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  1. yeah guys sorry, you won't be able to get the magearna anymore unless there's a another exploit to be found or if there's another distribution
  2. never heard of any official distribution that had the players do a bunch of shady things in order to get the gift
  3. half a box actually lol i had to leave because of university but i'm kinda bummed that they patched out such a cool glitch so quickly i'll look at the positive side and will assume that they patched up the bug because they're planning to do an official distribution of the magearna
  4. well i'm unable to get it anymore ooof looks like it got patched out quickly ( under 24 hours ) RIP, it was fun while it lasted
  5. Well i was finally able to get it and after being able to redeem it several times, i can confirm that it's nature, EV and IV locked
  6. alright imma try putting all 890 pokemon into HOME and then do the box shift
  7. if by living dex, you mean every pokemon then yes, i have registered all 890 species registered in pokemon HOME i thought national dex and living dex are the same thing
  8. i did everything that he said but still couldn't get it Looking at the comments of that thread, it seems like i'm not the only one They're still not distributing it to everyone with a national dex
  9. so basically i have to transfer the saves everytime i gen something new lol
  10. That means i have to connect my CFW switch to the internet
  11. Real Talk : As a pkhexer, do you REALLY even need HOME to transfer over your previous gen mons ? . Frankly the only reason i use it is to get the gift pokemon and maybe complete some of those challenges
  12. is there any way to dump this or do i have to wait for the DLC and if its not there, then a possible future game that supports magearna ?
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