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Hey guys, I'll be slowly uploading the June Mega Stone Gift,
and it can be found via here:


I understand that the link in the image wasn't working properly; it's since been fixed.

Archive folder also has been updated, and has some changes:
1. All WC7 replaced by WC7FULL, where possible.
Only difference users might encounter, would be the date for the WC7 generated by PKHeX will end up following your computer's date.
(which by the way ISN'T A LEGALITY PROBLEM. Wonder Cards' received date follows 3DS' date, and Pokemon received from it also follows 3DS' date, not wonder card's date)
<Note:WC7FULL for local events are apparently sent out with a date [that can change], but gets replaced by the receiving 3DS' date; not a problem here, just an FYI>

2. Any Wonder Card that has bundled items have their file names changed, for easier searching.

3. Removal of "other"s folder for now. (there's no legitimacy unknown cases, and unreleased content will be hosted in our section that carries it all.)


That's about all for now :)

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1 hour ago, King Impoleon said:

Here is the (fore)last one of them all

Alola Cap Pikachu

Enjoy it!


SM 0223 - サトシのピカチュウ(アローラキャップ).wc7

Thanks for the upload!
It's been uploaded to our event gallery!

@Kirzi also confirmed via twitter that the early upload also allowed users with the serial code to grab it!


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