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  1. Just to add some information the location where the Mystery Event Record Mixing Item is stored is known for both RS and E: Additional information about the Eon Ticket Event for Emerald:
  2. Encryption is unknown. Someone would have to disassemble the game to figure out the encryption method/algorithm. Another option would be to determine the location of the flag in memory and edit it from there. If there is no memory allocation it shouldn't be too difficult.
  3. I feel a little bit misunderstood. I separated presentation and gameplay for a reason. I had no “expectations” when it comes to gameplay changes, I had expectations when it comes to the style and quality of the graphical presentation. I expect more quality for a full prized home console game and I think Let’s Go looked alright (for a Yellow Remake) in comparison and looked more polished than this. I was expecting this to look even better, hence I was disappointed seeing the trailer. The only thing that convinced me in the trailer are the 3D models, they did a good job when you compare the Pokémon models with the ones from Let’s Go. About the other things I just wished (not expected) there was some kind of surprise, something fresh and new. The game is not a pure handheld game anymore. I don’t really think that’s unrealistic as they already have been saying in interviews that a Pokémon home console game must be different and reimagined and since Let’s Go I would say nothing is impossible, no one saw that coming, instead people thought we would get a Diamond & Pearl Remake with the Sun & Moon Engine. And even Let’s Go has been often criticized because people wished it to be like Sun & Moon it sold well. So an enhanced gameplay experience would do as well and I think it would have been the right time to do it now... As for “open world experience” I think the transition would come more than natural as it’s an RPG. The story is about a young Pokémon Trainer going on a journey finding and catching Pokémon. There just would have to be a more interaction with the world to give it a more adventurous feel and to make you feel like you really discover a world by giving more depth to the way you interact with the overworld. I’m just saying how it could have been... It doesn’t really matter, based on the trailer it’s clear that nothing in that direction is going to happen. Even on the “new” hardware... I hope at least they do something to make this generation one to remember for the ages. Maybe the Sword 🗡 and Shield 🛡 Theme means they’re playing with RPG clichés which would be interesting considering how the first games were originally like other RPGs in early development phase and this could be an opportunity to add scrapped ideas and content. I would just love to see what Pokémon could have become under different circumstances and I can imagine this might be one thing they already had in mind before, I find the armored Mewtwo trademark interesting, but I hope it’s not some kind of Mega Evolution thing and rather just like an equipped item with the effects being activated immediately, it wouldn’t make sense in my opinion and should be different than Mega Evolutions because otherwise it’s just a reused feature with a different name.
  4. Meanwhile I disassembled the Negaiboshi Multi Boot ROM for the most part... It has some interesting branched debug functions, including one for mail and the other one for ribbons. In case you force to generate Jirachi with a Dream Mail it gets this information: ゲット こうかん サファイア オクリヌシ より
  5. @theSLAYER What means "unrealistic" though? It almost sounds that it was impossible to make something better on a technical level... And I don't see anything crips... I think the presentation is underwhelming, the 3D models are fine but there's a huge gap between those and the rest, especially when you look at the graphics and textures. I uploaded 2 pictures to my previous post to underscore what I mean... @PokeMaster99999 I was talking about the gameplay itself. You're talking about features but the fact is it's still an old school turn-based RPG where you can't really interact much with the overworld apart from talking to NPCs and picking up items, with random battles on the map and a battle system where you pick between 4 Moves, it's just like the original Game Boy Game. When they first created Pokémon they were inspired by the SaGa franchise from Square seeing how well an traditional RPG can do on a handheld console. Meanwhile RPGs have changed and added action features and some even went becoming full Action RPGs while Pokémon is still pretty much the same. It's probably one of the franchises that is the most restricted as far as innovation goes in favor of tradition. I don't think it will ever change considering the way they do it is secure and lucrative with every 2 years throwing out a pair of new Pokémon Games and Pokémon will always sell no matter what they do, so it makes sense from a company perspective... I just would really like to see something where I feel "Cool, that's new"... and that's all... Pokémon Let's Go did it even it is not my favorite game of the franchise, but I liked that they did away with random battles seeing Pokémon appearing in real size on the map. This way the maps feels less empty and the way we play changes, too. I had really fun catching and chaining a lot of Pokémon this way. Some people like seeing the return of Pokémon following the Trainer which I don't really care about, but approaching the Pokémon I want to catch was something I really liked. I don't talk about the catching mechanics, just about visible Pokémon on the map and it's just an example, a small thing but it changed a lot and I hoped that could been a hint that they try new things. Since Let's Go I feel that I would really love to see the next game become something bigger... like an open world experience where you can interact more freely. Like where you have different ways of searching and catching Pokémon and gameplay that feel less repetitive with more options how to play. For those who want to they could just approach a Pokémon and battle it but why does an encounter always mean that we have to battle? Pokémon Go and Let's Go show us that luring and throwing a PokéBall could be enough? And this wasn't even something new as we all did it before in the Safari Game. I think it would be cool to have it optional and let the us decide what we want to do and figure out what's the most efficient way and that would also give the game more freedom and depending how deep the gameplay becomes they could give these Pokémon some AI which would make them have more personality like actual living beings, which is something they actually want us to believe and that's the weird thing about keeping the old static gameplay the way it is... I see that I'm pretty much alone with my views here and I think most people are happy that everything is still the same... good for you guys...
  6. Let's talk about the game itself... Am I the only one here who feels a little bit disappointed about the trailer? I was actually more hyped when I heard about the Unreal Engine Job Posting and these rumors: I hoped for a bigger step forward for the series, if not for the gameplay at least in terms of graphic style as well as sound goes. Something a little bit more impressive... OK, Nintendo doesn't know what anti-aliasing is, so why should GameFreak, but these low-res textures are really painful to imagine on a big tv screen. Also I feel there is a huge difference in quality between the 3D models (now made my Creatures as far as I'm concerned) and the background. If you don't know what I mean: And it looks like they still keep recycling the old sound and music effects... Qualitywise I hoped this would feel more like a home console game and finally be the big change the series needed to be named with Mario and Zelda... I'm not even going as far to say being named a "Game of the Year" candidate in its Genre, Reception will always be good anyway because Pokémon can only be compared against Pokémon. Even within the RPG Genre no one is really taking the challenge to raise the bar... but I feel it's sad to see that they're not even trying to push forward to make a more modern feeling Pokémon game... As far as innovation goes... I wished they would reimagine the vision of Pokémon and figure out how to evolve the gameplay instead of just building little features on top of the old core game. I mean what Satoshi Tajiri did is he translated his hobby as a "Bug Catcher" to a Game Boy Game, which is essencially what Pokémon became. Pokémon was more than just a game... back in the day it was fresh and innovative and known for adding innovative new features, however the core is still the same game from 1996. And while they were thinking about changing the game they never did it, so what we get is literally the same formula that was created for the original Game Boy Game with all its technical limitations which back in the day was an impressive game that pushed the Game Boy to its limits and a game perfectly playable on a handheld. But we're in a different time now and this is a completely different console and I feel that this could be the point where the flaws of the game might become even more visible... for example that it's not just a handheld game anymore but also a home console game. Still waiting to learn about the features but I'm convinced that the game will be pretty much the same we imagine. I feel like the gameplay has become really stale after so many generations. You can say anything you want about Let's Go but at least they tried something different here. Now we're back with random encounters and the old wild battle system and people are happy about it. I have played Pokémon since Gen 1 and I have been a huge fan of the game since day one... Let's Go was not the Pokémon Game I always wanted but it was something different and I liked how I changed my way of playing the game, how it was more fast-paced as it's so much faster to catch Pokémon. It was an refreshing experience... and most of all I liked having Pokémon appear on the map and to be able to approach the Pokémon I want to catch, it also felt less silly than the stupid situation where you go through one random encounter after another just to escape to finally find the Pokémon you wanted to find. There's a reason why so many modern J-RPGs moved away from random encounters simply because it's rather annoying and outdated. I knew we will get wild battles since the last E3 and all the people complaining about Let's Go... but at least I wished they would keep spawning Pokémon on the map like they did in Let's Go, or at least give us a mix of both which I feel would have pleased everyone... Instead what we get feels like "Just another Pokémon Game". I mean it is what it is... and it was kinda expectable... I just wished they would surprise me this time. C'mon GameFreak!
  7. The two legit Hadou titans we have are actually from a little bit more private collection related to たかさん. http://web.archive.org/web/20080916003134/http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~taka.999/index.html
  8. @Purin is right. Distribution Count must have been stored on the Colosseum save file. The flag is indeed checked and set only by the Wishmaker Jirachi Multi Boot ROM, which does have FRLG support, it’s just locked by the function that calls the subroutine to check the GameCode. This check was exclusively added for the Wishmaker Multi Boot ROM, I think because of the Berry Program Update. The same Jirachi flag however is also used by the known earlier version of the software (client.2003_1112.bin/Meteor Jirachi) which uses the same Jirachi flag, there it only checks the language version and that’s why it always works with RSFRLG by default. Interesting to note: The Meteor Jirachi Multi Boot ROM doesn’t have any function of the SIIRTC library so this was added for Wishmaker. Also the Setup for the Origin Game is missing in the Meteor Jirachi version what I think could be leftover from the Alternate Negaiboshi Jirachi (distributed via GCN development system) where it was not needed as it was determined by the GameCode of the inserted cartridge, same as the OT Gender is missing which was based on the Trainer's OTG. I think that the Jirachi flag could be originating from it, because it looks the alternative Negaiboshi Jirachi was self-service and that's possibly why they added that restriction. However without an original save file we are unable to confirm it. Also I have read that some PCNY events were limited, not sure if it was about the GBC Events or GBA Events as it was a blog entry about PCNY Events in general. What’s interesting... client.bin and client.2003_1112.bin have Emerald support (which must have been in early phase) and there even is a check whether the cartridge inserted is inserted, although not working by default, but with some little tweaks these Multi Boot ROMs also work with Emerald. Why it works even Emerald was not finished yet is simple to explain because the Multi Boot ROM support as far as preparation of Offets goes for FRLG and E is identical. In these games close to the ROM header (starting at Offset 0x08000128) there is some information stored which is used by the Multi Boot ROMs to determine specific save file offsets universally. Obviously when they made the newer GBA Pokémon Games they added this for a better Multi Boot support, they didn't had to add much new code for new games and it also keeps the Multi Boot ROMs as light as possible.
  9. Ahiru’s Wonderland. This was before PPorg even existed,so we aren’t the first who had the idea of preserving Event Pokémon. Although that website was taken down early. They had Mews, Celebis and Odd Eggs which sadly weren’t available for download... you had to trade something rare in order to get one of those. https://web.archive.org/web/20070210151228/http://gbfan.web.infoseek.co.jp:80/pokemon_gold&silver&crystal/pokemon-251.html
  10. So far there is no trash bytes documentation for Pokémon generated in-game, only a few tests I have done in the past. There definitely needs to be more tests to see what’s possible, but it could be that we will never have it fully analyzed. This year I have made a lot of progress to learn how data gets stacked in Gen 3, mostly for Event Pokémon analysis and for this I also studied many of the functions used by the Pokémon GBA games, because the official Pokémon distribution softwares make use of the same functions. With this I’m now able to pretty much predict what would appear as trash bytes. At least in a static environment it’s possible now, but I don’t know what happens in an in-game situation and I can imagine that it might be difficult because I expect trash bytes to be appearing more random depending on different situations like receiving a Pokémon as a gift, a static encounter or a wild Pokémon. Especially the last I would expect to be pretty noisy and who knows what will appear as trash bytes, it could be various things... If you want to make or edit your own Pokémon now with PKHeX I can only recommend what @Sabresite said. Zero trash is as if the Pokémon was traded to Colosseum or XD and back. Such a Pokémon can be considered as fishy but it’s still “legal”. As long as you don’t use it competitively or for trades it should be fine. I’m just not sure if catching a Pokémon in-game and just edit stuff like PID, Nature and IVs would be a good idea. At least as long as we don’t know what kind of data the trash is coming from, it might be unwise to do that. It could be data related for generating the stats of the Pokémon or at least something related and if that’s the case the Pokémon becomes illegal.
  11. Not a leaked ROM, it would be a leaked disc since they were distributed using a Nintendo GameCube. There’s in fact a possibility that someone might have stolen one of these discs, I remember some comments on 2ch about that which was about ネガイボシ. The multi boot ROM is pretty much the one we have. The one from the Wishmaker Disc and it is the whole reason only why we have figured out the algorithm. I can’t imagine Ahiru or anyone else did the same long ago... It must be said that it’s a pretty complicated algorithm and not easy to make hacks without fully understanding it. So everyone who tries to hack a 5th Anniversary Egg will most likely fail. Trash bytes really tell us a lot about the software and in this case also the party slot it was generated into, kinda similar to the trash bytes of migrated Pokémon in Gen 4. The software builds the Pokémon’s substructure by stacking offset data to the substructure based on the party slot, this way the previously stacked leftover from the ReadFlash subroutine gets overwritten. Unlike in newer events starting with ネガイボシ2 were this was done in WRAM and the offset data is stored as global variables. Btw. I just noticed that we went Off-Topic.
  12. @theSLAYER all I can say is that these Pokémon's data is as legal as it gets. If the Event Pokémon in the gallery would all have to be verified it would mean that a lot Events would have to be sorted out. Especially if the rule is that it must come from the original receiver. There's always a risk of something being a perfect hack, that's just the sad reality.
  13. Cool I didn’t know there is a WC4 format now. It was about time.
  14. Yeah... especially Gen 3 Events like Mystery Gifts (Egg Presents), a PCNY Disc and some Nintendo Download Play Apps. Damn, there are so many softwares I would like to take a look at for the sake of knowledge...
  15. I know about the Celebi software, just dunno how much it’s comparable... setting the OT Name up for it must have worked differently codewise, because there are Trash Bytes unlike in Mew's case. When it comes to Mew I didn’t said it’s necessarily fixed per machine/software. There was a fixed amount of days and units at Space World 1997 and apparently they distributed ヨッシー Mews at one system and then distributed ドンキー Mews at another time. So the names either changed randomly after reset, or they were set up by staff, or it was a combination of both, but I don’t know... would be interesting to know what kind of information you have about it if you know more. I still imagine that these were some kind of default OT Names, just because it’s too coincidental how they made use of the names YOSHI and LUIGI in different variations in America. Like YOSHIRA, YOSHIRB ect... + also if it’s true マクハリ (Same Software btw!) has been used quite a lot in Japan, for both WHF and Space World, most likely whenever they distributed at Makuhari. They used multiple systems as well and could have went with チバ for WHF because they used city names in other distributions, but always used マクハリ. So I believe it migh have been pre-set... The thing I’m interested the most though are the DVs. Apparently earlier Japanese Mews (before Space World 1997) had random DVs and weren't fix like the Mews we know and I believe that the reason they are fix is a bug and was not supposed to be like that. Wished we could get our hands on the software to disassemble it, maybe we could find out.
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