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  1. Here is the picture of the Nintendo Zone for Marshadow which allow to obtain the download code.
  2. There is a problem on the Celebis trainer info, for example the TID is 040601, however the correct one is 043033 according to the wondercard viewer in pkhex, I have not check the other languages.
  3. I wonder if there is a mistake : lvl 20, met lvl 18 ?? Edit : Nevermind, that's correct. I will just point out that for now, he is not recognized on pkhex (considered as hacked)
  4. The problem of writing seems to be resolved... Then here the French Celebi wondercard, this is not the WC7full (didn't see the message of the Slayer before I redeem it...) However, proofs will be more than necessary I guess. (Note, the date of my 3ds was 30-11-16 or 11-30-16 if you prefere). Card # 0630 - Celebi, le Pokémon Temporel !.wc7
  5. Oh, I didn't knew there was a Github... I downloaded the rar file on this thread (which is not updated then). If they already contributed, here are other dates I guess ? Otherwise, I will try to contribute [FRE] Marshadow and Ash's Cap Pikachu when released In wc7full if I could
  6. Hi there, it seems that there is missing events (in french), for the mega-evolution items. Then, here I contribute the wondercards I got. They are not wc7full but if needed can send picture proof. The zip file contains : Card # 0607 - Malamandre se prépare au combat ! Card # 0613 - Un puissant Tokorico chromatique ! Card # 1601 - Un Goinfrex et une Ronflézélite ! Card # 1605 - Recevez deux Méga-Gemmes ! Card # 1609 - Recevez quatre Méga-Gemmes ! Card # 1611 - Recevez quatre Méga-Gemmes ! Card # 1616 - Recevez cinq Méga-Gemmes ! Card # 1618 - Recevez quatre Méga-Gemmes ! Card # 1620 - Recevez quatre Méga-Gemmes ! Card # 1621 - Recevez quatre Méga-Gemmes ! (this is the missing one) Card # 2046 - Sachanobi (Démo spéciale) wc7 (self rip).zip
  7. Hi, I just tried to download the PC version but my antivirus block him, and if I disable the antivirus, google chrome block it too.. Same thing for the source code on github... Otherwise I can download the nds and wii version without problems, but the fact is that I got a dsi and no cable to use the tool on my wii, then the only other way is emulation... Any idea?
  8. Hi, guys, I wasn't here for a LONG time... If you want, I've the PAL Yveltal & Xerneas codes, I don't see them in the wish list, so I don't know if they're contributed or not ? Let me know.
  9. I've the french mew with a real date, i upload this now, and question to @theSLAYER : is the ram dumped save game can be injected ? And please tell me if there is missing delibird since I still have a code, then I can obtain the missing languages Edit : Here is it : https://1fichier.com/?zh8ci9wrpk Edit 2 : Here is the pic :
  10. You can use the wondercard on your italian savegame and change the game region of your event to japan and then it will ok, or you can also change your game language in english and take the jirachi, as it can be redeem on PAL region if the language of the jirachi is english/japanese/korean. In my mind, the second option is better. Edit : Oh and btw i've to redeem my Delibird, can you list me the missing languages (I can get 2 different languages).
  11. I finally got the Lucario's Wondercard Title : つよ★カワ ピカチュウのメガキャンペーン Text : メガポンチョを きた ピカチュウの ぬいぐるみの はつばいを きねんして メガシンカする ポケモンを プレゼント! ピカチュウも つかう わざを おぼえているぞ! Info : Always Jolly, all his moves can be relearned, hold Lucarionite. [ATTACH]12847[/ATTACH]
  12. I have all the info for the mega-lucario's wondercard if you want (but not the wondercard as someone redeem him for me)
  13. I got 2 Delibird code, but i'm going in holidays, so I redeem and upload next week depending on the already shared wondercards ! Oh and we're the 25, so merry christmas
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