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Event Gallery Updates, Badges, and more!


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Event Gallery Updates

A few weeks ago, we introduced new sections to our Event Gallery for events from generations 1-3, and last week, we introduced the Unreleased/Beta Pokemon Data section to store files such as a Celebi that was on the Mystery Gift servers without being distributed (and was then later distributed on the Pokémon Bank), the partner Pokémon from the Diamond/Pearl Kiosk Demo, and the Totem Pokémon from Sun/Moon.

Credit to @theSLAYER for organizing everything. We also could not have done this without the help of the community, so we are awarding those who helped some badges.


In the Project Pokémon forums, you may have noticed that some members have colored usernames and icons underneath their avatars. We refer to these icons as "badges", and they are awarded to users who have contributed something to the community. A full list of our badges, username colors, and what they mean can be found here. Today, we would like to recognize the contributions that some of our members have made toward our Event Gallery, and we are awarding them the following badges:

sinnoh3.png Event Contributor

@argus1963 and @BLACKBIRD have earned this badge for helping out with Gen 7 events, and @Real.96, @HaxAras@Deoxyz, and @InsaneNutter have earned it for helping out with Gen 3 events. @ajxpk has earned this badge for providing events for legality checking.

Also @Gold Ursaring slipped through the cracks and never got a badge for contributing PCNY event Pokémon from Pokémon Crystal. Better late than never, I guess.

sinnoh2.png Image Contributor

@HaxAras@argus1963@BLACKBIRD, and @katsuya have earned this badge for providing things such as photos of events and on-screen distribution text, which are being used in our Event Gallery.

hoenn6.png Game Save Researcher

@ajxpk@suloku, and @BlackShark have earned this badge for helping research the structure of Gen 3 event files (technically suloku already had it, but we're recognizing him anyway).

hoenn4.png RAM Researcher

@jojo12100 and @thaleskpl have earned this badge for dumping unused and unobtainable Pokémon for our new Unreleased/Beta Pokemon Data section of the event gallery.

If we left anyone out, or if you know of anyone who deserves a badge, let us know by nominating the user in the User Ranks thread or by sending me a private message.

If you have badges that give different username colors, PM me if you'd like the display color to be changed.

Front-Page News

I would like to once again bring attention to our User-Submitted News forum, where topics you post can reach the front page to be seen by all. This is open to all topics related to Pokémon hacking, and is a great place to bring focus to things including cool research and editing program releases/updates.

We also have an open staff position or two on our custom7.png News Team. Look here for information about how to apply if you're interested.

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1 minute ago, evandixon said:


Thank you! And also, thanks so much for adding the gen 3 events section. Insane Nutter invited me to join his project to preserve as many gen 3 event mons on gen 3 saves last year. It really felt like all our hard work paid off when you guys officially recognized it and started adding the events to the gallery. As well as a thanks to @Sabresite for helping us weed out any fakes. It's been a labor of love and now anybody who visits the site can enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

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Thank you! very unexpected, however appreciated. It's certainly great to see everyone's GEN 3 preservation efforts officially recognised, I never expected people to still be interested in GEN 3 all these years later.

A big thanks to everyone who's helped with the GEN 3 preservation effort, both directly and indirectly. I'd like to personally thank @HaxAras and @Deoxyz who have both gone above and beyond, it certainly shows what the community can do when people come together :).

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Congratulations to everyone that was recognized!  

Project Pokémon is a special place where like-minded people can come together to contribute, collaborate, share and help each other.  I want to say that I appreciate everything Project Pokémon has to offer, and most importantly I want to show respect and share a huge thank you to everyone that makes this place what it is.


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