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  1. I wished so too... At least it's a clean Lv. 15 Magikarp, which confirms the Level. It kinda makes sense, since a normal Magikarp learns Tackle at Lv.15. Everyone expected it would be Lv.5, otherwise I would have guessed it could be Lv.10 to match with the card... Also... this could be hint for what the OT Name might could have been. There are some strange missspells like マツ instead of instead of ます. Later I noticed this other page... The guy in the middle is イマクニ?(Imakuni?) and the person on the left is "マツモト教授" (Professor Matsumoto), representing the タマムシ大学 (Tamamushi University). Apperently those misspells are from マツモト and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the OT Name, just like イマクニ was the OT Name for the Surfing Pikachu, which was also distributed around the time... What makes this even more interesting... I have a feeling that the Surfing Pikachu was distributed at Level 15 as well. The only one I've ever seen was Level 16...
  2. Thanks for the screens. So what I realized is that the Rom is just mimicking the look of the Pokémon Blue in a similar way the Pokémon Machine 2 Software does it with Ruby & Sapphire. This also means that the software could be something different than what we might expect. At least it’s clear that the Gold & Silver Version is the same software, the Pokémon is still looking to the right like in Gen 1, it’s still the same text box obj from the Blue Version and I know this is hard to see but the bg palette is still the same as in the Blue Version, most importantly the ID is still displayed as 6 numbers. So the only thing that was changed visually is the SGB Border, which btw. is always the Japanese, even in the International Version. Also the text alignment for the ID No. is incorrect in the International Versions, for some reasons it is centered unlike the other text. That's all we can learn just based on the screens though...
  3. Yeah, exactly. It displays the ID as 6 numbers instead of 5. Cool screen! Ready for Round 2? You need to zoom in a little, it’s a bit harder because of the blurriness, but it’s the best image of the Japanese version we have to make a good comparison... Why not making a screen for this too?
  4. Interesting. They called it "Download Machine" in Germany. In Japan they were just called "Machine". By the way... There's something about the software I noticed previously... Let's play a game and see who can find the error. Round 1 One hint: It's not about Mew, pay attention to the details.
  5. Good to have it confirmed now. I have added it to the first post.
  6. Just wanted to point out that the .pk1 file was altered, it has a terminator added after the OT Name. This was done by PKHeX and is a bug I pointed out a few years ago, it never got fixed. The only way to get it untouched into your game at this point is trading it from another game that has an untouched ゲーフリ/GF Mew. Edit: The untouched version is here
  7. This is something I discovered before, the original default name that was selected for the Player is RED. In the Japanese games every name has a length of 6 bytes, while the English games are a little bit inconsistent, a named Player/Rival has a length of 7 bytes, default names and the Pokémon names have a length of 11 bytes. So in the English games when you select RED as your name the game copies this as your Player name: 91 84 83 50 60 6B 67 50 89 80 82 R E D A S H J A C When we look at the Mew Trading App Restore Point the name was overwitten with 7 bytes, same as if the Player was ingame named: 86 85 00 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82 G F J A C Edit: I believed they used some kind of debug version, but it rather looks like they made an memory edit/patched it. The 7 byte thing is suspicious, but the naming function automatically sets a terminator (0x50) after the last selected char. Char 0x00 is NUL and not accessible in a normal ingame scenario, all chars are taken from a table and 0x00 is not in it. Also I think Mew wasn't generated by ingame functions, since that would set the bit for the PokéDex entry. Not sure what happened to Charmander, maybe it was overwritten in the process?
  8. I would be very surprised if Nintendo Power, an official magazine from Nintendo of America, would have used an unlicensed hardware/software instead of just using their own debug hardware and software. lol I agree that this Mew wasn’t generated like the Machine Mew, since the Trainer ID appears randomly generated. Otherwise it would mean that this Mew was the 24145th NINTEN Mew they generated beforehand, a very unlikely scenario. If I understand this correctly, this picture was made before Mew was distributed in the US which reminds me on the ゲーフリ(GameFreak) Mew from the initial reveal from the CoroCoro Magazine May 1996 issue. The first Mew in Japan (コロコロ) were generated procedurally by Shigeki Morimoto on his PC, it’s been said (still not confirmed, since none was preserved and examined) that they had random DVs. What we can say for sure is that they started to use these Pokémon Machines at the Nintendo Space World ‘97 Event, which was the first huge mass event with 100000 distributed Mew. That’s when the A1C5 Mew was born. If it’s true that this NINTEN Mew or other Mew with different DVs were distributed, we need to do everything we can to preserve them and if we can’t at least try to analyze the DVs. The game uses the same function for creating a Pokémon to transform it between Party and the more compact Box format. This means in case a Pokémon reaches LV 100 before maxing EVs, it’s possible to max the EVs and to put it on a Box to force stat recalculation. I really hope ryuko2002 can reach MewtwoSama, so that this can be preserved.
  9. Couldn’t have said it any better than @Deoxyz. It’s kinda impossible to recreate something that you don’t know how it works... we can only make assumptions based on Pokémon Machine 2 which is the successor of the first Pokémon Machine 1. What we would need is not only a piece of software but also the customized developer hardware that was used to make this event possible. I already have a theory how the events were done and coded but never can say for sure. We can only hope that the said hardware and software wasn’t destroyed and preserved by someone.
  10. Definitely legal from the initial seed to the created Pokémon. I’m not 100% confident though that we can get this program run so that it generates. I’m working hard on the newer AGB version and then we’ll see.
  11. What a miracle! @Sabresite and I have keen interest in reverse engineering these! This is truly a dream come true! Thank you! You guys are amazing!
  12. Yeah that’s because the Mew Mission is the 4th bit flag, which adds 0x8. Bit 1: Manaphy Egg Mission Bit 2: Deoxys Mission Bit 3: Celebi Mission Bit 4: Mew Mission
  13. Very interesting! Thanks! The hex value 0xF translates to 0b1111. Each bit represents 1 mission. 0x1 + 0x2 + 0x4 + 0x8 = 0xF
  14. @DeadSkullzJr Wow, so this is the dumped data from these missions? And what did you change do make them appear as ”New!”? Looking forward to see when you have mapped the data out a little bit. Also @BlackShark has been interested in it before, maybe he can help with stuff. Sounds interesting to me. Of course I would be interested to look at the ROM and see what’s there.
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