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  1. Not at my knoweldge, Nintendo seems to be more concerned with the demo recently but not retroactively. I visited 2 months ago the french national video game conservatory and unfortunately they don't have any of them too. I should however ask them again for FireRed manuel guide if nobody have it now. Whereas I think we'll get one day RS/FRLG/BW demos because they were in cardriges and collectors will get them one day I'm not very confident for XY demo as it was a downloaded programm. But if you want to investigate you're welcome, I really miss time to do more sorry.
  2. @theSLAYERI think we won't speak about shiny Volcanion exclusive to TCG. Unless ...
  3. I come back for two news I recently got: -first the discovery of a new debug mode for Stadium 2 which includes a Pokemon editor with a legality check. The Odd Egg events failed. It could be interesting to see if it's the case for other gen2 event pokemon or even find the legality list somewhere in the ROM. -second I recently learned that in European FireRed manual guide there is a picture of a Charmander not from Pallet Town (probably used by the debuggers). Can anyone scan it here please?
  4. @Hello, it's me!You have to make a difference between the developper/beta test wondercards from the ones for everyone. What was found is a test for a public release but just think about the Azure Flute: It was planned and not released for Platinum but developper/beta test was found in Ranger demo! Another famous one is still mysterious: the Lock Capsule. Planned for BW but never released because of ??? they gave us a Zoroark instead and we still haven't find any developper/beta wondercard yet.
  5. I learned today that a proto-Pokemon Colosseum was planned for Nintendo 64DD in 1999 developped by GF itself called Pocket Monsters RPG. It was probably scrapped not only because of Masuda opinions about the franchise that should stay portable but also probably because of GS delay. I first thought it was about Pokemon Stadium but apparently Miyamoto stated they were 3 64 games planned during an interview (which I really want to find now). Edit: Found something( original and translated ) and it's way more interesting than all I was expecting! Edit 2: According to IGN Stadium was planned to have a 64DD update, probably the difference betwen the first Japanese release and the International one?
  6. I think the bad eggs issue is the same as the German Ruby Debug version. We have to find the correct PID in order to make them work. I have no idea on how to do it however as I didn't resolve the first issue. Edit: MysteryGiftEditor gives me a Zubat but with a lot of datas missing.
  7. As promised here's my results from my studies about unused held items: As you can see a lot of unused held items are just leftovers from their previous evolutions but few can catch our attention. I suggested theories for most of them but I'm open to add yours too! Plus I have no idea for few of them.
  8. Here's the link, apparently the note was from a certain SodaDog on July 9th 11:50
  9. In terms of investigations I noticed this mention in TCRF: "Pokémon: Let's Go! Pikachu & Let's Go! Eevee has unused data for held items and double wild battles." but also The Pokémon Stadium games have more debug features, or at least debug leftovers. Plus, I'll focus soon about XD shadow moves list but I want to investigate about the unused Dragonite (based upon its catch rate change) in Yellow and the Unused Pokémon Flight in Gold/Silver.
  10. NIce @SwagKey I tested SwSh demo recently in Japan Expo and noticed very interesting things, the fact that the Pokemon came from Route 1 first meaning they didn't want to reveal the start place or it's the place you receive your starter, the Fairy Dynamax that puts the Misty Terrain, the date put into the pokemon 1st June 2019 is very interesting too as it's surely the build date, apart that I have mixed feelings about it, lots of lags, cheap supporters, not very convincing water effects, awesome music, about the dynamax mechanic the strategy will be to temporize it with Detect, Protect or any bulky Pokemon, I easily beat the gym leader like that, hope they'll release the demo in the E-shop later in order to study it.
  11. So thanks to @theSLAYER I was able to correctly import Shadow Loudred however when I tried to purify it it lost all its move and the same occured for the shadow Carvanha found in the same box. Our theory is that there must be a shadow list somewhere in the ROM that gives the moves to the shadow Pokemon. Finding that list can teach us how does it work in XD and maybe finally find the original attacks of that Shadow Loudred and Carvanha (if they exist in that final list or if we find a beta list somewhere else; note that we could find other beta/cut shadow pokemon in the process). Any idea or any XD specialist?
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    In Pokémon Red & Blue, a strange glitch was discovered by the GlitchCity old forums. (Less loud and more readable version here) According to the report, it appears that after performing a variant of having the Safari Step counter time out when the boy in Pewter City take the first steps to bring you the the museum, talking to the boy again afterwards will result in a "hooked" Dragonite appearing, before freezing your game. Jojo12100 was able to dump its info and replicate it, much like the process done for the Gen 1 Ghost Marowak. Do note that in the data, it's level is 0. (PKHeX views any species with 0 EXP as Lv 1) Besides Dragonite, other possible "hooked" encounters includes Metapod and Missingno. Those encounter are triggered by different conditions. This page has an explanation of how Hooked Pokémon glitches work.
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    In June 2019, a Japanese copy of a Debugging variant of Pokémon Diamond Version was found and subsequently dumped. When pressing down Select on the start screen, a debug menu appears. If the player opts to proceed with the debug start, instead of the standard way to start a fresh game, the player will end up having 3 Pokémon in their party, namely: Infernape, Piplup and Finneon, all at Level 99. It appears that it may be possible to shiny hunt these entries. Special thanks to the @TheShadyRelapse for the speedy retrieval of these Pokémon. As usual, these files would be illegal and should not be transferred. Use at your own risk. [We will not distribute the Debug ROM, and it is against our rules to ask for it]
  14. Version .


    Back in the day there was a strange post in the glitchcity forum, claiming that a unobtainable Shadow Loudred briefly appears during the purification demo. It took us a year but we finally got in our hands. Other shadow entries (presumably from the same Purification Demo) has also been included.
  15. Good news everyone today we got a debug Diamond version. Unfortunately apart the starters which are already contributed in the site somewhere else nothing interesting (in my opinion). Will share in public the XD Extra Shadow discovery in order to enlight it and maybe find someone to purify that Shadow Loudred.
  16. Actually Pokemon Home can be a good thing or a bad one depending on how lazy they'll be. In a way I want they allow Pokemon to keep their Go moves into Pokemon Home (and seriously none of the exclusive moves will break the meta) and in another I want they fix this mess-up with underleved. Wait and see but I keep all my Go exclusive moves and work hard on underleved. Now I'll surely need a hacked Switch to contribute but we have time until that. I have to upgrade the list with the Snorlax event and CD. I already added Earthquake Gastrodon.
  17. Here the Funfiesta exclusives thanks to @theSLAYER We learn that the event set their level at 15 minimum. Didn't change their dates as we don't know how legitimate they can be compared to the real ones. 148 - ハクリュー - 32AA357BB475.pk5 372 - コモルー - 171491BAF3B4.pk5 462 - ジバコイル - 8C22D96B5BBF.pk5 082 - レアコイル - 47AF7904EECE.pk5
  18. You're right this is an effect of the Noisy/Quiet Mission and if I compare to the event hidden grotto pokemon I have it matches. So I have to correct the underleved listing and catch all at level 15!
  19. @theSLAYER I found a weird issue with your code, it seems if for example I modify the Pokemon in hidden grotto in order to be a Magneton it'll be always set at its maximum wild level (15 for example in the first hidden grotto). Any idea?
  20. @theSLAYER the code for the japanese version doesn't work on my white2 version. Is there really no difference in trash bytes with real ones?
  21. In my opinion it's closer to E-cards than Mystery Cards. It's an event that changes a routine which can be a Pokemon in a hidden grotto but can also be a Pokedex quizz or something else. Now the question is about the re-creation of that event which still need some researches. It'll be over 2 years of dead-road so I'm open to every try whatever it was the method which was really used or not. Think that @BlackShark's discovery was not digged enough for example too. It doesn"t make any sense to have the name of the missions and no data related. Cross check with regular mission or the Glameow one if there is some kind of link between the name and the Pokemon or item that spawned. Can't really help however, I spend most of my free time for Go underleved quest and this quest is for the moment beyond my abilities. Good luck to you @theSLAYERthis quest is one of the few remaining and it can have a huge impact if solved ^^
  22. Can try for the Shinx but don't think I'll be able to get the Nincada. Pray that I got a Absol and a Mawile trying it.
  23. Nice, time to get 2 Shinx and at least 1 Nincada. (15% chance for the first but only 0.5% for the second) Note that if you got any Mawile or Absol I take ^^ Plus the legendary trio can now be caught at lv1 in the wild too
  24. Damned but good news Absol, Mawile and Nincada are back at 10km eggs. Now I still don't know how to get 10km eggs at level 1 or even it's possible.
  25. Something like 6/8, not over 10 in all cases because I wanted to keep them low in order to catch lv1 in the wild. We should do a test with a lv2 account that just receveid the egg.
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