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  1. even without translating the moves , i can already tell that they will be the same as the 2018Legends events
  2. You probably wont get your request fulfilled and here's why
  3. deposit something if you can wait for 3-4 hours from now , i'll get to it when i'm free
  4. if you don't get any help here , i suggest visiting some of the subreddits that are dedicated in genning pokemon for its subscribers
  5. i've been going online with my CFW 3ds for the past couple of years without a single problem and besides the 3ds is almost dead so nintendo could care less lol
  6. Deposit an uncommon pokemon into the GTS and i'll get to it ASAP
  7. deposit something into the GTS and i'll get to it
  8. screenshot the bin files that are remaining by delete do you mean by pkhex or just sending to the oak
  9. something uncommon low level but not shiny or legendary
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