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  1. Not dev but the ride is hard coded into the ROM. How you’ll know: transfer the save from Scarlet to Violet, and the mount shown is the game’s corresponding mount. if it were a value that could be edited in the save, the mount would retain.
  2. Looks like the issue is resolved, locking the thread.
  3. hey, the timing of this question is suspicious. Are you able to prove that you own the software and hardware to dump the games, such as showcasing them with a piece of paper + your username and date
  4. Yeah it doesn’t exist. They probably meant something else. No worries.
  5. The item is literally not programmed into the game, nor the event. They are Emerald exclusive, so I reckon that’ll be what you’re doing wrong
  6. No, I don’t. but if you’re interested, check if a PKHeX fork was made to support the game. Else, make your own.
  7. Maybe you had some cheat active in the background that affected the stats generated. Upload one of these Pokémon as an example. (Don’t upload the save)
  8. There should be a folder named “battery” in your Desmume folder. All the game saves (batteries) should be saved there, provided you saved normally in-game and aren’t using state saves.
  9. Don’t upload ROMs. Those are against our rules. you should be looking at .SAV or .DSV, not .NDS.
  10. I know some of such Pokémon were distributed, but I don’t know what happens during the redemption process, if the game save doesn’t have National dex. Off the top of my head, all I remember is Golbat -> Crobat evolution gets cancelled. beyond that, if a nat dex mon is in the save, I don’t think anything bad happens, but that’s just a guess.
  11. As far as I know, no one else has made a tool to calculate public, so you’re left with the crap I’ve made (Also, is there a real need to make those stats 31? Can’t you just, hyper train them?)
  12. Sorry, in that mode (CFW or OFW) and what switch did your transfer your saves and data onto? I'm kinda confused. Am I right to assume they're all on CFW of the refurbished Switch, but you can't see the data when you go into OFW/Stock mode?
  13. how did you get this file. Doesn't look like a save file.
  14. We don't advise people to get repros. It's just a guide here for when people happens to already have repros. Also, if you Launch Slot 2 game from GBABF, what happens?
  15. a) not sure how gbx would work b) this method is for unofficial/bootleg carts. Don’t know. How it’ll interact with official carts. Furthermore it’s not guaranteed to work with every kind of bootleg cart.
  16. We can't confirm whether they're fully legit or injected, all we can say is that they appear to match existing events.
  17. Maybe you're doing something wrong. Doesn't occur for me:
  18. 1st one redeemable in Colo, the rest direct to party in Gen 3 main series game, it’s not a wonder card, so you won’t be able to inject as such.
  19. Version 0.1.2


    In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, there are various fixed symbol spawns. Some that the player could interact with and catch, some that immediately flies away when approached, and some that allow players to battle wild Tera Pokémon. Currently, this plugin allows you to view the . How to use Put the plugin into the plugins folder in your PKHeX directory, then access it from the Tools menu. Note: Win 10 might block DLL files downloaded from the internet. In that case right click the plugin file, go to properties and check "unblock" (as seen here). [You may have to unblock, reblock, then unblock again to get it to work] Example of how to unblock: Usages Load a SV save into PKHeX, and load up the plugin. Click on the image to load into the plugin's previewer, and click on the Send to viewer button to send to PKHeX's viewer. Locations for Wild Tera Pokémon are listed. They have full-coloured backgrounds, have a glow around the sprite, and have a Tera star in the top right hand corner. Support For help and bug reporting, go here. Credits Kaphotics for PKHeX.
  20. There is data left from GO sent to the server, on the server side. While we cannot access it normally, it’s definitely there. The easiest example would be to send a mon from GO to HOME, and view the data on mobile. It tells you who the GO trainer is, and that info isn’t tied the PK data, but rather the HOME tracker. While it doesn’t show when traded to a different HOME trainer, it shows back up when traded back. (anyhow, even if it eventually disappears, that just the UI doesn’t show them. The info is likely still on their server)
  21. Yeah I won’t be adding it into Gen 8’s plugin. For now there’s 2 kinds of overworld stuff I can *try* to deal with: 1) Fixed Symbol encounters (wild Tera and non-Tera) and 2) the “random spawns” around the player that the game saves. I’ve made strides relating to fixed Symbol encounters, but it’s not anyway near a state where I’m happy to release
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