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  1. gen 2 egg events with unique moves cannot be transferred over
  2. Thank you so much, i was kinda upset that all my hours of hard work had gone to waste lol
  3. i genned a kingdra ( pictured below ) and gave it the lunchtime mark, so in battle it should say "kingdra the Peckish" but for some reason its not showing it in battle Any idea how this can be fixed , TIA ( i made a complete legal kingdra and pkhex had shown the green tick which indicates that it was indeed legal but i can't figure out what the problem is )
  4. anyone who has managed to load up their game in pknx after the dlc update, how did you do it and what program did you use to dump the nsp/xci ? i keep getting either "invalid folder" or "unhandled excpetion" error
  5. i built the latest pknx from github but whenever i try to load my shield game it shows an "unhandled exception" error ( Details are provided in screenshots below ) Any help would be appreciated
  6. there's literally no need for this attitude wtf
  7. install a full fresh atmosphere with the latest version and also don't forget sigpatches.
  8. its safe to assume to at this point that victini, meloetta and keldeo are kept for the gen 5 remakes ( or at least i hope ) same way as volcanion, hoopa, marshadow, zeraora and magearna are kept shiny locked for the remakes of their respective gens so yeah, not until another 10-15 years at least ( or unless pokemon is killed off )
  9. here's hoping the mon will be uploaded in the event gallery for the lesser fortunate ones like me who can't do block edits
  10. i was hoping that some kind soul with the appropriate tools would be able to snag one and then maaaybe share the pk8 with everyone else but since nobody from projectpokemon got it, its pretty safe to say that hope is very much crushed lol well it is what it is
  11. well yes but i understand that considering the circumstances, this was VERY hard to get since it was only available for a limited time but yeah i'm actually relieved that it doesn't have any event moves
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