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  1. Yeah I noticed myself after a while lol I got about 10 pokemon thinking none them shiny lol chere's m8
  2. I'll delete post when home m8 the pokemon wasn't shiny but me been me it's first time I had a shiny on RS game and it don't show a red star like on other games
  3. theSLAYER hey m8 van u help I just got the distribution card for this pokemon and took me a while to get them but there not shiny do u know why?
  4. hi when changing Language in pkhex the nicknames stay english where as before they changed to what ever it was set to is this a big?
  5. i got homebrew working using menu L pluss power but cant see any pokemon game thats in my ds EDIT can tell its been a while since i used homebrew lol i forgot i need the save manager file god a, getting old now can get my events i missed out on thx for help
  6. there no homebrew for ver 9.7 but thx for that info u gave me i was gonna try get a 3ds on 9.5 like i had before and hope that works
  7. i need help if poss i cant get homebrew to work i have no idea i got a 3ds on 9.7 and one on the latest ver what ever it is due to me updating by mistake i have smashbro game so any help would be cool EDIT i think ill just wait and get a powersave even tho i dont like look of it lol
  8. i get invalid file length am i meant to use my ramsav.bin file?
  9. i have no idea what goin on with this i have noclue is there a youtube on how to do all this i have got HDX and pkhex justno idea how to do the pokebank pokemon EDIT: kind done it got my son to do it lol but can i inject the johto starters and celebi at same time or have to do them on own?
  10. thx i put the tubehax thing on just after i put my post i wasnt sure about it at first but its ok once u get use ti it
  11. is there a savout and in for Ver9.9.0-26E? if not ill just stick to my older 3ds
  12. has the bug with the gender been fixed? i would like to SR to get both M/F adn as it stands you need 2 wc6 one for each
  13. now my pcout.bin out and pcin.bin are working now lol the one from sleepyjirachi youtube
  14. i can still use rsavout.bin that does boxes items and wonder cards i also liked to use the pcout for just doing the boxes and not the sav coz i like to get the event pokemon from the woman stick them in the pc use pcout then SR game then load pcin that way the woman still there and the event pokemon in box and repeat
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