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  1. I don't think this will be possible, because Korean payment methods are very difficult, you need a special korean ID and korean banc account... international credit cards are not accepted ....so far as i bought in the korean 3DS e-shop
  2. How does PKHEX work in Gen 8? After Sun Moon i couldn't use it anymore because it's not more compatible to the switch (lite) RIP
  3. That s not all, at the end of the research task you have to make 999 great throws
  4. The Last Pikachu Code is online You can get Pikachu with a World Cap with the code K1NP1KA1855 KIN = Kinyobi = Friday 1855 = 18:55 Timeslot
  5. the nature in the anime was never revealed
  6. Strange, nothing online and it's already 08/01 in Japan
  7. Berry Gift isn't far away so in Japan it's Online soon!
  8. i Use the 181202 Ver. and can Open it. maybe load the old PKHX version
  9. it's not possible to recive a shiny one without emulation
  10. I am not familiar with the html codes, can not decipher the numbers so it's impossible to restore it
  11. i looking forward for this save file, pkhex can't open, the file is corrupted i know the owner of this file by myself, but he don't wan't talk about this
  12. The special Berry Gift has been confirmed for the West. PERIOD: January 7, 2019 ~ September 2, 2019
  13. It looks like we are coming to the end as in black and white back then, the Berries will be distributed to the end of the generation PERIOD: 2019/ 01/ 08 ~ 09/ 03 GAMES: Sun, Moon, UltraSun, UltraMoon METHOD: Mystery Gift via Internet You can only receive one time for each piece of software.
  14. Mine and Me too ! since i looked for first time Sleeping beauty, there was my fav colors PINK and BLUE !
  15. Korean Website announce while Korealn League 2018-19 (a typically infrared) distribution of Raikou & Entei Lv.100 from Dec. 22 -23 translator is needed
  16. omg it isn't worth to buy the pokeball for such a mess mew -.-
  17. Avex Asia has announced a new redemption promotion for Pokemon The Movie: The Power of Us. Those that purchase movie tickets can exchange them for a serial code that redeems either Zeraora or Lugia in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon! Redemption of the Zeraora code is available from 15 November – 9 December 2018. Redemption of the Lugia code is available from 15 – 25 November 2018 Source: Facebook
  18. this was a very quick animation of receiving the gift any wondercard attached? it's Lv. 5 with Pound -.-v
  19. so the switch era will be the end of serial code exchange because region locked too and nobody would buy 2 or 3 switch for collecting events
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