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  1. Trash Bytes remain unchanged. Only the catch rate changed from 0x2D to item ID 0x53.
  2. Just for your information... @HaxAras has the Jirachi+Celebi archive from me. He asked me about it shortly after I opened the Thread. It originally comes from @Purin so he deserves all the credit for it.
  3. Yeah, I think you told me about the Box thing earlier @suloku. It's very unfortunate. I think if this is the case it can't be helped... Btw. I saw that most of the western Mews had the catch rate 0x53. Which means they had been transferred to a Gen 2 Game at some point, because the original catch rate is 0x2D. I think I saw the same thing in the European Mew. Again, I don't think this has anything to do with the event machines, it's misleading... we should rather try to separate each distribution. What I want to say is, there is no difference whether you connect your Game Boy with a Game Boy that has a Distribution Cartridge or with a Super Nintendo with a Super Game Boy 2 with that Distribution Cartridge and a Link Cable and whatever they used in terms of a modified system for the cartridge slot... I think next to the software this is the most interesting question btw. about the System... what is that Slot... it could be a modified Game Boy or another Super Game Boy 2? Anyway, interesting to us is the software which is individual for each distribution, with some small or big changes. Like I said, I'm pretty sure actually that the software they used for earlier Japanese Events was very similar to what they used in the machines, we are talking about minor modifications between, even the IVs look like they remained the same. Interesting to me is actually if there were really Mews with random IVs and what about Ninten Pikachu? And it seems at the end the algorithm became more complex over the time, if it's true they added an algorithm for shuffling the Odd Eggs. When it comes to the trash bytes the real reason for it is hardcoded right into the software. Apparently the software copies the full string, I'm pretty sure that this is the case actually because a terminator doesn't seem to stop the software from copying more string bytes, which is something we have visualized in the PCNY distributions. So, whatever the full string is... I'm afraid to say it could differ from distribution to distribution, depending on what they did with that string. To recreate an Event we would need at least one Pokemon of a distribution, to confirm the string for that distribution. It comes even worse when we talk about the Pokemon Name, because in my opinion we are not able to recreate any Gen 1 or Gen 2 Event in its original state. You already named it, because if storing Pokemon in Boxes alters the trash bytes, we can't even be sure if the Events we have are untouched. We would need these Events in a state were they never were stored into a Box at all, or just as you said we would need a copy of the software that generated them. I would love to have any of those to be honest...
  4. Japanese Generation I Pokemon PKM Files

    Thank you so much for your help and for sharing them with us. So you received them from a friend? Can you tell us when? I'm analyzing Japanese Gen 1 and Gen 2 Events in this Thread, in case you're interested: Would be interesting to know when and where your friend received them. It could be Nintendo Space World 1997 or Nintendo Space World 1999, I hope you can help us to solve this mystery. Bulbapedia claims Makuhari was distributed at 1997, but they're the only source who says that next to this outdated website... Even worse wiki.ポケモン.com mixed it up completely, swapping '97 and '99. I almost feel like マリオ、クッパ and ピーチ doesn't exist at OTs...
  5. Thanks to @Afepoke we have 4 Nintendo Space World Mews now. This is what I learned from the files... OT Name: マクハリ. If this really is from Nintendo Space World '97 it comes to a little surprise. I know that Bulbapedia states this but I have doubts that this is the case based on what I have read on some blogs and websites by people who went to the Event. Only ルイージ and ヨッシー were mentioned as OT Names... however I was able to confirm マクハリ for Nintendo Space World '99. So it's save to say that マクハリ was distributed at that Space World Event. If it was distributed at both Events or not, it would be good if someone could confirm what's the real case... Trainer ID: Looks incremented to me even though there is a gap between each number, but that's rather because they were likely generated at different times. At least the are pretty low numbers under the 20000 range, so it's save to say they aren't random. I was already able to confirm incremented IDs for other Events so it should be no different here. IVs: A1C5 which is no surprise to me. I was already able to confirm that other Japanese Gen 1 Mews had this too. At this point however I can't confirm if its for all Gen 1 Mews. Trash Bytes: All 0x50 = full Terminators. This can be also seen in the Toys "R" Us Mews. Which even further underscores my assumption that these US Mews could be based on the Nintendo Space World 1997 Mews. Everything hints to it IMO. Something else and this is a bit Off Topic but still important: Trash Bytes, be careful about storing Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium. I saw that Stadium messes with the Terminators in some cases, I don't know how much since I haven't looked deeper into it and only did some simple quick tests with both the Japanese Pocket Monsters Stadium and Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 games. From what I saw in some cases it filled zero padding with terminators, at least in the Pokemon's Nickname which is an permanent effect from then on. So unfortunately it's save to say that Pokemon Stadium is a good way to save Event Pokemon from drying Batteries but it also makes an Pokemon's data "touched". It doesn't affects the legality, expect of course when it comes to Virtual Console Pokemon. I would recommend to never use a Virtual Console save file with Stadium if this matters for you. If it ever was fully analyzed how Trash Bytes in Gen 1 and Gen 2 working exactly it could be flagged by PKHeX. Considering these are legit this is really a lucky case! What a great day!
  6. Japanese Generation I Pokemon PKM Files

    OMG! A miracle! Thank you so much! YES! We finally have our first Japanese Gen 1 Event Pokemon! Edit: That's unexpected... They used the マクハリ OT at Nintendo Space World 1997? According to my information it currently stand that the OTs are ルイージ and ヨッシー. Do you have more information for us? Did you download them by yourself? Or a friend?
  7. Yeah and to be honest I can't hear about the Gen 1 Stamp Events and Dragon Rage Magikarp anymore... gosh... haha... It's not because of the Batteries but in general... if we talk about Batteries every Gen 1 and Gen 2 Event is rare. We only have very few Japanese Gen 1/Gen 2 Event Pokemon... so instead on thinking about insanely rare Events why not trying to get something else first? Thanks again to @Afepoke for the Nintendo Space World 1997 Mews btw! Back to Topic... Regarding Gen 3, there are other rare Events in Gen 3 as well... for example Sapporo Pikachu... and Hadou titans... and even PokePark Meowth and the PokePark Eggs... We have only 2 Hadou titans where we can say for sure that they're legit. Only a Regice and a Registeel. All the other Hadou titans I know where migrated to Gen 4. And for further research we would need a ton, maybe a hundred untouched Hadou titans would be enough, if not more... Also let's not forget PokePark Taiwan Jirachis are extremely rare too and Stamp... In the west Rocks Metang would come to mind next to PCNY... @Sabresite was faster...
  8. The website was archived and due to that is still alive: https://web.archive.org/web/20080417193505/http://gbfan.web.infoseek.co.jp:80/pokemon_savedata/emerald/index.html First of all I want to give credit to @Purin and everyone who worked on that site including Purin and あひる himself. It was actually Purin who gave me the final information about it at the end. Thank you very much again for your cooperation Purin. You might remember when I told you about public 3rd Gen Japanese Events in another Thread. When I started collecting and asking for the values of these. I have been told by Japanese sources that they have no trade value for Japanese collectors. That's because they're very common and the value is inflated, because they are public Events. That's how I learned about it and apparently some people knew about it. I would even go so far to say that traders who spread these Events in trading forums decided to keep the information as a secret to gain an unfair advantage over others. It can be seen as a scandal and I think everyone should know about it. The site is well known in Japan what I also know from 2ch. It's actually like a database that included save files with Event Pokemon. We can be very thankful that this has been done because this way a big amount of Japanese 3rd Gen Events were preserved. It was also very important for our Research, so I'm personally really grateful. I want to apologize that I waited to make this public. I know about it for a while now but I decided to inform and confront several collectors before I release this information. Especially since I work together with most of them and without them I would not have been able to do research. The final decision to make this public now came actually because someone from Japan just made these Events public in this forum... I see no reason to hold this back any longer.
  9. Japanese Generation III event Pokemon PKM Files

    Interesting... I will post something about this later. I think it's about time to reveal something...
  10. We can't really talk about "early days" or "earlier versions", because the Event Machine was used for the first time at Nintendo Space World 1997. This was before Pokemon was even released in the west. So I don't really understand what you mean with early. The Event Machine was in fact used at a very early point. Before that there was the Ninten Pikachu Event, WHF4 and CoroCoro Mew which all likely used Game Boys with link cables for their distributions and I can imagine that the CoroCoro Mews, considering they were distributed in low numbers... could have been pre-generated. Now I still try to get information about the Ninten Pikachu, but when it comes to WHF4 I could already confirm that its ID was incremented as well and the IVs were fix same as Nintendo Space World 1997. So we can be sure that the software was very similar if not identical to Nintendo Space World 1997. Only CoroCoro Mew's IV remain a mystery for now since I never could find someone who has one, but it could be the same as well. When it comes to the Distributions in the west... I actually wanted to strictly separate Japanese and West here, because we already have enough Threads about west Gen 1 and Gen 2 Events, but I can talk about it here because it fits to the topic. Did you ever wonder why they often used Luigi and Yoshi as OT Names? It's because these were the OT Names that were being used at Nintendo Space World 1997. The software that generated these Mews that was used in the US was localized straight from the Nintendo Space World 1997 software. I read that there also were more OT Names including Mario, Peach and Bowser at Space World 1997, but it is unconfirmed at this point. I couldn't find anyone who was able to confirm that so far and start doubting it... So I could imagine that these two were the only ones. Why did they use Luigi and Yoshi? The only connection between these two I see is that Yoshi was the rival if you ever decided to pick Luigi in Grand Prix Mode, although the assumption that this is the reason why they picked these two is a stretch. I think it was a random choice... Nevertheless t's pretty sure it was this version of the software that was translated for the west and that's why the US ended up with all the Luigi and Yoshi OTs. From what I feel these Event Machines are not that special. I'm not really interested in them and I don't think we will ever see one. When you think of it, why did they use these machines anyway? A Game boy with a link cable would have done the job as well, right? The reason why they used a Super Nintendo is pretty simple, because this way they have an unlimited power supply and at the same time it's easier and monitor what's going on for the employees who observed or performed the distributions. Otherwise the software could have been also used using a Game Boy with a link cable, which is what they did in Japan before, for some reasons they decided to abolish this. The reason why they didn't did the same in the US was likely because it's more expensive. But the software that was used for generating these Mews was likely the same. About the machines and let's be realistic, they will be all disassembled and recycled long ago if not shortly after the Events. They would maybe keep one of those archived somewhere as a piece of history, but even if they did we might never see it. What's interesting is in fact the cartridge that were in the Super Game Boys. When you think of it, why did they use these machines anyway? A Game boy with a link cable would have done the job as well, right? The are many reasons why they it's more intelligent to to use a Super Nintendo could, because this way they have an unlimited power supply, instead on relying on Batteries and at the same time it's easier to monitor what's going on for the employees who observed or performed the distributions. Otherwise the software could have been also used using a Game Boy with a link cable. And don't get confused, when I speak of software I don't mean the leaked cartridges we already know. These cartridges are actually just normal Pokemon Games. The Mews on these cartridges are pre-generated. This is similar to what they did later with Mystery Mew. So the software we are interested in especially is the software that actually generated these Mews. I have read the link you posted, the reddit article is very interesting. I just think it's difficult to say why the numbers jumped to a whole different range because these are pre-generated Mews... We can't be sure what kind of softwares they used to do that or what exactly they did. If an untouched cartridge pops up I would love to examine the save file, but I guess that will never happen... The IDs increment by 1 after a Pokemon was generated, not before a distribution. It's been a while but someone in an old forum (I think it was Azure Heights) was mentioning it starts at 00000 and the ID resets to 00000 when the System is Set OFF. so when you came early you could get an incredibly low ID number. That's why the ID numbers were never that high. Most of them from what I saw were in the 00000-20000 range... Someone else mentioned before that his certificate the Serial number was 1 higher than its actually received ID No, which is what the Nintendo Staff did. Maybe because they were confused about the IDs starting with 00000, so they added always +1. Also... Bulbapedia claims that Ninten Pikachu is 00001 - 10000, which I think would rather be 00000-09999 if generated properly. And considering that in this case the IDs don't reset when the System was set OFF... or they never shut it down in the first place. It could be a few numbers off more or less, as in any case so it's difficult to be sure about exact numbers. Regarding wether shiny locks existed or not. I think at that time they didn't cared this much, so I don't think a shiny lock existed. I even can imagine that Mews fix IVs were just due to laziness... or maybe the randomization didn't worked... (bug...) From what I heard the Ninten Pikachus were randomized. At least in the US.
  11. Are you up for the challenge? This is fun and I didn't saw this being posted in the forum, so I thought I would like to share it: http://www.pokemon.jp/special/nakigoe151/
  12. What's the question? Most Japanese Mystery Gifts in save files are injected due to the fact that there's a Japanese Tool for it since over 10 years. It's impossible to say what's legit or not from my standpoint. Besides I don't really think it makes sense to upload individual save files like this... There is nothing special to it.
  13. I found a report of Nintendo Space World 2000. OMG! 32 Event Machines! According to another report I have read before the year prior they had 20 to be able to speed up the process. And I thought 20 was a high number... Source: http://ascii.jp/elem/000/000/316/316555/index.html
  14. I'm not so sure about what I said before, I wished the Screen wasn't so blurry. But if you look closely at least you can see that the name is a bit too short for Dragon Rage which is りゅうのいかり in Japanese. The Move on the Screen seems to have 3 characters, so it should be はねる. Just an ordinary Magikarp... So that leaves the discussion about the Moveset open. Sorry for the confusion. So yeah, I'm back now where I was before. I think it should have both Moves. The reason why I think so is because you can compare this with Surf Pikachu where the Special Move isn't overwriting another Move. What's even more interesting is that this Magikarp was also distributed as a Trading Card: Source: http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auction/item/itemInfoJa.html?index=293066