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  1. I'm pretty sure connectivity was planned, especially since gen 7 has a go icon for pokémon that went unused. Maybe it was just hardware limitations (3ds not having bluetooth) or just a lack or time to make it. Keeping pokémon at level 1 when transferring is kinda dumb, it makes all other games underlevels trivial, especially if they make the same move in gen 8 (which would ruin everything that is/will be released in go). Setting a level-cap would be something nice to fix it
  2. Version 1.9.7


    This is a save editor for pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum that I translated from spanish a while back. Most of the pokémon editing is better done in PKHeX, but some features of this app are unique from what I have seen around. Mainly being able to edit your underground bags with items, traps and decorations and being able to attach the old unused ribbons on any pokémon with the selected text you want Since the download was on a old forum post that was made before the download sections on project pokémon got updated, I decided to upload it here too
  3. You can use this program I translated from spanish to edit your decorations/traps in diamond, pearl and platinum Mx-DSPokeEdit 1.97 - English.exe
  4. It depends on how you extract your save from your 3ds. If you have cfw, you should be good to update. On the other hand, if you only have homebrew, you need to make sure it still works in 11.4, since soundhax was patched in this update
  5. If you format it, I'm almost certain that there'll be no traces of installed CIAs and homebrew left in the 3DS, but if the information already has been sent over to Nintendo's servers, there's no way for you to delete what they have.
  6. Hello everyone. As some of you may already know, there was a recent 3ds banwave, that issues the error code 002-0102 when trying to access your friendlist or go online in games. I'm wondering if anyone here was affected by it, since there seems to be a large group of gbatemp users banned
  7. @jojo12100 will need to specify which one, since from what I understood he wanted to try inserting Ghetsis' Kyurem into the party, but @BlackShark already said it wasn't possible
  8. You can mess with it using a .sav that you get on the R4. HxD is a hex editor program for the pc, since you can't move the special pokémon in the pc in BW2, you need to edit it's data from box to box or from the box to your party. That's what I understand, at least
  9. @theSLAYER Here's the file: https://mega.nz/#!Ek4xDSLZ!0_dYcoHxXOfRR-eOYTAwcvPudzgsXECVkOygWkKQYqc
  10. I wish I could try to help, but my SFW on my gateway 3ds is 4.5, so the saves will probably be incompatible due to the difference in encryption
  11. The program has null bytes every other letter, so this makes it very difficult to find the words I want to change I've already translated all of the main window, and some of the pop-ups, but I can't seem to find the toolbar to edit EDIT: Never mind, found the location to edit EDIT 2: Just finished translating. If there are any errors, please let me know Mx-DSPokeEdit 1.97 - English.exe
  12. How would one approach a translation in a hex editor? I could try to do it, since I'm fluent in spanish
  13. Got home about now. Couldn't remember the name of the tool I used, but that's it. If you wipe the save data, the cartridge will be the same as a new one, so you will be able to get a manaphy after beating the campain again
  14. If you reset the save using in-game methods, the manaphy flag stays the same. You need to use external tool to completely wipe the save of the cartridge
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