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  1. From this source , we may finally have some legitimate gen 8 leaks on our hands While i'm aware that most of the gen 8 stuff floating around 4chan are fake and the admins & mods on 4chan dont usually mind letting the users spread around false information but apparently in this case the user who posted this got banned within 3 minutes and had his entire thread deleted Luckily another user managed to copy-paste the information on the original thread within that short span of 3 minutes and made a separate post After some research i've come to know that there was a few pictures added to that original post as well ( who knows maybe some in-game screeshots ?? )
  2. even though you're not asking for a shiny mew, you should check this and this basically going online with a hacked switch can get you banned
  3. genning with pksm is a huge hindrance imo , you cant make past gen mons with it
  4. bummer, i've been managing my 3ds saves with JKSM ever since i got CFW in early 2017 since its easy to use so its pretty convenient for me Does checkpoint have all the features like JKSM and is it just as easy to use ? if not , then i really wish the JSKM dev would make a switch version lol
  5. ah thanks for clearing that up and apologies for asking in the wrong thread
  6. i'm confused about a few things : 1 . To redeem most ( if not all ) of these events , you need to have a stable internet connection in other words you have to go online 2. We need a hacked switch with Custom Firmware in order to extract the saves/PB7 3. Going online with a hacked switch will get you instantly banned . So how is it possible to extract saves without getting banned ? ( unless i'm missing something obvious ) The way i see it is that , you need to have a non hacked switch to redeem the event , trade it to a modded switch and then you can safely extract the PB7 file
  7. my bad , focus punch is indeed a gen 5 special move for delibird also i think dream ball can be passed down by breeding
  8. same thing applies for focus punch and ice shard being special moves for delibird
  9. How is aqua jet or ice punch a special move for marill lol iirc it can learn both by breeding and tutoring in gen 5
  10. Both saves open perfectly in the latest 181202 version but here's an older version PKHeX (181116).zip
  11. So isn't it funny that smeargle cant use dark void anymore in gen 7 because its darkrai exclusive, but it can use kings shield lol i mean whats up with that . I mean personally i'd prefer spore > dark void any day but the fact it cant learn it anymore , kinda sucks