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My friend @Baegislash, from the land down unda, and I worked on a bunch of ribbon master saves earlier this year and have been talking about making them public forever.

Here's an explanation of each save. 


  • HG Palmer 1 and 2.

The names of the Pokemon in the file are the ones you should replace with your own Pokemon to do the Palmer battle. They should be saved right before you fight Palmer. (I'd suggest not using these if you're on your first ribbon master. Go the long route, it's part of the journey. But you do you.)

  • Japanese Pokemon Ruby Nutpea

It's a Japanese Pokemon Ruby save. (I know, the name was kinda cryptic) I scanned the E-reader nutpea berry into the save so you can use it for Pokeblock mixing. (I know you can't mix records between various region Ruby/Sapphire saves. I might have to upload a NA save later.)

  • Pokemon Platinum (Japanese)

A Japanese Pokemon Platinum save I got on ebay happened to have an un-used pre-made gift poffin. It can be used to get damn-near perfect contest stats for any gen 4 ribbon master to be. (You're going to need to clone the save file to use the poffin more than once. It can't give you perfect stats in one use. See the Psyduck sceenshot for an example of contest stats.)

  • Battle 7, rank 5 wifi tower. 

Save-state made by Baegislash I could not have done this without him. It's already helped countless people. The final battle is full of heavily RNG'ed and powerful Pokemon. Good luck!

@Baegislash asked me to include the reddit post containing the instructions. So here these are if you need them. 




  • Heart Gold - All but Palmer

Heart Gold save that should have the remaining streaks lined up. You should only have to do 1 of each battle to get the ribbon. As well as beat Red for the (Legend?) ribbon. 

  • Gibberish.main

Baegislash's Omega Ruby save file. Used to obtain the battle Maison ribbons, ORAS Elite 4 and contests. 

  • Main.copy

Baegislash's Moon save. Used for the gen 7 E4, Battle Royal and Battle Tree ribbons. 

  • Ruby

A Pokemon Ruby save I made to get battle tower ribbons on. Could also be used for contests and the Hoenn E4. Using Salamence and Snorlax, I was able to get a streak of 181, while getting various other Pokemon ribbons while they were in the 3th slot. Only rarely using them as a sacrificial free switch. Level 50 and 100 clones of my team available. 


@Baegislash and I put a TON of work into making all these save states. We hope you find use in them. I'm hoping to contribute an XY save, Colosseum and (considering) my perfect Pokeblocks at a later date. 
Edit: After adding the screenshots, I feel it's important to note. I have perfect Pokeblocks. But I'm not the one who blended them. 

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Thanks to a contribution from @Vakturion, there is now a save with 95 Nutpea berries in an English save which can be used for mixing perfect Pokeblocks. 

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

So happy this is finally live! Hope it sets a precedent for projects in the future.

Feels like all this work finally paid off.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

none of the gen 3 saves have any of the pokemon in the pics. kinda false advertising tbh

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The saves and descriptions are on point!

Useful for the various reasons mentioned in the post :D

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