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  1. Can PKHeX still import QR code data?

    I don't know if PKHeX has this function. What I did is installing the SMPatches, then scan the qr, and inject the pkm to the game. Although i found something below. Alt + Click on... - Preview Sprite to load from a QR url on your clipboard.
  2. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    when will the Event Compilation Latest Version update?
  3. it seems that these methods are what theSlayer talking about, maybe pointless.
  4. batcheditor wasegg

    how to ckeck the as egg isegg actually just check this one oh i got it, just change the egg location, btw the $suggest for egg loction seems dosesn't work
  5. batcheditor wasegg

    isegg make alll pokemon become eggs, i want pokemon are hatched .
  6. batcheditor wasegg

    I want edit my Pokemon are all obtained by hatching why .WasEgg=True can't work
  7. Can you upload a complete collection of vivillon.
  8. 20th Movie Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap)

    Can this Ash Pikachu evolve?
  9. question about ec and pid

    Pokemon from 3ds' red yellow blue, the ec can not match pid. So may be chagne the generate method for it?
  10. why is apricorn ball grubbin illegal

    according to https://wiki.52poke.com/zh-hans/沉重球(道具) detail In the second generation and the fourth generation, if the calculated final capture decision value is less than zero, it will be equal to 1 and the capture decision will be continued. So theoretically does not appear can not capture the treasure dream.But in the seventh generation, it may be because the introduction of the beast ball, the final capture judgment can be less than 1, so there is a heavy ball can not capture the treasure dream, such as iron dumbbell [source request]. (google translate)
  11. why is apricorn ball grubbin illegal

    Besides, heavy ball beldum should be illegal.
  12. question about checksum

  13. question about checksum

    why inject event pokemon by PKSM, the checksum is valid, while using pkhex it become invalid. Dose that mean the save have been modified if the checksum is invalid.