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  1. It's related to JoySpot Battles. Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/cowboy2501/archives/5763212.html @lostaddict had the theory in this Thread that the Mystery Gift Battle Events made use of Wonder Cards and Wonder News. Unknowingly(?) he was correct. The American Auroraticket ROM contains Wonder News strings related to the system. The News served for informing you about the rank and saving it on your save file and who knows what else...
  2. And for hidden content like this:
  3. @jojo12100 Yeah, I forgot to mention it: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_index_number_(Generation_I) It looks like 190~ Pokemon were originally planned. IIRC someone was asking Shigeki Morimoto if this is true and he confirmed it.
  4. @theSLAYER I like the design as well. It's the official Ken Sugimori artwork. It was used in Japan for the official flyer and CoroCoro used it in the August 2001 issue for promotion was well. I have collected the material here:
  5. @theSLAYER I just thought it's weird that the Background from the website is right next to the tweet. When I posted the tweets I expected to see the tweet only. If it's supposed to look like this then it's all good. Edit: Your Member Title in combination with the Profile Photo is hilarious... lol... "Unobtainable Item"
  6. I just wanted to post this! It's from this manga that was released in Japan just yesterday. Why not embedding the tweets? Btw. is posting tweets supposed to look like this? I don't think so... looks like a bug to me...
  7. Yeah, the thing is that it's stuff that is hard to do alone and if we want to have this completely analyzed we would have to dig deep into the assembly of these Pokemon games. At this point I know only a fracture of all these types of Trash Bytes that exist. In Gen 1 and Gen 2 in particular IIRC it's so that they never cleaned up memory when you move Pokemon around and do stuff. As a result the Memory is a mess, if you for example put a Pokemon from the Team onto a PC the information that the Pokemon is in the Team gets removed, however... the rest remains... and if you let's say... go into the wild and catch another Pokemon that Pokemon is generated and copied on top of that free Team Slot that still contains data of the previously removed Pokemon. You can imagine what a variety of possible that means. There might be more factors I don't even know about... It's definitely worth to do research on, but as @Sabresite said I moved on to other projects as there is a lot of stuff to do. Btw. one thing I can really recommend is making lua bots, I was working on that for years but never finished... My goal was to build the ultimate Pokemon lua bot for Gen 1 and Gen 2 that jumps in whenever you need it. It automatically detects the play situation you are in and helps to get whatever you want. The project is currently on ice as well, but I'm thinking about releasing the unfinished bot so that other people could continue to work on it. IMO that would be much more fruitful than doing Trash Bytes research. Even I admit that I would love to see PKHeX detect Trash Bytes.
  8. Just for clarification... ALL ネガイボシ Distributions were made using GameCubes. So this has nothing to do with GameCube or not. To be honest... I have no clue why a revision was made at all. That's what's so confusing about it... Lots of question marks... The only two reasons why I believe that this is true is that they're undeniably similar to PCNY and because I don't believe Ahiru would collect hacks...
  9. I was taking a look at it and I'm not sure... but yeah, there's a possibility that there were 2 different versions of ネガイボシ's Distribution software. Strange thing is one of them is OT Gender Female and the Trash Bytes are like PCNY, since you know more about PCNY than I do I leave it up to you. I always found the idea that the generation code was used like this in the US only weird, so I really can imagine that this was the origin of the software for the PCNY Distributions. We already had the idea that PCNY is related to the older Japanese Events, so it's nothing new and could be an further indicator that the theory is correct. This also means that スタンプ could be either like one of those two... Seeing that there's an Absol with ネガイボシ's berries that was used for スタンプ and for PCNY I would say that that this is the newer one but this would also mean that スタンプ could be both OT Gender Male and Female as well. Which is hard to confirm based on the low numbers of Distributions. We don't have any legit スタンプ seen to this day...
  10. @rocktar8 Thank you for your interest. For now please use the Tool from @suloku.
  11. Wow! I noticed that in a few months it's 3 years since I started this thread. There hasn't been any update a long time though... The last thing I tried was to figure out the difference between the communication of the Japanese and the International games. Because for some reason the American Aurora Ticket ROM won't communicate with the Japanese games. They don't recognize each other. So I did some disassembly work but I couldn't find the reason. I would appreciate if someone could take a close look at the asm, maybe I just overlooked something... Or if there's anyone who has experience with this communication stuff it would be great as well. Btw. Since I don't expect any new Mystery Gifts to appear I decided to make everything about Gen 3 Mystery Gifts public... including the checksum algorithm, so you can find everything in the first post of this thread. There's everything you need to know for editing Gen 3 Mystery Gifts, for example in case someone wants to add Gen 3 Mystery Gifts to PKHeX. I think it would be great for PKHeX to support Mystery Gifts of all generations. Thanks for your understanding and for being patient! I really did my best as a preservationist and sometimes wished it went just a little bit more successful... Enjoy!
  12. It doesn't saves anything. It's the same thing with the Distribution Counter. It would be useless anyway since the function is unused in Top 10 - 10th Anniversary. Aura Mew does save the Distribution Counter but the RTC stuff was completely removed. Let's hope a miracle happens and a distribution rom appears with the functionality still intact.
  13. I did some further research and something has come to my mind during this research... The thing is why would they add an RTC to the Distribution Cartridge just for the seed all alone if XORing checksums is a much better way to ensure a broad variety of seeds? The only answer for this that came to my mind is "Distribution Time Limit". They used cartridges with RTC and eventually decided to use the RTC for the seed. Who the hell knows why... I was taking a closer look to see if I can find something related to it and I did and I would like to reveal this now. What I discovered was a hidden mode inside the Top 10 - 10th Anniversary rom, called "EDIT MODE". This is what it looks like: To get access to it, while booting the distribution ROM you have to hold LEFT + L + SELECT simultaneously. In the EDIT MODE you can see the CURRENT TIME of the RTC and 6 registers with the start dates and end dates, in this case there's only one being set by default. Which is 2006/01/01 - 2006/08/31, there's an unused function with an "OUT OF DATE" string. If it was in use you probably would not be able to distribute anything if the current time isn't within that period and return the message to inform you. This brought me to another conclusion, if they used the current time in combination with the set time limit for these distributions, the seed would be linked to that certain time frame because it would come from the same RTC. I think everyone here can imagine what this means... a real nightmare in terms of legality of Gen 3 Event Pokemon. Especially for Events that were only distributed for a short time period.
  14. Oh, thanks! I didn't knew that, lol... Time to get a newer version of the RNG Reporter. Regarding your question... it's too long ago... I managed to get a target Trainer ID/ Secret ID combination. But this was partly based on luck and I needed several days and hours to do it. I wanted to do some shiny hunting actually but then I gave up, because it was too much work and hard to do it precisely. I also felt like it had something to do with how the emulator handles RTC stuff, it looked a little bit buggy to me and difficult to manipulate... Maybe Dolphin has been improved since then but I don't know?
  15. Theoretically if you traveled to Europe or imported an American Emerald cartridge to Europe you were able to download one on Emerald. There were also reports that you were able to download Aurora Tickets from the GBA SPs inside the Pikachu Bus at Pokemon Days. Those had an Emerald cartridge with a distributable Aurora Ticket. You can see it here: https://www.filb.de/index.php?site=events/pokemondays2005 So yeah, you can do it and it's legit but it should be mentioned though that there never was an official American Aurora Ticket for Emerald. The reason why it works is because the English cartridges are all the same and therefore treated the same by the all the distribution systems. So this means that it was not necessarily intended to work this way but a side effect due to the localization. There's a possibility that the American Mystic Ticket was receivable on European cartridges but it's unproven at this point... it could be that it worked for English games only.