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  1. Banned because of banning someone over Korrina.
  2. What do you all think about this now, after roughly 3 1/2 years? Do you think his impeachment acquittal changes anything?
  3. So my guess to this is that the intended meaning here is everyone has certain things they associate with certain signs, and that these signs help make up what a person is and feels like.
  4. coltonsmogon


    You wouldn't be able to tell much just from my profile, but I have autism as well. Was diagnosed when I was 3. Sure, I've had a fit or two in the past, but those are behind me now.
  5. Basically, the name of the game is someone writes a vague sentence (like a vague statement or question) and you have to try to figure out what it's intended meaning is. I would start it off, but my mind drew a blank when creating this thread.
  6. I don't really HAVE a favorite ice cream, they're all too good to choose >_<
  7. Very much same for me. I also have orange as a favorite color.
  8. This is quite embarrassing in itself (although not really), but I had a crush on May for a while...
  9. Banned CorniFan for providing an irrelevant reason to that of my current ban. And due to her Korrina crush (which I will admit, she's got plenty of attractive traits in her).
  10. This could be a good, in-season topic to debate about. I'll start with a very good point a certain famous prosecutor mentioned about him. To quote said prosecutor: "If Santa was real, he'd be the biggest unlawful trespasser in history!" I'd like to see all your thoughts on this as well.
  11. Is it legally possible for you to land in a restaurant parking lot (or similar)? Yes, I've heard of the one time someone landed a helicopter at a Wendy's, and yes, I know of the TodayIFoundOut video. Just thought it'd be a good debate topic.
  12. Shouldn't this Mew be added to the gallery? Izza back after a hiatus.
  13. Please note, this is only of your own opinion, so the Pokémon you trained may actually not be the best Pokémon to train. Although it's OK to discuss why you think otherwise here (as that's one of the main points of this topic). So, what was your best Pokémon you have ever trained in your career as a Trainer?
  14. I do, yes. All you have to do is go find the PKHeX topic & find the link to the latest github version. It should be on that page.
  15. All those issues were fixed with the latest version on GitHub. (You may need to compile the source code first, however). The link to it should be on the main topic that PKHeX has on this forum.
  16. I think it's time to revive this thread to see how Trump has done in the first 100 days compared to his campaign promises (as well as the unfolding Russian hacking scandal that'll cripple his reputation & will most likely make his presidency one of the worst in all of American history).
  17. I find the soundtrack to HGSS being meh at best. My absolute favorite generation is tied between gens 3 & 5. Gen 3 due to the region & pokes. Gen 5 due to the story & soundtrack (it has some of the best music ever composed for the games, if not the series in general). ORAS brought me back to the very games I got gud in, but now I'm trying possibly one of the hardest romhacks I've ever played, Rutile Ruby, which basically brings basically my home region into the competitive scene, & cranks the difficulty to 11. Wherever you are, @Dio_Vento, you sir made the region even better (I'm not really caring about the flaws it has atm, but you did an epic job with what you had on hand (and geez, I didn't think Roxanne could be THAT hard).
  18. Dunno, but they're in the grocery stores, ready for you to buy for some reason. It's weird Also, take a look at this, @wrathsoffire76: http://www.redflagdeals.com/latest-news/17/03/22/mcdonalds-bringing-signature-sauces-to-grocery-stores-this-spring/
  19. Both over here (make some secret sauce I guess, or buy the ones that McD's is selling in stores now (?!))
  20. Then again, Riolu was never a starter to begin with, so he has a point with leaving it out.
  21. Registeel's event description overlaps the file information. Shouldn't that be fixed?
  22. Is this in the Luma 7.0+ install method version? I'll have to test that in the future, I've got it right here so I can probably test that on the CIA version.
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