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Poké Portal Event #02 - Charizard the Unrivaled

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Event description
This is a Raid event held by Scarlet and Violet. Notably, with this event you get a chance to encounter Tera raids featuring a level 100 (Shiny locked) Charizard with Dragon Tera type. This event runs from December 2 to December 4, and from December 16 to December 18, 2022.

How to encounter this raid in-game
For this raid to be findable by players, they must first have unlocked 6-Stars Raids through story progression. This requires completing the entire game story and the post game until the academy tournament. Players must then complete 10 4-stars or 5-stars raids.

Only after all these steps have been performed, the player will receive a call from Jacq, which he will proceed to tell you about dangerous black crystal raids.

What can be done with these files
The files to be imported into your save file are placed in the Files directory. We also provide human-readable data in Json format, and an Identifier.txt file containing the event index.

Use our tutorial to import these files into your save.

After importing you might need to advance one day in the Date/Time from your console System Settings, to reroll the dens.

To see other Poké Portal Events, here.

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3 hours ago, C4RP3 N0CT3M said:

Does this allow us to run the event whenever? I guess I'm just not sure what we do with this.

Yes. Stay offline, import the blocks into your save.

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On 12/5/2022 at 1:43 PM, theSLAYER said:

Yes. Stay offline, import the blocks into your save.

Thanks for the reply! Do you know of a way to make it to where you can catch more than one?

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@Attila0501 this page is about how to import the event into your save (via save editing), which is wholly appropriate.

If you wanna know how to legitimately activate the event, then check a YouTube guide or something.

You’re in the downloads section of our forum. Mentioning how to grab and import the downloads correctly, is par for the course here.

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