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  1. I would get all kinds of Eevee wc files. But my 3DS did not install CFW. I can not get a RAM dump, but I will collect all wc files.
  2. Can you tell me where 'WC6 Patcher' is? I really want it
  3. Thank you! Do you know how to modify the Date set in the wc7 file?
  4. Nintendo 3DS date - 11/20/2016 Event Gallery wc7(Wonder card ID 1601) file import and receive. Pokemon(Munchlax) Met date - 11/20/2016 Mystery gift - Wonder card Album; Date Received - 11/26/2016 Pokemon Met Date is synchronized with the console date, But, Mystery Gift - Wonder card album; 'Date Received' is not synchronized to the console date. Is there any function that can modify 'Date Received(of Wonder card Album)'?
  5. I'm wondering if I can modify the date that I received wonder card when I import wc7 from Pokemon sun save file. I set the date as 11/20/2016 on my Nintendo 3DS, imported wc7 file, and found out the Pokemon Met Date wasn't matching with the date I received wonder card - it was recorded as 11/26/2016. I personally think the setting on wc7 file was set for 11/26/2016. Do you not support any PKHeX functionalties that enable to change the date that I received wonder card in my save file, Mystery gift section? If not, is it possible to find any way to change only the "Date received"?
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