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Project Pokémon's Forum User Ranks Guide


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We have a new awards system, complete with descriptions on each award. This post will no longer be maintained. If you have any suggestions for new badges, please create a thread in Forums Feedback, or if you wish to nominate someone for an award, please open a ticket.

The old post:


Project Pokémon's Forum User Ranks Guide

There are a few more ranks in this Forum than before. Information regarding the rank is provided in the below space. Hope you find it helpful and if you have any questions regarding User Ranks please feel free to post here. ;)

Be sure to remember this is only for questions, congratulations and information, but we are also one to new rank suggestions. :)

Project Pokémon's Forum User Ranks

Staff Ranks:

sinnoh8.png - Administrator

20.gif - Assistant Administrator

Sinnoh7.png - Super Moderator

sinnoh5.png - Moderator

Classic_Ribbon.png - Event Staff

custom7.png - News Team

sinnoh1.png - Former Staff

IRC Ranks:

custom3.png - IRC Owner: Owner of the site's IRC.

07.png - IRC SOP: Super Op User on the site's IRC.

custom1.png - IRC AOP: Op User on the site's IRC.

custom2.png - IRC HOP: HalfOp User on the site's IRC.

custom4.png - IRC VOP: Voice User on the site's IRC.

Contributor Ranks:

sinnoh2.png - Image Contributor: User contributes images to the site that are implemented for use.

sinnoh3.png - Event Contributor: User contributes Event Pokémon to the site.

sinnoh4.png - Site Contributor: User who adds to the site significantly.

10.gif - Forum Contributor: User who significantly contributes to the design of the forum.

sinnoh6.png - Wiki Contributor: User contributes high quality articles to the wiki. Articles should be clear, detailed and show a mastery of the subject matter.

custom9.png - Save Editing Contributor: User has made significant contributions to Save Editing programs and/or related subjects but not qualifying as research.

Custom10.png - Translation Contributor: User has contributed to the translation projects.

Researcher Ranks:

hoenn4.png - RAM Researcher: User researches the games' RAM and publishes research and/or AR Codes using that research.

hoenn5.png - ROM Researcher: User researches the games' ROM and publishes information regarding structures found within ROM.

hoenn6.png - Game Save Researcher: User researches info on the games' Save structure and related information.

hoenn8.png - Developer: User creates and/or helps making either Save, RAM, or ROM editing programs for the use of others.

unova8.png - ROM Hacker: User uses ROM hacking tools to make quality ROM hacks.

Misc. Ranks:

hoenn7.png - Helpful Q&A Member: User who has significantly posted helpful posts and aids users in need often.

hoenn7(3).png - Helpful Request Member: User who has given custom works to people such as custom Signature Requests, Pokésav Requests, etc.

custom5.png - Team Rater: User who contributes often in "Rate My Team" discussions as well as helping in "Rate My Team"s.

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How can you know who contributed? I want to know before I can start on the wiki.

We pay very close attention to who contributes.

On the wiki there is a "recent changes" and every page has a history we can look at to see who does what.

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There should be a rank for those who contribute by answering questions via the forum.

Also a rank for those who contribute event pokemon :3 Might give them more incentive to actually bothering to go to these events.

Since one of those ranks are subjective, I'm sure we can add two more.

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Note: This post is compiled of several other posts. They have all been merged to save room and space.


The following changes have occurred:

The Fallen added to Contributor and Moderator.

Greencat moved from Moderator and added to Super Moderator.

Trivia Section Headline added.

Trivia Section coming soon.

lol Thank you very much. :D

But don't forget to congratulate The Fallen. ;)

Edited by Greencat
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hi scv i was wondering about rank upgrades, and also when a person might receive one. I am new and plan to contribute a lot when ever possible, I also plan to post action replay codes, but im not exactly sure of the purpose of the wiki or how to use it. of course im not asking for a rank upgrade, as for I am new and just getting the hang of things. I do plan to be devoted to this site for years to come.

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What are the Admins' feelings on a VIP-type class? On other forums (not Pokemon, but I don't think it has to be on other Poke forums to count), I've seen this class use when it's a notable person from another site (REALLY notable, not just some random mod or something), or for former staff.

However, I also know that the forums I'm referencing were built from the ground up, and Vbulletin might not have the ability for various types of ranks.

EDIT: I also recognize how trivial this is at the moment, because I don't think we have anyone notable from big fan sites ,or any former staff.

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