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  1. i'm assuming its impossible to get the stone eevelutions with this glitch also shouldn't this be in the unreleased/beta section ( Unless i missed something )
  2. yeah it worked for me after logging out and then login in to the news section lol
  3. You should check this
  4. oh Thank God , so its just pkhex's legality with wild area is still a work in progress and there's no corruption in my save
  5. i injected my save via JKSV and running the latest version of pkhex but for some reason a few of the pokemon that were legitimately caught in the game is showing up as invalid/illegal is there any solution to this ? Thanks in advance!
  6. Does anyone have a Pokemon Shield save that has the game completed ? Also i was wondering if it's safe to dump SWSH save files by using JKSV ? Thanks in advance
  7. its impossible for a switch lite to be a pre mariko unit so no
  8. probably will be the same OT with a different TID and WC ID
  9. Most likely the same event that UK and Japan got
  10. so apparently there will be 2 million codes for the japanese event so i wonder if there's any such restrictions in the pokemon pass app as to how many codes can be generated in total
  11. well there goes my hope for them to stay non-japan exclusives
  12. You can now obtain the redemption code from this link after loggin into your PGL account. Comparing to the previous events , this level 60 shiny tapu koko has a slightly different moveset and is not nature locked.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Normally , it is not possible for shedinja to learn swords dance. However there is a glitch in the gen 3 and gen 4 games where shedinja can retain the moves from its pre-evolved form ninjask. If the player chooses to evolve their nincada at level 25 instead of 20 , the newly evolved ninjask will learn sword dance after evolving and in this way , the shedinja will get swords dance as well ( Provided the player has an empty slot in their party )
  14. Hello, it's me!


    but combee can't have oblivious as an ability
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