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  1. Trying to move this unedited file from PLA to scarlet on the latest pkhex and i get this error, any help would be appreciated TIA
  2. im having the same problem, i tried the changing the PID, TID and SID but it still wont trade
  3. these two patterns in the picture only exist in pogo ? oh i did not know that
  4. oh not just from pogo, i used a pic from pogo as reference but really any non bdsp spinda will do that can be transferred to HOME as long as the shiny and non shiny one is in correct pattern
  5. Need PKHEX files for these two specific pattern spindas. First pattern is non shiny and second pattern is shiny. i want to trade these in HOME so no BDSP spinda please! Thanks in advance
  6. As we know, this patch helps the user to scan a PKHEX generated QR code of a single pokemon from their gen 7 games and gen that particular pokemon either 1 or a box full of 30. i was wondering if its possible to make 30 different mons on a single box and generate a qr code from pkhex and scan that code to gen 30 different mons in one go from a single qr code ? Thanks in advance!
  7. Version 1.0.1


    This Arceus was obtained by using the azure flute which was distributed through the 1.3.0 patch update on March 16, 2022. After updating, the azure flute can be found in the players bedroom. In order to encounter Arceus, it is required to have a save file from Pokemon : Legends Arceus that has the main story completed. Players also need to enter the hall of fame at least once and obtain the national dex on Pokemon Brilliant Diamon & Shining Pearl.
  8. It has been announced that, in South Korea, a distribution of Shiny Zacian or Shiny Zamazenta will be given to players in Pokémon Sword & Shield if you pre-order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl or the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Double Pack. This will then be given through code from November 19th until December 31st 2021. Currently no further details have been given for international release. . Personal Note: Wondering if someone can just change their eshop region to korea and then pre-order the games to get the codes
  9. well rip guess we'll have to stay satisfied with the sea map mew then
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