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  1. 1. They will provide the serial code to Pokemon Let's Go series buyers in the Nintendo online/offline shop during May. 2. For existing purchasers, 'Starfield Hanam Central Atrium Nintendo Switch Zone' provides provides one serial code per one product. (May 3 ~ May 12)
  2. I think Darkrai will be provided in serial code April 27 to May 27 Darkrai presents to people who purchase Pokemon movie packages
  3. Ill wait, because I dont know about the computer language
  4. Thanks, @Kaphotics @theSLAYER Can I use the latest fixed version now? or should I wait for the official release?
  5. I think 'seen' and 'caught' seem to work incorrectly in the GS (Korean) version. The results for 'Gold version' and 'Silver version' were the same.
  6. I want to edit VC Gold(Korean) However, only 'seen' was applied, and 'caught' was not applied. The same results were obtained for the three cases. What mistake did I make?(I used JKSM)
  7. I received Ash's Charizard today I'm working in the office now I'll upload the wc7 file as soon as I'm done
  8. @Sabresite, @theSLAYER. I'm ready for all the Pokemon events in Korea http://www.pokemonstore.co.kr/goods/goods_view.php?goodsNo=1000001447 Serial code http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/m20/notice_1?id=875858c08dcd4b8c324550003b36deedd5e2500553b046866eed58c7868aa557808698fc1f90d0be920120a08ede45075fc9485a774f8bbb292a8ca6afd070db Serial Code http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/m20/notice_1?id=6c25b98a47d80f16957de96b6a2a1549dd5cb9ea51ae7df3bcfc8d5e6087d99ffc8cb3859e7f1564e9265300de68c9031e86b6af1f2c5786dc07f994c4a4ad6b QR Code http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/m20/notice_1?id=dc2466482858a6032b78b788f2639abd225157ce18f15b5a26ccb46fb6a110b4cc67ea6ef7de4b9415942684849c9d643869ff519b983becc5864f062331bab5 Serial Code
  9. I will go on November 4 or November 5
  10. If there is a sun moon series event in that Pokemon Festa, I will attend the weekend. But they have not disclosed details yet.
  11. I can not participate in the event at all. I am on a business trip in China. I asked my sister, but she refused my request because she had a different schedule during that period.
  12. I would get all kinds of Eevee wc files. But my 3DS did not install CFW. I can not get a RAM dump, but I will collect all wc files.
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