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  1. It has been announced that, in South Korea, a distribution of Shiny Zacian or Shiny Zamazenta will be given to players in Pokémon Sword & Shield if you pre-order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl or the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Double Pack. This will then be given through code from November 19th until December 31st 2021. Currently no further details have been given for international release. . Personal Note: Wondering if someone can just change their eshop region to korea and then pre-order the games to get the codes
  2. well rip guess we'll have to stay satisfied with the sea map mew then
  3. They patched out the chance to get infinite codes with a single account, which makes me worried that they'll eventually patch out the chance to get infinite codes via fake GPS or prevent using third party apps like bluestack to run pokemon pass app . Who knows, maybe they'll soon give out only one code per PTC account instead of 3 or 6 RIP
  4. Each PTC account can be used only once to log in and get a maximum of 6 codes and then use another PTC account to repeat the process infinitely
  5. i'm pretty sure espeon can learn both of these moves in gens 4-8 ( except for the newest games excluding toxic as a TM ) Edit : i attached a gen 4 espeon that knows both moves 196 - Espeon - 0EEE2CFD3D47.pk8
  6. i have the ditto ready to be traded
  7. well to be fair, it wasn't originally shiny but i got the error after clicking on the star icon on pkhex now i'm starting to think that ROC's melmetal was a non shiny one so clicking on the star icon on the old pkhex made it leagl but the new pkhex is updated to make all non shiny melmetal impossible to be legitimately shiny so thats why i was getting the error lol it all makes sense now theSLAYER i dont think i need to do the The GP1->LGPE->SWSH thing but have to keep in mind that i can't legitimately make a non shiny melmetal shiny by simply clicking the star icon on the new pkhex ( the old pkhex would show it legal but i understand that it wasn't updated enough with the appropriate legality checks )
  8. not just mine but ReignOfComputer's melemetal gave me the same error lol i'll take your word for it
  9. well i don't know why but your method worked for me but i feel like this is too much of a hassle for one single mon so i'll just stick with the old pkhex version whenever i make shiny melmetal lol, thanks for helping though
  10. i tired putting one from ROC's Pc that was uploaded in the downloads section for public use but still getting the same error but once again, the same melmetal shows perfectly legal in the previous pkhex version
  11. i tried to shinify a legit melmetal but it shows an error in the latest version of pkhex but oddly enough, i tired it on the previous version and it works just fine The error is still visible even after moving the green tick melmetal from the old pkhex to the new one
  12. sorry for bumping an old thread but is there any chance of you guys to transfer these pokemon for public use unless the pokmeon here wont keep their unique moves after they are transferred over ?
  13. Requesting help from anyone that could make a tutorial/guide or if anyone could show me how to make legal shiny PID's of the max lair legendaries in pkhex
  14. according to serebii, they are not shiny locked
  15. assuming someone helps you, you'll still need a cfw switch to dump that crown tundra save file
  16. oh boy i can't wait to see all the upcoming posts about how they're unable to use pkhex with the crown tundra update lol
  17. gen 2 egg events with unique moves cannot be transferred over
  18. Thank you so much, i was kinda upset that all my hours of hard work had gone to waste lol
  19. i genned a kingdra ( pictured below ) and gave it the lunchtime mark, so in battle it should say "kingdra the Peckish" but for some reason its not showing it in battle Any idea how this can be fixed , TIA ( i made a complete legal kingdra and pkhex had shown the green tick which indicates that it was indeed legal but i can't figure out what the problem is )
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