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    Version MAY 31 2019


    All of the 920+ Pokemon in this save file are legal and will pass as legit. Every pokemon that can legally be obtained as a shiny has its shiny form in the save file, the other pokemon are there in non-shiny form. 90% of the Pokemon in this save file were hatched/captured in USUM meaning that they can be used on battlespot. The first evolutions of almost all of the Pokemon will be level 1; the middle evolutions are often level 70. A majority of the final stage evolution pokemon are a smogon set. I hope this save helps some people out there. All of the complete 806 pokemon sets I could find online were either completely riddled with illegal pokemon, or all of the pokemon only knew 1 move; that is not the case with this save file. Enjoy ! Youtube Video showcasing the savefile: https://youtu.be/-YBj6WgP_ro
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    Version .


    This Celebi was distributed at PokéPark in Taiwan in 2006. This page host a select few individual files, and an archive of all of them. The OT can be Male or Female. Species Celebi Nickname セレビィ OT ポケパーク TID 60623 Distribution trade / machine Location (fateful encounter) Dates Jun 23 to Sep 24, 2006 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games RSE FRLG Lv. 30 Nature Random Ability Serene Grace (1) Item None Moves Heal Bell Safeguard Ancient Power Future Sight #pk3archive
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    Version 1.0.0


    しょうりのVサイン - V for Victory! This Victini Skin was obtainable using a password found on the official website (US/AU/EU). Japan Dates: 05.11.2011 - 09.30.2011 US/AU Dates: 11.04.2011 - 01.12.2012 UK Dates: 12.02.2011 - 01.30.2012
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    Version 1.0.1


    They are all legal gigamax pokemon...
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    Version .


    This Pokémon is a rare variant that is capable of Gigantamaxing, and can only be obtained via Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area. While always available for capture (if found) in a den in the Wild Area, an event from November 15, 2019 to early January 2020 made it more commonly found in Pokémon Shield, by having it appear in dens normally not associated with it. To be able to encounter the event variant, user's Switch must be connected to the internet, with the Mystery Gift>Get Wild Area News option used during the event period.. Alternatively user must have connected to the internet and redeemed a Mystery Gift during the event period.
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    Version .


    This gift was distributed to players via Local Wireless, to players that went to the site of the Korean League, at the Seouliteum. Players with Ultra Sun received Latias, and players with Ultra Moon received Latios. Species Latios Nickname (default, save lang) OT 코리안리그 TID 190504 Distribution Local Wireless Location a lovely place Dates May 04 to May 05, 2019 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: UM Lv. 100 Nature Random Ability Levitate (1) Item Gold Bottle Cap Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Luster Purge Psychic Draco Meteor Tailwind WC ID 1154: 「무한포켓몬 라티오스 선물!」's receiving text 0x2B Thank you for coming to the Pokémon event! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic 무한포켓몬 라티오스 선물! 2018-19 코리안리그 S3 개최를 기념하여 무한포켓몬 라티오스를 선물합니다! Format Ver.1.0.8-0, Post Updated Date:20190505_1337
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    Version 1.0.0


    Single Battle Strongest Class Metagross This Pokémon was distributed at Pokémon Centers in Japan as part of a Single Battle Strongest Class Pokémon series. One of the five Pokémon could be obtained randomly during each of the distribution periods. Period 1 ran from September 15 to 21. Wondercard ID 111 PID Random Games B2W2 Type Local Wireless Dates 09.15.2012-10.28.2012 Nickname メタグロス Gender Genderless Level 100 Nature Random Ability Clear Body OT PC SID 00000 Location Pokémon Event Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Choice Band Moves Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Hammer Arm Ice Punch
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    Version .


    @HaxAras obtained this Celebi in 2013, after his trusted friend bought a JPN FireRed and cloned it. Thanks @HaxAras! This Celebi was distributed as part of the Pokémon Jungle Tour hosted at various locations across Japan.
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    Version .


    Movie 2013 Genesect This Red Genesect was distributed at movie theaters playing the 16th Pokémon movie. It was also distributed in the same manner at Fun Box stores in Taiwan from August 16th to September 15th. Its Attack and Speed IVs are set to 31. Species Genesect Nickname (default, save lang) OT えいがかん TID 07133 Distribution Local Wireless Location Pokémon Movie 13 Dates Jul 13 to Sep 30, 2013 PID Shiny PID Games BW B2W2 Lv. 100 Nature Hasty Ability Download (1) Item Choice Scarf Wishing Moves Extreme Speed Techno Blast Blaze Kick Shift Gear WC ID 136: 「あかいゲノセクト プレゼント」's receiving text 0x04 Thank you for coming to see the 2013 Pokémon Movie! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
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    Version 1.0.0


    リザードン! - Charizard! This Charizard Skin was obtainable using a password found on the official website (EU). Japan Dates: 02.25.2011 - 05.31.2011 EU Dates: 10.13.2011 - 02.16.2012
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    Version 1.0.0


    カメックス! - Blastoise! This Blastoise Skin was obtainable using a password found on the official website (EU). Japan Dates: 02.25.2011 - 05.31.2011 EU Dates: 11.10.2011 - 03.01.2012
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    Version 1.0.0


    バーチャルポケモン - Virtual Pokémon This Porygon-Z Skin was obtainable using a password found in the Black and White Connection Play Guide Book (Japan), the offical website (US/AU), or Eurogamer website (EU). Japan Dates: 05.18.2011 - 04.26.2012 US/AU Dates: 07.12.2012 - 09.27.2012 EU Dates: 07.19.2012 - 09.27.2012
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    Version 1.0.0


    しろきえいゆう - Hero Reshiram This Reshiram Skin was obtainable after completing the Victini mini-game in the Dream World which is on the Special Home unlocked by sending the event Reshiram to sleep. Japan Dates: 07.13.2011 - 10.04.2011 US/AU/EU Dates: 03.06.2012 - 05.29.2012
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    Version .


    This gift was given out to players who pre-ordered the dual pack of Pokémon Sword & Shield between the period of September 27 to November 14, 2019. Species Necrozma Nickname (default, save lang) OT 이클립스 TID 191115 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place Dates Nov 15 to Dec 31, 2019 PID Shiny PID Games KO 3DS: SM USUM Lv. 75 Nature Random Ability Prism Armor (1) Item None Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Stealth Rock Iron Defense Wring Out Prismatic Laser WC ID 1159: 「색이 다른 네크로즈마 선물」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic 색이 다른 네크로즈마 선물 포켓몬스터소드・실드 예약 판매를 기념하여 색이 다른 네크로즈마를 선물합니다! 태양과 달을 집어삼키고 하늘을 태워버려라! Format Ver.1.0.8-3b8, Post Updated Date:20191122_2304
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    Version .


    In various countries, this clothing set was distributed to players for either pre-ordering or early purchasing of the games. This includes the Pokémon Pass distribution. Regardless of how it was distributed, all the events for the tracksuit uses this wonder card. Presently, there is no way to inject this event or the clothing set. Wait for PKHeX to support the clothing sets. Wonder Card ID #1605: Clothing Gift Here's what you got: Sport Cap x1 Tracksuit Jacket x1 Trackie Bottoms x1 Sport Travel Bag x1 Sport Glove x1 Sport Cropped Leggings x1 Serial Code | SWSH | Nov 15, 2019 to ? Format Ver.1.0.8-3b8, Post Updated Date:20191119_1437
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just got my 3DS CFW working and got the saves for the Solgaleo and Lunala shiny popped over to upload. The PID says they are not legit, but I have done nothing to them and they are directly from my save (I moved Lunala from my Ultra Sun via Pokémon Bank). I am guessing that it is going to be illegitimate like a few others I brought over from the events, but here they are. Mewtari
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    Version 1.0.0


    Projéct R. About this file: This is how we play! All Pokémon from generation I to VII. (807) All alternate forms, Z-crystals moves and mega/primal evolutions per Pokémons. All types of Z-moves held by (8) Eeveelutions and (10) Ultra-beast pokémon while exclusive z-moves are held by specific pokémon with its own exclusive moves and exclusive pokémon. Effortless: Save-File From The Start All IV's, EV's maxed, unique abilities, maxed OT's, 100% Pokédex, USUM file. All unique moveset through out of its evolution stages. I focus more on pokémon to have its own unique and exclusive moves from Gen I-VII. Bonus: Gathering all from Database Completed all kinds of moves from generation I to VII, including specific signature moves for pokémon. (moves are legal and well researched one-by-one) + bonus event-exclusive moves including: Celebrate, Happy Hour, Hold Back, Hold Hands and V-Create. (Light of Ruin included). Rename the file to "main". My 1st project and all credits/hardwork from this site. Hope you find it good as you start your journey from the beginning of the game. Though this file is not fully 100% due to Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beasts are not "legal" but nevertheless, i will look and research more just to satisfy my fellow members. Also aiming for almost perfect pokémon. Thank you and more powers! (feel free to comment and support our website https://projectpokemon.org).
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    Version .


    This gift was given away to participants of the 2018 International Challenge (November). Participants were required to take part in at least 3 battles of the Online Competition, with a game synced game and account. The serial code will then be released to players around 2 weeks after the battles finished, via their PGL account. As this Online Competition was only available to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the gift is also only receivable on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Species Tapu Lele Nickname (default, save lang) OT Akala TID 181130 Distribution Serial Code Location the PGL Dates Dec 18, 2018 to Jan 31, 2019 PID Shiny PID Games US & EU & TW 3DS: USUM Lv. 60 Nature Random Ability Psychic Surge (1) Item Psychic Seed Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Nature's Madness Extrasensory Flatter Moonblast WC ID 1633: 「Shiny Tapu Lele gift」's receiving text 0x38 This is a gift from the Pokémon Global Link! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic Shiny Tapu Lele gift Here is your reward for your participation in the recent Online Competition! Enjoy this rare Shiny Tapu Lele! Format Ver.1.0.6-3, Post Updated Date:20181218_1427
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    Español: Continuando con la recopilación de Archivos Sav. He traído éste para el que le interese conseguirlos en versión Variocolor. Cada Sav contiene: 1 Inicial en su etapa final. 1 Latias/os de Evento Español como MO 1 Breloom para atrapar al legendario. English: Continuing with the collection of Sav Files. I have brought this one for those who want to get them in Shiny version. Each Sav contains: 1 Starter Pokemon Final Evolved. 1 Latias / os of Spanish Event as HM 1 Breloom to catch the legendary.
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    Version .


    When a Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum game is launched on the NDS with a Generation III game in the slot-2, extra Pokemon encounters are unlocked in various routes, depending on the cartridge inserted. The shiny versions of the Pokemon are also attached, if I happened to chance upon them while Cute Charm abusing. Ruby Sapphire FireRed LeafGreen Emerald All Seedot Lotad Caterpie Weedle Teddiursa Haunter -Pt Nuzleaf Lombre Metapod Kakuna Ursaring Gengar Mawile Sableye Ekans Sandshrew Pineco Staravia -Pt Zangoose Seviper Arbok Sandslash Gligar -Pt Bibarel -Pt Solrock Lunatone Growlithe Vulpix Shuckle Elekid -Pt Magby -Pt -Pt means that these encounters were unavailable to Pokemon Platinum
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    Version .


    This gift was distributed to players who won a lucky draw, and could redeem it when they attended the SpaceWorld 1997. Big thanks to @Deoxyz and u/salinbreezy for helping us preserve this rare Mew! Original Thread
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    Version .


    This event was distributed at the TV Toy Museum located in the Netherlands during the duration of an event, the Pokemon Fan Days 2006, to celebrate the release of M07: Destiny Deoxys. The way Generation III mechanics work, the forme of Deoxys depends on the game it is in. Species Deoxys Nickname (default, save lang) OT DOEL TID 28606 Distribution Distribution Device Location (Fateful Encounter) Dates May 25 to May 28, 2006 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games RSE FRLG Lv. 70 Nature Random Ability Pressure (1 or 2) Item None Moves Cosmic Power Recover Psycho Boost Hyper Beam
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    Version .


    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi Jirachi was distributed via the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc for US copies of Pokemon Colosseum. In extremely rare conditions, it is possible to obtain this Jirachi as a shiny. These are the only Shiny Jirachi possible, with the possible stats and nature already set in the files. You can choose to the individual file, or download the archive with all possible Shiny Jirachi. #pk3archive
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    Version .


    This Mystery Event Wonder Card is only legal for the Japanese Copy of Pokemon Emerald! Original Thread and Credits!
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    Version .


    This e-reader Pokemon was finally obtained, after @HaxAras managed to tracked a person with the complete set of e-cards. Thanks @HaxAras! トゲピ- (Togepi) (F) IVs: 0 HP / 0 Atk / 0 Def / 0 SpA / 0 SpD / 0 Spe Ability: Serene Grace Level: 20 Sassy Nature - Metronome - Charm - Sweet Kiss - Yawn
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    Version .


    The Wishing Star Jirachi (Negaiboshi Jirachi) was distributed to players in Japan, with a couple of different distribution periods across the years. The original distribution was to promote M06: Jirachi: Wish Maker, and subsequent distributions were for Pokémon Festa 2003, the 18th World Hobby Fair, and also for the participants in lucky draw for the September 2003 issue of CoroCoro.
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    Version 1.1.4


    This program can build custom Gen 5 Pokémon Distribution ROMs from a .pgf event file and a clean copy of the Liberty Ticket distribution ROM (both not included). The source code can be found on GitHub. I may forget to update the file here, so be sure to check the GitHub Releases. With this program you can: - Change the .pgf event file - Create your own .pgf file - Change the date limit - Change which games can receive the event - Change which games region can receive the event (partially tested | only tested with English and French copies) - Change the event text that appears upon receiving
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    Version 2.4.0


    This will be a RNG Tool for all main Pokémon games generations 3-7. It currently supports parts of generation 3. PokéFinder is a cross platform RNG tool that is coded from my knowledge of Pokémon games and inspired by parts of RNG Reporter, GameCubeRNG, PPRNG(eventually), and 3DSRNG Tool(eventually) and currently has the following features: Gen 3 RNG(Stationary; including Gales/Colo/Channel, Wild) Credits (as per github) Bill Young, Mike Suleski, and Andrew Ringer for RNG Reporter chiizu for PPRNG wwwwwwzx for 3DSRNG Tool Pokémon researchers(OmegaDonut, Bond697, Kaphotics, Zari, amab, etc) Sans for designing the GUI
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    Version 10.3.4


    This is a program that can generate TID-SID pairs, find PID, that's tied to IV, Gender, Nature. Also provides the frame for emulator use, for tool-assisted RNG. Finished Features TogamiCalc 16-Bit Seed to Time Colosseum Time Finder Channel Time Finder Box Time Finder Wshmkr Time Finder PID to IVs Pokespot RNG Gales of Darkness Time Finder IVs to Frame Credits (as per github) Original RNGReporter dev team for creating RNGReporter. Credits to amab for all the Channel Jirachi logic and Pokespot RNG. Credits to Zari for the 16-bit seed to time logic, GameCube RNG searching logic, Pokespot RNG, and generally other advice. Credits to Kaphotics for PID to IVs (aka Find Frame) logic and Pokespot RNG. Credits to CollectorTogami for TogamiCalc. Credits to Signum21 for IVs to Frame
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    Version .


    Thought to be an embodiment of the sun, it appeared during a bitterly cold winter and saved Pokémon from freezing. In Pokémon Black & White, the player gains access to a new part of the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort, after receiving the National Dex Expansion. This Volcarona is encountered at Level 70. [Unsetting bitflags 0348 and 0810 allows it to be encountered again] In Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, the player gains access to the collapsed portion of Relic Castle via the cave near the Pokémon World Tournament. The initial Volcarona is encountered at Level 35. If this Volcarona was defeated, it would return at Level 65 after the player defeats the Elite Four. [Setting the event flag at 0404 means Lvl 35 was captured, and setting the flag 0928 means Lvl 65 was captured]
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    Version 1.0.0


    Use to edit Evolutions of Pokemon, example Evolve without Trading, evolve without stones etc. Original Developer: @Pedro250
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    Version .


    Movie 2011 Victini This Victini was distributed to promote the pair of 14th Pokémon movies along with several other Victini merchandise and game promotions. The gender of the OT is determined by the gender of the player. The first distribution was advertised to US players, while the second distribution was advertised to UK players. Species Victini Nickname (default, save lang) OT Movie14 TID 12031 Distribution Online Wi-Fi Location Wi-Fi Gift Dates Dec 03, 2011 to Jun 12, 2012 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games BW Lv. 50 Nature Random Ability Victory Star (1) Item Fire Gem Wishing Moves V-create Fusion Flare Fusion Bolt Searing Shot WC ID 32: 「Virtuoso Victini!」's receiving text 0x44 Playing Pokémon
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    Version .


    Summer Shiny Dialga This shiny Dialga was first distributed at Gamestop stores in the US between August 19 to September 19, 2013. It was later distributed from August 30 to September 12 at retailers in Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, and Russia. It was also distributed at a Pokémon event at Amaroussion Flocafé in Athens, Greece, on October 05 and again at Public stores in Greece from December 09 to December 22. Species Dialga Nickname (default, save lang) OT SUM2013 TID 08193 Distribution Local Wireless Location Lovely place Dates (Various) PID Shiny PID Games BW B2W2 Lv. 100 Nature Random Ability Pressure (1) Item None Souvenir Moves Dragon Pulse Draco Meteor Aura Sphere Roar of Time WC ID 148: 「A Shiny Dialga for You!」's receiving text 0x44 Playing Pokémon
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    Version ᅟᅟᅟ


    Throughout August to November 2001, a Celebi Tour was held across Europe. At that point, @Dr.Matt was able to grab the Celebi during the Spanish stop of the Celebi Tour. Trainer ID can span from 0 - 65535, possible Original Trainer Names being CTOUR, FRANCO, JENS, NICO. He was able to save his FRANCO Celebi from the plague which is Gen 2 cartridges dying batteries wiping the saves, using the combination of storing the Celebi on his Mega Memory Card (though it sadly glitched up and become corrupted) and Pokemon Stadium 2. After finding out that Dr.Matt has the Celebi but is unable to upload it, @suloku contacted Dr.Matt, in hopes being able to grab it and contribute it, as suloku has a GCB cart reader/flasher. Dr.Matt's trained Celebi can be seen in the screenshot with Stadium 2, as well his legitimate certificate for it. Huge thanks to @Dr.Matt for keeping this Celebi alive for so many years, and @suloku for reaching out to help obtain this. Many event Pokemon were lost to time thanks to the drained battery plague, so this is a very rare find! THIS POKEMON WILL NOT BE LEGAL ON ANY VIRTUAL CONSOLE RELEASE, As it has Location as "Event", not normally obtainable in game. Original Thread:
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    Version ᅟᅟᅟ


    Back in the good old days (insert year here), A Mew giveaway was arranged by Bergsala, the Nintendo distributor in Denmark, through the official Nintendo magazine they were running at the time. They had participants send in their cartridge, and then they put a Mew on the cartridge. It was done in two rounds; one was a limited giveaway where approx. 30 people were selected in a contest, and then a general distribution later on with the same method. @suloku found the information regarding this online, and contact the player (using alias Michael, who wants to stay private), and managed to get his cartridge to back up the save and contribute the Mew online. While this Mew is already trained, I've attached a version which I reverted it to an "untrained" state. Big thanks to @suloku and Michael for this historical Mew find! THIS POKEMON WILL NOT BE LEGAL WITH ANY VIRTUAL CONSOLE RELEASE (AND BY EXTENSION, CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO GEN 7 AND ONWARD). Original Thread:
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    Version 1.0.0


    2012 Worlds C-Gear This Pikachu Skin is a present made available to Black and White games to commemorate the Pokémon World Championships in Hawaii. It was obtainable using a password from the official website. As it was released before Black 2 and White 2 in these regions, it is only available to Black and White versions and the Japanese version is available to Black 2 and White 2 only. US/AU/EU Dates: 08.09.2012 - 09.06.2012
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    Version 1.0.0


    VGC Nationals Senior Champion Seung Heon's Cresselia This Cresselia was distributed at the COEX Mall in Seoul during the above dates. It is based off of a Cresselia used by Sah Seung Heon, the 2013 VGC Korean Nationals Senior Division Champion. Species Cresselia Nickname (default, save lang) OT 사승헌 TID 08243 Distribution Infrared Location Pokémon Event Dates Aug 24 to Aug 25, 2013 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games BW B2W2 Lv. 68 Nature Modest Ability Levitate (1) Item Expert Belt Event Moves Ice Beam Psyshock Energy Ball Hidden Power WC ID 163: 「2013년 시니어 한국 챔피언의 크레세리아」's receiving text 0x44 Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
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    Version .


    VGC 2013 Nationals Ray's Metagross This shiny Metagross was distributed at the 2013 Pokémon National Championships in Birmingham, UK. It was also distributed at other European National Championship events. An identical Mystery Gift was later distributed at the US National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was modeled after the Metagross used by 2013 VGC Master Divison World Champion Ray Rizzo. Species Metagross Nickname (default, in ) OT Ray TID 05113 Distribution Local Wireless Location Pokémon Event Dates Jul 05 to Jul 07, 2013 PID Shiny PID Games BW B2W2 Lv. 45 Nature Adamant Ability Clear Body (1) Item Lum Berry Event Moves Earthquake Zen Headbutt Protect Meteor Mash WC ID 132: 「On the Way to Victory!」's receiving text 0x44 Playing Pokémon
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    Version 1.0.0


    @HaxAras obtained this Pikachu after finding the Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disk, and also painstakingly clearing Pokemon Colosseum (JPN) in Japanese. A certain amount of PokeCoupons and having a Silver Trainer Card is required, in order to obtain this Pokemon. Thanks @HaxAras ! ピカチュウ (Pikachu) (M) @ Light Ball IVs: 16 HP / 26 Atk / 19 Def / 12 SpA / 20 SpD / 5 Spe Ability: Static Level: 10 Bold Nature - Thunder Shock - Growl - Tail Whip - Thunder Wave
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    Version 1.0.0


    Winter Raikou (GameStop) These shiny Johto beasts were distributed at GameStop stores in the USA. When sent to a Black or White game via the Relocator, any of the three beasts can activate an event to meet, battle and catch Zoroark in Lostlorn Forest. Wondercard ID 059 PID 919889744 Games DPP HGSS Type Local Wireless Dates 01.03.2011-01.09.2011 Nickname RAIKOU Gender Genderless Level 30 Nature Rash Ability Pressure OT GAMESTP SID 21889 Location Pokémon Event Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Moves Zap Cannon Aura Sphere ExtremeSpeed Weather Ball
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    Version 1.0.0


    TRO☆PIKA☆L - 2012 Worlds C-Gear This Pikachu Skin is a present made available to Black 2 and White 2 games to commemorate the Pokémon World Championships in Hawaii. It was made available on the day registration opened for the first B2W2 Pokémon Global Link Wi-Fi Tournament, The Beginning Cup. It was only available for Black 2 and White 2 games, while a different version was released for Black and White games of all other regions. Japan Dates: 08.20.2012 - 09.25.2012
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    Version 1.0.0


    ポッチャマごきげん! - Earful Audino This Audino Skin was obtainable using a password found on a Pokémon Center brochure (Japan) and from Yahoo (US). An English version is available with no text. Japan Dates: 12.24.2010 - 01.31.2011 US Dates: 08.03.2011 - 09.05.2011
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    Version 1.0.0


    ポケモンカフェ - Pokémon Café This Pokémon Café Skin was obtainable using a password found in Pokémon Café merchandise. Japan Dates: 05.25.2011 - 08.31.2011
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    Version 1.0.0


    はるのすがた - Spring Deerling This Deerling Skin was obtainable using a password found on the official website (US/AU/EU). Japan Dates: 09.01.2011 - 10.03.2011 US/AU/EU Dates: 09.01.2011 - 10.05.2011
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    Version 1.0.0


    Ruby Sapphire Anniversary Kyogre This Kyogre was distributed at various department stores to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Wondercard ID 119 PID Random Games W2 Type Local Wireless Dates 11.21.2012-01.10.2013 Nickname カイオーガ Gender Genderless Level 100 Nature Random Ability Drizzle OT サファイア SID 00000 Location Hoenn Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Water Gem Moves Water Spout Thunder Ice Beam Sheer Cold
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    Version 1.0.0


    Spring Zekrom This Zekrom was distributed to Black versions to promote the release of the DVD of the 14th Pokémon movie and a variety of BW merchandise. Wondercard ID 033 PID Random Games B Type Wi-Fi Dates 03.10.2012-04.08.2012 Nickname Zekrom Gender Genderless Level 100 Nature Random Ability Teravolt OT SPR2012 SID 00000 Location Wi-Fi Gift Ribbon Wishing Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Dragon Gem Moves Bolt Strike Fusion Bolt Haze Outrage
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    Version 1.4.6


    Ever notice how the majority of command-line applications require about a dozen commands for a single logical operation? This tool aims to fix that! Not only is there an easy-to-use GUI, ROMs can be extracted and repacked with a single console command per operation. System requirements: .Net Framework 4.6 Free space on the system drive. Cleanup happens as soon as possible, but especially for larger ROMs, you may need several GB free. Supported formats for extraction: Decrypted CCI (aka .3DS) Decrypted CXI (what Braindump gives you) Decrypted CIA NDS ROM Supported formats for building: Decrypted CCI (aka .3DS) For use with Citra Can be used for Gateway and Sky 3DS (with CFW) if encrypted using Decrypt9 0-Key Encrypted CCI For use with Gateway CIA For use with CFW HANS RomFS, Code.Bin, and Homebrew Launcher Shortcut NDS ROM Planned Features: Copy private header to 0-key encrypted CCI files as they are built. Until this is done, any *.3dz files created are invalid until a private header is added. Credits: @SciresM for 3DS Builder (modified to use command-line arguments) profi200 for Project_CTR's makerom dnasdw for 3dstool @Asia81 for HackingToolkit3DS, which provided the usage for 3dstool. Support Thread & Console Usage
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    Version .


    This Lucario was obtained through using a single-use serial number found in the December 22 issues of Weekly Famitsu. PID 3550242716 Nickname ルカリオ Gender Male Level 10 Nature Naive OT PPorg SID 51594 Location Entree Forest Ball Dream Ball Moves Detect Metal Claw Counter Bullet Punch
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    Version 1.0.0


    ギザ★ポケスマ! - Pokémon Smash Purrloin Japan Dates: 11.29.2010 - 01.31.2011
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