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  1. Recently update Pkhex. Just for edit a couple of thing i open my Ultra Sun save file. I check out my team and my Lycanroc Dusk was marked as problematic. I check out the error and simply says: Analysis not avalible for this Pokemon. I was confuse so i try to change him in to another form but for the Midnight and Midday there are no problem. Only the Dusk form have problem. I tought was becouse i made this Lycanroc wrong but then i check out, for curiosity, the one i got via and that dosen't have any problem. So i breed another one real quick, since it was obvius that try to make one from zero was resoulting in the error. Change time, level up and evolution. Check the file in Pkhex and....marked like the others. Only the event one is maked as legal. I will attach the file in question but...any Lycanroc Dusk i breed and then evolve or simply generate is marked like this. The only safe one seems to be the one from the event. The one that is in screen is the egg file (i just change Male to Female) from th In Game series of file for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Strangly the Rockruff is not marked ad "not legal" becouse of this error. Only the Dusk forms is marked like this.
  2. If bu builds you mean mon that are ready to go in battle..unfortunaly the answear is no. I have found, while i was complate the subquest and some pokedex, some mon with decent iv in raids. But at the monent i dont have anything that is ready to go.
  3. Depend. You need something specific back? At the moment unfortunaly i dont have much in the game. I have something but nothing "perfect" on terms of iv.
  4. So like others, even if this is probably just a "me" problem, i need some help on have some genned mon in the game and i don't have a hacked switch. The Pokemon are ditto for the most part. The others are there just for the item i give them. Since is almost a full box i have put all in a zip file. If you can help write here or send a PM plase. Trade.zip
  5. Sorry for the confusion. I think is a problem with abbreviation with this specific Pokemon game, becouse is not the first time i says US and they tought i was play on a American 3DS.
  6. No, my 3DS is EU. But apperently the Pokemon have default on ITA anyway (after read i try for test out, i can always remove the card if i want). I did not check the card it self doh.
  7. One question. The event i found on the page was ENG. My copy of US is in italian, i can inject the WC with no problem or no? I ask becouse at this moment i cannot find the ITA event in the gallery for the Tapu Fini.
  8. Ditto is to OP with is ability of transform in anything. The relase a monster over the metagame since RBGY, even Mega Ray cannot stand this power. Yeah i remenber that too. For me it was more of a long process but not impossible, the end resoult ware a bit "disappointing" but ehy it was a starting point.
  9. You know what would be the biggest hit for evrybody both genners and legit player? If Ditto was not in the Galar Pokedex. I was reading some post made by Joe Merrick and i have completly forgot that in the last purge....i mean jump to new hardware from Gen2 to Gen3 Ditto was not avalible in the first par of game. So if you still buy and play the game and you have a bank of legit ditto obtain with hard work: pick a god and pray.
  10. Probably i should word that better. (See the bold part) but i was essentialy try to say what you have said, the only problem is my english is trash. Becouse if this is a way to "solve" the hacking problem..is not a good one.
  11. Thanks for this. All of this is a gigant mess in my opinion. I personaly will not buy the game anymore becouse...why i should give you my money for a product that is not even finish? I prefer to wait and "pick a god and prey" that this situation will be fix in the future. I can still enjoy the Generation 8 in other wise like anime, manga, tcg and fan art. Aside from my decision of saving money, in the hope that they fix this, i think this is gonna be their way to "fixing" the problem of genning pokemon. The problem is this is gonna make the problem even worst, even if you don't program the pokemon in they are gonna still genning all the mon that are in. Also this hurt legit player as well, becouse pepole that have work hard to build their living dex or simply have a large collection that they want to bring in the game now they cannot. According to this also it seems that this is gonna be the new norm (i hope is not), even when they make a Gen4 remake you will still not able for sure to bring all the pokemon in. I hope they can change their mind but this is litteraly how you remove the old player from your game. Is almost what happen back in Gen3.
  12. And now let's break pepole hope and dreams and talk about the recent news about Pokemon Home. How do you feel about the info we got at this E3?
  13. Thanks. I guess i will need to breed a regular Greninja with is HA.
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