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  1. You can now obtain the redemption code from this link after loggin into your PGL account. Comparing to the previous events , this level 60 shiny tapu koko has a slightly different moveset and is not nature locked.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Normally , it is not possible for shedinja to learn swords dance. However there is a glitch in the gen 3 and gen 4 games where shedinja can retain the moves from its pre-evolved form ninjask. If the player chooses to evolve their nincada at level 25 instead of 20 , the newly evolved ninjask will learn sword dance after evolving and in this way , the shedinja will get swords dance as well ( Provided the player has an empty slot in their party )
  3. Hello, it's me!


    but combee can't have oblivious as an ability
  4. great, so i'll be able to generate infinite codes again
  5. some people on facebook are posting pictures of shiny necrozma and claiming that they got it from GTS so its likely that they have removed the shiny lock from necrozma , meaning that you can hack one in your game and it will work online ( not that i suggest anyone to do it lol )
  6. i really want a shiny ultra necrozma but i fear this might happen iirc, AZ floette was initially planned to be distributed but the idea got scrapped unfortunately
  7. in the past , there have been various instances where a wonder card of a certain event got uploaded into the server but it never got any official distribution so i wouldn't get my hopes up just yet
  8. and thus the "armor evolution" speculation just got officially debunked
  9. it also should be noted that none of these pokemon will be legit/legal after transferring over
  10. Don't worry guys , they are saving the national dex for the ultra DLC versions Pokemon Pointy Sword and Shiny Shield . New Feature ?? - National dex additionally with 1-2 never before seen pokemon
  11. Codes are available now to redeem but some people are facing issues with their PGL accounts not showing the code page . If anyone else here is facing the same issue , they should follow these steps in order : 1. Login to your Pokemon Global Link account 2. Go to this link after logging in 3. You will be redirected to the codes page
  12. just hoping that they don't charge for both pokemon home and bank lol
  13. does GF actually care about the meta lol they gave mewtwo 2 mega evolutions . i could understand if its the lets go games since a lot of the unique moves aren't available in the lets go games but that won't be a problem with SwSh i think the go park was en exclusive thing for the lets go games
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