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  1. well to be fair, it wasn't originally shiny but i got the error after clicking on the star icon on pkhex now i'm starting to think that ROC's melmetal was a non shiny one so clicking on the star icon on the old pkhex made it leagl but the new pkhex is updated to make all non shiny melmetal impossible to be legitimately shiny so thats why i was getting the error lol it all makes sense now theSLAYER i dont think i need to do the The GP1->LGPE->SWSH thing but have to keep in mind that i can't legitimately make a non shiny melmetal shiny by simply clicking the star
  2. not just mine but ReignOfComputer's melemetal gave me the same error lol i'll take your word for it
  3. well i don't know why but your method worked for me but i feel like this is too much of a hassle for one single mon so i'll just stick with the old pkhex version whenever i make shiny melmetal lol, thanks for helping though
  4. i tired putting one from ROC's Pc that was uploaded in the downloads section for public use but still getting the same error but once again, the same melmetal shows perfectly legal in the previous pkhex version
  5. i tried to shinify a legit melmetal but it shows an error in the latest version of pkhex but oddly enough, i tired it on the previous version and it works just fine The error is still visible even after moving the green tick melmetal from the old pkhex to the new one
  6. sorry for bumping an old thread but is there any chance of you guys to transfer these pokemon for public use unless the pokmeon here wont keep their unique moves after they are transferred over ?
  7. Requesting help from anyone that could make a tutorial/guide or if anyone could show me how to make legal shiny PID's of the max lair legendaries in pkhex
  8. according to serebii, they are not shiny locked
  9. assuming someone helps you, you'll still need a cfw switch to dump that crown tundra save file
  10. oh boy i can't wait to see all the upcoming posts about how they're unable to use pkhex with the crown tundra update lol
  11. gen 2 egg events with unique moves cannot be transferred over
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