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  1. You can use also a virtual machine in Windows to use it!
  2. I was playing a bit in these days in extracting some cool images from all Pokemon 3DS games, i can guide you a bit. I'm using pk3DS>Tools>Misc Tools>(un)Pack + BCLIM to decrypt .bin files, Every File Explorer and Kuriimu>Kukkii to see and extract/convert them into .png images. All pokemon little sprites (box pokemon sprites) are in 0/6/2 (you'll get a folder with 1154 files named dec_0000, dec_0001,...,dec_1153), all items images are in 0/6/1 (you'll get a folder with 769 files named dec_0000, dec_0001,...,dec_768). Still didn't dig to much for big pokemon sprites, i can anyway tell you that in Pokemon Moon you can find all big sprites inside 2/6/9 (you'll get a folder with 855 files named dec_0000, dec_0001,...,dec_854). Let me know!
  3. I made some tests to see which was the address of the actual Seed (not the initial Seed) in Sun/Moon. But after making a Ram Dump and searching the actual Seed i was on, i found it but there were also all his following Seeds in the following addresses. So how do the game know in which Seed it is? I found a parameter at 0x33196548 which starts from 02 and grows up (two at a time every single frame advance) to FE and then it start again from 02 to FE. Can maybe this give us the actual seed telling where it is in the RAM?
  4. This time i got this error: With 3rd 4th and 5th gen starters. 1st and 2nd gen starters don't have this error
  5. This is the save file Pokémon Silberne Edition SoulSilver (G).sav
  6. This is what I see in my HeartGold save file clicking on Mystery Gift: I didn't injected any PCD/PGT into it. I don't know if this can cause a problem when i will inject them. This is only on 4th gen, not in 5th gen.
  7. All the staters that can be caught in the Entralink and breeded in 7th gen are considered not legal if they are caught with 3rd gen ball (Blaziken in Premierball for example).
  8. I don't want to edit it. I just want the legit one and not shiny. I found the save file in the previous comments, i will use it. Thanks a lot guys!
  9. Perfect, that is what i wanted to know. Thanks a lot. And is there a way to inject it? or a legit save file with it in?
  10. So, without this glitch it can't be shiny? I know that they will have 5IV once you put them in the bank
  11. I know this video, but talking about the Event, not the glitch. Can the same thing be done? Also can be softresetted to hace the right DV to be shiny?
  12. Don't know if it has been answered before, but can the VC Mew Event (not the glitch one) be shiny? And also, is there a way to inject it? Or a save file with it?
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