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    This gift was distributed to players who won a lucky draw, and could redeem it when they attended the SpaceWorld 1997. Big thanks to @Deoxyz and u/salinbreezy for helping us preserve this rare Mew! Original Thread
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    This event was distributed at the TV Toy Museum located in the Netherlands during the duration of an event, the Pokemon Fan Days 2006, to celebrate the release of M07: Destiny Deoxys. The way Generation III mechanics work, the forme of Deoxys depends on the game it is in. Species Deoxys Nickname (default, save lang) OT DOEL TID 28606 Distribution Distribution Device Location (Fateful Encounter) Dates May 25 to May 28, 2006 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games RSE FRLG Lv. 70 Nature Random Ability Pressure (1 or 2) Item None Moves Cosmic Power Recover Psycho Boost Hyper Beam
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    This Mystery Event Wonder Card is only legal for the Japanese Copy of Pokemon Emerald! Original Thread and Credits!
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    This e-reader Pokemon was finally obtained, after @HaxAras managed to tracked a person with the complete set of e-cards. Thanks @HaxAras! トゲピ- (Togepi) (F) IVs: 0 HP / 0 Atk / 0 Def / 0 SpA / 0 SpD / 0 Spe Ability: Serene Grace Level: 20 Sassy Nature - Metronome - Charm - Sweet Kiss - Yawn
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    The Wishing Star Jirachi (Negaiboshi Jirachi) was distributed to players in Japan, with a couple of different distribution periods across the years. The original distribution was to promote M06: Jirachi: Wish Maker, and subsequent distributions were for Pokémon Festa 2003, the 18th World Hobby Fair, and also for the participants in lucky draw for the September 2003 issue of CoroCoro.
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    Version 2.4.0


    This will be a RNG Tool for all main Pokémon games generations 3-7. It currently supports parts of generation 3. PokéFinder is a cross platform RNG tool that is coded from my knowledge of Pokémon games and inspired by parts of RNG Reporter, GameCubeRNG, PPRNG(eventually), and 3DSRNG Tool(eventually) and currently has the following features: Gen 3 RNG(Stationary; including Gales/Colo/Channel, Wild) Credits (as per github) Bill Young, Mike Suleski, and Andrew Ringer for RNG Reporter chiizu for PPRNG wwwwwwzx for 3DSRNG Tool Pokémon researchers(OmegaDonut, Bond697, Kaphotics, Zari, amab, etc) Sans for designing the GUI
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    Version 10.3.4


    This is a program that can generate TID-SID pairs, find PID, that's tied to IV, Gender, Nature. Also provides the frame for emulator use, for tool-assisted RNG. Finished Features TogamiCalc 16-Bit Seed to Time Colosseum Time Finder Channel Time Finder Box Time Finder Wshmkr Time Finder PID to IVs Pokespot RNG Gales of Darkness Time Finder IVs to Frame Credits (as per github) Original RNGReporter dev team for creating RNGReporter. Credits to amab for all the Channel Jirachi logic and Pokespot RNG. Credits to Zari for the 16-bit seed to time logic, GameCube RNG searching logic, Pokespot RNG, and generally other advice. Credits to Kaphotics for PID to IVs (aka Find Frame) logic and Pokespot RNG. Credits to CollectorTogami for TogamiCalc. Credits to Signum21 for IVs to Frame
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    Version 1.0.0


    Use to edit Evolutions of Pokemon, example Evolve without Trading, evolve without stones etc. Original Developer: @Pedro250
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    Version 1.0.0


    Winter Raikou (GameStop) These shiny Johto beasts were distributed at GameStop stores in the USA. When sent to a Black or White game via the Relocator, any of the three beasts can activate an event to meet, battle and catch Zoroark in Lostlorn Forest. Wondercard ID 059 PID 919889744 Games DPP HGSS Type Local Wireless Dates 01.03.2011-01.09.2011 Nickname RAIKOU Gender Genderless Level 30 Nature Rash Ability Pressure OT GAMESTP SID 21889 Location Pokémon Event Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Moves Zap Cannon Aura Sphere ExtremeSpeed Weather Ball
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    Version 1.0.0


    Spring Zekrom This Zekrom was distributed to Black versions to promote the release of the DVD of the 14th Pokémon movie and a variety of BW merchandise. Wondercard ID 033 PID Random Games B Type Wi-Fi Dates 03.10.2012-04.08.2012 Nickname Zekrom Gender Genderless Level 100 Nature Random Ability Teravolt OT SPR2012 SID 00000 Location Wi-Fi Gift Ribbon Wishing Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Dragon Gem Moves Bolt Strike Fusion Bolt Haze Outrage
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