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  1. The two legit Hadou titans we have are actually from a little bit more private collection related to たかさん. http://web.archive.org/web/20080916003134/http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~taka.999/index.html
  2. @Purin is right. Distribution Count must have been stored on the Colosseum save file. The flag is indeed checked and set only by the Wishmaker Jirachi Multi Boot ROM, which does have FRLG support, it’s just locked by the function that calls the subroutine to check the GameCode. This check was exclusively added for the Wishmaker Multi Boot ROM, I think because of the Berry Program Update. The same Jirachi flag however is also used by the known earlier version of the software (client.2003_1112.bin/Meteor Jirachi) which uses the same Jirachi flag, there it only checks the language version and that’s why it always works with RSFRLG by default. Interesting to note: The Meteor Jirachi Multi Boot ROM doesn’t have any function of the SIIRTC library so this was added for Wishmaker. Also the Setup for the Origin Game is missing in the Meteor Jirachi version what I think could be leftover from the Alternate Negaiboshi Jirachi (distributed via GCN development system) where it was not needed as it was determined by the GameCode of the inserted cartridge, same as the OT Gender is missing which was based on the Trainer's OTG. I think that the Jirachi flag could be originating from it, because it looks the alternative Negaiboshi Jirachi was self-service and that's possibly why they added that restriction. However without an original save file we are unable to confirm it. Also I have read that some PCNY events were limited, not sure if it was about the GBC Events or GBA Events as it was a blog entry about PCNY Events in general. What’s interesting... client.bin and client.2003_1112.bin have Emerald support (which must have been in early phase) and there even is a check whether the cartridge inserted is inserted, although not working by default, but with some little tweaks these Multi Boot ROMs also work with Emerald. Why it works even Emerald was not finished yet is simple to explain because the Multi Boot ROM support as far as preparation of Offets goes for FRLG and E is identical. In these games close to the ROM header (starting at Offset 0x08000128) there is some information stored which is used by the Multi Boot ROMs to determine specific save file offsets universally. Obviously when they made the newer GBA Pokémon Games they added this for a better Multi Boot support, they didn't had to add much new code for new games and it also keeps the Multi Boot ROMs as light as possible.
  3. Ahiru’s Wonderland. This was before PPorg even existed,so we aren’t the first who had the idea of preserving Event Pokémon. Although that website was taken down early. They had Mews, Celebis and Odd Eggs which sadly weren’t available for download... you had to trade something rare in order to get one of those. https://web.archive.org/web/20070210151228/http://gbfan.web.infoseek.co.jp:80/pokemon_gold&silver&crystal/pokemon-251.html
  4. So far there is no trash bytes documentation for Pokémon generated in-game, only a few tests I have done in the past. There definitely needs to be more tests to see what’s possible, but it could be that we will never have it fully analyzed. This year I have made a lot of progress to learn how data gets stacked in Gen 3, mostly for Event Pokémon analysis and for this I also studied many of the functions used by the Pokémon GBA games, because the official Pokémon distribution softwares make use of the same functions. With this I’m now able to pretty much predict what would appear as trash bytes. At least in a static environment it’s possible now, but I don’t know what happens in an in-game situation and I can imagine that it might be difficult because I expect trash bytes to be appearing more random depending on different situations like receiving a Pokémon as a gift, a static encounter or a wild Pokémon. Especially the last I would expect to be pretty noisy and who knows what will appear as trash bytes, it could be various things... If you want to make or edit your own Pokémon now with PKHeX I can only recommend what @Sabresite said. Zero trash is as if the Pokémon was traded to Colosseum or XD and back. Such a Pokémon can be considered as fishy but it’s still “legal”. As long as you don’t use it competitively or for trades it should be fine. I’m just not sure if catching a Pokémon in-game and just edit stuff like PID, Nature and IVs would be a good idea. At least as long as we don’t know what kind of data the trash is coming from, it might be unwise to do that. It could be data related for generating the stats of the Pokémon or at least something related and if that’s the case the Pokémon becomes illegal.
  5. Not a leaked ROM, it would be a leaked disc since they were distributed using a Nintendo GameCube. There’s in fact a possibility that someone might have stolen one of these discs, I remember some comments on 2ch about that which was about ネガイボシ. The multi boot ROM is pretty much the one we have. The one from the Wishmaker Disc and it is the whole reason only why we have figured out the algorithm. I can’t imagine Ahiru or anyone else did the same long ago... It must be said that it’s a pretty complicated algorithm and not easy to make hacks without fully understanding it. So everyone who tries to hack a 5th Anniversary Egg will most likely fail. Trash bytes really tell us a lot about the software and in this case also the party slot it was generated into, kinda similar to the trash bytes of migrated Pokémon in Gen 4. The software builds the Pokémon’s substructure by stacking offset data to the substructure based on the party slot, this way the previously stacked leftover from the ReadFlash subroutine gets overwritten. Unlike in newer events starting with ネガイボシ2 were this was done in WRAM and the offset data is stored as global variables. Btw. I just noticed that we went Off-Topic.
  6. @theSLAYER all I can say is that these Pokémon's data is as legal as it gets. If the Event Pokémon in the gallery would all have to be verified it would mean that a lot Events would have to be sorted out. Especially if the rule is that it must come from the original receiver. There's always a risk of something being a perfect hack, that's just the sad reality.
  7. Cool I didn’t know there is a WC4 format now. It was about time.
  8. Yeah... especially Gen 3 Events like Mystery Gifts (Egg Presents), a PCNY Disc and some Nintendo Download Play Apps. Damn, there are so many softwares I would like to take a look at for the sake of knowledge...
  9. I know about the Celebi software, just dunno how much it’s comparable... setting the OT Name up for it must have worked differently codewise, because there are Trash Bytes unlike in Mew's case. When it comes to Mew I didn’t said it’s necessarily fixed per machine/software. There was a fixed amount of days and units at Space World 1997 and apparently they distributed ヨッシー Mews at one system and then distributed ドンキー Mews at another time. So the names either changed randomly after reset, or they were set up by staff, or it was a combination of both, but I don’t know... would be interesting to know what kind of information you have about it if you know more. I still imagine that these were some kind of default OT Names, just because it’s too coincidental how they made use of the names YOSHI and LUIGI in different variations in America. Like YOSHIRA, YOSHIRB ect... + also if it’s true マクハリ (Same Software btw!) has been used quite a lot in Japan, for both WHF and Space World, most likely whenever they distributed at Makuhari. They used multiple systems as well and could have went with チバ for WHF because they used city names in other distributions, but always used マクハリ. So I believe it migh have been pre-set... The thing I’m interested the most though are the DVs. Apparently earlier Japanese Mews (before Space World 1997) had random DVs and weren't fix like the Mews we know and I believe that the reason they are fix is a bug and was not supposed to be like that. Wished we could get our hands on the software to disassemble it, maybe we could find out.
  10. Wow! Amazing! Great job guys. What’s really great about this is that this pretty much confirms that the existence of the マリオ OT Name among others must be true, which just btw. were distributed at Space World 1997. The software for distributing MARIO Mew obviously was a localized version of the one they used in Japan and that explains the same DVs and choice of OT Names. Other OT names I heard about are クッパ -, ピーチ and just recently I learned aboutドンキー. I haven’t seen a single living example of マリオ Mew until now... But why would they distribute only ヨッシー and ルイージ without the most important Nintendo name, especially considering they had 10~ distribution units being used.
  11. It looks like it has not been documented anywhere yet and it might be worth to share it. These are the locations where the Special Ribbon data is stored: Save File Section 4 RS Offset 0x290 FRLG Offset 0x21C E Offset 0x328 Info: I already checked the assemblies on GitHub and it seems like this has not been disassembled yet... The games have built in some kind of mechanic where when a Pokémon is traded (holding a Special Ribbon?) this data is apparently compared and exchanged. By default the slots are set to 0 but I noticed something strange in some save files I have examined. Some save files had slots filled with FFs and this is exchanged in case of a trade as well. That's how I confirmed that there 11 Slots even there are just 7 Special Ribbons in total. I have a feeling that the FF padding might be coming from COL & XD. Unfortunately the FF padding was also to be seen in the Festa Metang save files from Ahiru's Wonderland. So we can't be completely sure what kind of data was distributed with it. The German Debug Version of Pokémon Ruby has a Debug Menu including Mystery Event functions and one of them is for giving a Special Ribbon to all Pokémon inside the Team. Which is a Marine Ribbon with the assigned text "2003 REGIONAL TOURNEY CHAMPION RIBBON". In this case only the respective Slot of the Marine Ribbon changed while the other Slots remained untouched. I think for Festa Metang it was done the same way and the FF padding really just came from the GCN Games. If anyone has a relatively fresh Colosseum or XD save file which has never traded with a GBA game before we could figure out where this data came from.
  12. Where do you have this Rocks Metang from? Or did you make it by yourself? We desperately need an untouched one.
  13. I guess the only way to get the Pokédex entry is to trade it back and forth with someone...
  14. @Deoxyz I can see this happening and that's what sucks about this. Even if you inject it into memory while playing it won't work. This is like in Gen 3 with the Mystery Event script that runs from memory automatically when you received an Event. We're doomed as far as preserving these Mystery Gifts goes and I wouldn't even be surprised if that's the future of Mystery Gifts.
  15. Because it’s not there. You wouldn’t even be able to inject it at this point.