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  1. Deposit an uncommon pokemon into the GTS and i'll get to it ASAP
  2. its a shame that the people in china aren't able to participate in these online competitions
  3. We got koko for this exact same reason and thus starting the shiny tapu cycle which will be completed with fini If it doesn't get released now , I really dont see any possibility of TPC releasing shiny Gen 7 legendary pokemon cards in gen 8
  4. doubt it , although i really want to see a lunala in blood red wings
  5. deposit something into the GTS and i'll get to it
  6. screenshot the bin files that are remaining by delete do you mean by pkhex or just sending to the oak
  7. If the new games get an early leak ( estimating 7-10 days beforehand like the previous 2 gens ) , is there any possibility that we'll get early pkhex support for them ?
  8. something uncommon low level but not shiny or legendary
  9. Deposit something into the GTS that doesn't get sniped easily , i'll get it to ASAP
  10. Usually gamestop/store employees get the game 10 days before the official release , some ill-minded employee hands over a copy to someone who dumps the game and afterwards the CIA/NSP/XCI gets tossed around all over the internet forums This is how i've seen it happen for the past 2 gens
  11. do you want the pk6 file or want someone to trade with you
  12. Usually i think with LGPE , most of their guests were poketubers or well known figures in the community ( example : serebii ) who can broadcast the demo to a broader audience i still think they wont release a demo for this one ( not at least months after the main game is released ) in a desperate attempt to prevent datamines/leaks lol they did the same thing with LGPE , i mean like surely the entire game wasn't datamined a week before its original release date riiiiight
  13. i dont count the xy and LGPE demos as actual demos since they weren't available to the general public ( yes an eshop demo for LGPE was released at a time where there's no reason to release a demo when the main game has been released )
  14. we most likely wont get a demo for this one
  15. by the time when shiny meltan/melmetal arrive , is it possible that they'll patch the bug and let us keep the unique moves after transferring them over to lets go ?
  16. even before translating it , i can already tell that they're gonna be based on the 2018Legends event and iirc heat wave has been a tutor move for tornarus since gen 5
  17. Cant exactly remember if the player is in default clothes or not but here you go!
  18. From this source , we may finally have some legitimate gen 8 leaks on our hands While i'm aware that most of the gen 8 stuff floating around 4chan are fake and the admins & mods on 4chan dont usually mind letting the users spread around false information but apparently in this case the user who posted this got banned within 3 minutes and had his entire thread deleted Luckily another user managed to copy-paste the information on the original thread within that short span of 3 minutes and made a separate post After some research i've come to know that there was a few pictures added to that original post as well ( who knows maybe some in-game screeshots ?? )
  19. even though you're not asking for a shiny mew, you should check this and this basically going online with a hacked switch can get you banned
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