars (called the Starmies in the anime). I hope in the future to see more of this becouse, know that the Pokedex is exspanding thare are tons of black space now full. I wish that they have made the collaboration with the Nippon Ham Fighter but using Aerodactly (or a Gen4 Pokemon since Sinnoh is based on Hokkaido), but apperently they choose Machamp. Source here. The promotion was the now long gone August 5, 2017. Bit sad that they have not giveaway any event Pokemon themed for this two event.
  12. Mine is incredibly basic, i just slightly edit my origina Pokemon Sun team https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/#incineroar+toucannon+ribombee+lycanroc-dusk+mimikyu+kommo-o Rikodoh (Incineroar) Hirota (Tucannon) Minami (Ribombee) Koira (Lycanroc Dusk) Torahiko (Mimikyu) Kommo-o (i forgot is nickname) Lucemon (Necrozma + Solgaleo) Is a very basic and boring team, but i want again to limit my self only to the new Pokemon introduce in Gen7 (no alolan forms or UB). Also i decide to do that just for have a challange in the late game (the water totem and fire totem for me was a nightmare, the last one especialy becouse there is not a good selection of NEW water pokemon introduce in Gen7). I finish the game, the epsiode RR by basicly using a variation of that team i show up here plus Necrozma. I wish i have wait a bit more before beat the RR episode so i wase able to use my original team for evrey generation, like my original platinum team vs cyrus.
  13. PedroKeitawa


    Hola...or in this case better say Hello. Im a 28 year old boy how love baseball, my favorite hobby other then baseball are of course videogames and with that it comes Pokemon. My english is not perfect, is better then my Spanish to be honest, since im from Italy. But i hope i can still have nice conversation with all of you guys, is bean a long time since i was on a Pokemon forum/community, it was Gen4 last time. Hope can have a good time with you guys here. Pokemon is not my only intrested; i also like Digimon a lot and of course some classic series like: Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, Sonic, Monster Hunter and others. My intrested for Baseball also arrive in videogame format: Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyu be my favorite baseball videogames and the only reason why i have buy a PS3 in 2011.
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