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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to say that while I appreciate people who've thanked me researching the games via messaging on this forum, please note that I don't just do requests; if I have interest and spare time (which I don't have much nowadays) I'll do it. If you want any feature(s) for other Pokemon game's save researched that hasn't already, please feel free to open a new thread about it and those with the spare time and interest down the road will hopefully be able to look into it. If you think you have the skills and you'd like to try researching the thing(s) you want, then you can get started by downloading a hex editor. The one I use and recommend is HxD: https://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD20 Thank you.
  2. Hey, so I suppose that this thread will also be used for Let's Go stuff if anyone wants down the road. lol Anyways, figured I'd share some ways to give and aid anyone who'd want to edit their save file(s) with completely legal and obtainable data on their PokeDex and inventories: !Make a backup of your save if you attempt to do any of this! Let's Go legally complete PokeDex The following will give you a complete PokeDex with all the 153 obtainable Pokemon except Shiny forms of Starter Pikachu (Starter Eevee doesn't have its own page) and Mew. Instructions (for Windows): Download and install HxD if you don't have it. Open your savedata.bin into the program. Click on Edit-->Select Block... (or Ctrl+E). Input 2A88 for Start-offset and 4AEF for End-offset. Click OK. Highlight and copy the entire values in the spoiler below, and then right-click the highlighted part in the program and select Paste write (or Ctrl+B): 7. Select File-->Save (or Ctrl+S). 8. Open the hex edited savedata.bin into PKHeX, and feel free to change the PokeDex displayed forms along with Min and Max Height/Weight values to your desire if needed, then export the save file and import it back into your game. Let's Go legal Inventory guide The following will help you with injecting legal and non-Key Item inventory assets. Medicine Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All-->All TM Pouch: Set Count to 1 and press Give All-->All (If you happen to obtain a TM you didn't get in-game after doing so, just set it to 1 again) Ball Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All-->All Item Pouch: Give yourself the following if you don't have them, and then modify their individual count if you'd like: Repel Super Repel Max Repel Tiny Mushroom Big Mushroom Pearl Big Pearl Stardust Star Piece Nugget Heart Scale Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber Bottle Cap Gold Bottle Cap Lure Super Lure Max Lure Battle Item Pouch: Give yourself the following if you don't have them, and then modify their individual count if you'd like (Mega Stones are Key Items in this game as well as the Key Stone itself and must have a quantity of 1): Guard Spec. Dire Hit X Attack X Defense X Speed X Accuracy X Sp. Atk X Sp. Def Power-Up Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All->All Candy Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All->All Finally on a side-note if anyone cares, I've added the recent games' NPC trades in all languages! So feel free to use and modify them however you'd like using the .txt included. I know and apologize it wasn't really anything, though, I should hopefully be back for proper researching with Gen 8 in I suppose late 2019 or whenever then and I get the time, so this is adieu with Gen 7 for me.
  3. It's been a month or 2 now since I last visited this site, and while I said I was technically done with this Gen, I don't mind getting stuff that's got to do with limited access i.e PGL events. So, here are the official Global Missions for the games collated: SM: USUM: With that being said and done, fuck these games. Anyone future researchers who'd like to share/inquire anything regarding the game's save data are more than welcome to. About Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee: I may look into *minor* things regarding its save if I have the time by then, but don't count on it at least until the Winter break due to my new job and animation studies consuming most or my spare time. Hope to see ya'll then. PS Here are some codes I had long drafted but never gave out to any of my friends for USUM due to them not interested/played it apparently, so I'm discarding the junk here for scrambles, sorry if they've already expired: F828 XHC7 8U4H FHFH F828 JF7A L7AZ TC7L
  4. In my current mindset, I (or anyone else) can say and feel like I could play for my entire life. However, realistically speaking if I am alive by then: assuming I don't develop memory loss or any other critical illness, have dropped interest in the series due to more crucial things developed in my life or the future staff not having done something dreadful to the series in general at that time (this part seems plausible ngl), I hope so. Maybe I'd look back on old games for nostalgia. I'd hope to get my possible future (grand)kids into it but I'm pretty doubtful about that, it's not like I could enforce them to live out my hobbies, but if they do I'd be proud, but again, with what the future generation of kids are looking like, I honestly don't hold a lot of hope in this. I as a long time fan have had a really great time with the series and don't regret picking a GBC up and still playing the games up to this point despite many of my old school friends have long given up since DP on the series. tl;dr Time will tell for me how long I'll be committed let alone be alive for. Same applies for anyone else (yes even someone like Serebii's or Pokejungle's webmasters).
  5. Did you remember to open your save in PKHeX and re-save after you edited it?
  6. I found the flag months ago, so if you can hex edit, try looking here:
  7. If you still need it, here you go. I had this one on my backup 3DS file. 637 - Volcarona - B1F56B4ADCB2.pk7
  8. I've finally completed the in-game trade project! I forgot that you can just upload files from the user panel, so I guess I saved you the trouble of collating them all, @theSLAYER? I've actually just finished replaying XY for a third time to activate all trades, it was worth it since I wanted to try the starter I didn't use, that's Chespin. Now that this project is done, I'm taking a break from Pokemon, my brain just doesn't want anything to do with it (at least until the next games).
  9. Version Gen 1 - Gen 7


    This is a collection of all possible Trades and Gifts of in-game NPC's credentials in every language possible. All Generation I-IV Trades are obtained at the lowest level possible with thorough research. Please refer to the .txt included in the collection archive for details on what to edit to make any of them to your personal liking. Credits: @Taargüs Taargüs - For providing the PK5s for all languages of B2W2 Yancy and Curtis trades, and also the Korean B2 Petilil! @RobustRabbit - For providing CHT SM and USUM trades! @ViolentDarkBrown - For providing all languages of trades in Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee! Serebii and Bulbapedia - For providing the location whereabouts and details for the lowest levels possible of NPC's requested Pokemon. (Even though they contradict each other sometimes...) And of course, anyone who reports errors! If you would like to share this collection archive around other websites, you are free to do so, but please give credit to the mentioned users for their generosity to contributing. Thanks! PSA: If PKHeX flags any Pokemon as invalid, please do collate the files that do so and report them in the PKHeX forum. And if you think a Gen 1-4 Pokemon can't be at a certain level, please do notify me about it (and provide sources). Thanks!
  10. As I have no more interest in researching these games, I'll leave it up to anyone else who cares to research these records: https://pastebin.com/1PRkNjT1
  11. I've finally finished bagging up every language of HGSS and Gen V in-game Trades! However, I'm missing the Petilil from the Korean language Black 2 as I cannot access that one, sadly. @Taargüs Taargüs do you by chance have it and are willing to share? Thanks once again for saving me the trouble of getting all those Yancy/Curtis trades! Here are the things I'd like to note for each: HGSS: Feel free to change any of the Pokemon's origin game to the opposite. The Rhyhorn can only be acquired on a Saturday, for those who're worried about such small details like this; won't matter once transferred to G5+. BW/2: With the exception of the Cottonee, Petilil and Basculin, feel free to change any of the Pokemon's origin game to the opposite. The PIDs are random and with the Yancy/Curtis trades, the IVs are also random with what I've seen. I also got some of the NPC trader battle Pokemon cause why not. All that's left now is to finish off the 3DS games except USUM. 450 - Hippowdon - 2ED1AC58CF94.pk5 530 - Excadrill - 6FD1DE7C8E2E.pk5 547 - Whimsicott - 134E00785A88.pk5 549 - Lilligant - BCE57CD4BBC6.pk5 HGSS+G5.rar
  12. Cool, nice find. Forgot that PKHeX can check for Crystal Event Flags. As for your problem, I don't think there were separate logs per game from what I've seen. (tho I haven't touched upon Mystery Gift stuff for some months now as you can see, so I'm not really sure.) And these may be the flags for each decoration item(s) for Crystal if they're consistent with each other, but I'm not 100% certain: 676 = Feathery Bed 677 = Pink Bed 678 = Polka Dot Bed 679 = Pikachu Bed 680 = Red Carpet 681 = Blue Carpet 682 = Yellow Carpet 683 = Green Carpet 684 = MagnaPlant 685 = TropicPlant 686 = JumboPlant 687 = Town Map 688 = Pikachu Poster 689 = Clefairy Poster 690 = Jigglypuff Poster 691 = NES 692 = Super NES 693 = Nintendo64 694 = Virtual Boy 695 = Pikachu Doll 696 = Surf Pikachu Doll 697 = Clefairy Doll 698 = Jigglypuff Doll 699 = Bulbasaur Doll 700 = Charmander Doll 701 = Squirtle Doll 702 = Poliwag Doll 703 = Diglett Doll 704 = Staryu Doll 705 = Magikarp Doll 706 = Oddish Doll 707 = Gengar Doll 708 = Shellder Doll 709 = Grimer Doll 710 = Voltorb Doll 711 = Weedle Doll 712 = Unown Doll 713 = Geodue Doll 714 = Machop Doll 715 = Tentacool Doll 716 = Gold Trophy 717 = Silver Trophy 718 = Big Snorlax Doll 719 = Big Onix Doll 720 = Big Lapras Doll
  13. Bad news, due to Korean G4 games not being able to import other languages of save files, it's gonna be more troublesome to get the HGSS Gym Leader and Steven trades. Good news on the other hand is that I've managed to finish off the Sinnoh game trades (thanks to being able to unlock all Fly locations in PKHeX)! Feel free to change the origin game of the DP trades to the other. DPPt Trades.rar
  14. Can't believe it's been a year now since Poke Bank was updated with G1 VC support.
  15. Whoa! Thanks a bunch for saving me the trouble on that! -- Another thing I'd like to share: while going through my G4 saves, I managed to dump my old Pearl save and realized that I have these from literally 10 years ago now. Really takes me back to those days where I was new to using ActionReplay/GameShark and just straight up oblivious, good times. lol E4 Pearl.rar
  16. OK, this was literally exhausting. X( I'm very thrilled to say that I've gotten all trades for Gens 1, 3 and 7 (Just USUM atm)! Gen 2 is here and Japanese Blue is here for anyone that didn't see them. Things I need to point out: For G1 I wasn't able to get the Japanese codes for unused trades working, so I just re-created the ones from the glitch video, hope that's alright. Japanese Stadium Pokemon were re-created based on INT Stadium .pk1s. For G3 Feel free to change any of the RS and FRLG trades Pokemon's origin game detail to their polar-opposite, with the exception of the Nidos as they're version-exclusive. The XD Elekid all are based on the Togepi trade; you can just click around the Pokemon's moveset box's border in PKHeX still in G3 format to give them the Togetic trade's moveset. For G7 Both Chinese languages share the same trades; ones I've claimed have CHS tags. Feel free to change the origin game to Ultra Sun if you wish. @theSLAYER One again, feel free to use them to your liking. Same goes for anyone else. With that being said, I'm gonna be taking a break from this, very tired rn. The list of all languages for trades are (apparently) known, and looking into the Gen IV trades, those HGSS Gym Leader trades are gonna be very tedious to get, but the worst I can feel are definitely the Yancy/Curtis trades. x_x NPC Trades.rar
  17. Thanks. Do you have any idea for how to do this on the French/Spanish/German/Italian games? The codes on the site won't enable them.
  18. Just a quick question: Does anyone know how to acquire these unused trades for Gen 1? Currently trying to get all in-game trades in all languages (I know, it's crazy), and I now have collected every used one from Gen 1. Thanks!
  19. Yeah, I split only the trades by GS and C; the pk2s were directly pulled from my saves, and I didn't manage to rename all the files to the actual Pokemon names, sorry. And in case you're wondering, I didn't bother to get the same trade Pokemon across games on the same language as they appear to be completely identical with only the Met Location being "Can't Tell" if obtained on Crystal, but I could do it if you want me to. PS: If you also need me to, I could look into also getting the G1 and other gen trades in all languages. In fact, here are the Japanese Blue lowest leveled NPC-Trades that I had for some months now. Japanese Blue Trades.rar
  20. I've found out that setting the byte to 00 in the following offsets will reset all NPC trades: GS INT: 24ED GS KOR; 24E5 GS JAP: 24CE Crystal INT: 24EE Crystal JAP: 24D0 With that being said, I've done something quite capricious: I've gotten all of the NPC's Gift and Trade Pokemon (at their lowest possible levels) for all languages! (I also included the Spearow mail screenshots for all languages as well!) One more thing is I found out about the Odd Egg's raw names for languages aside from Japanese and English (didn't bother re-collecting them for these languages seeing as they're completely identical to the English data; you can just modify the names to the following): French Nickname: OEUF OT: BIZAR German Nickname: EI OT: Kurios Italian Nickname: UOVO OT: Strano Spanish Nickname: HUEVO OT: Raro @theSLAYER I dunno if you'd like to add them to your gallery, but feel free. G2 stuff.rar
  21. Well, what a coincidence! lol
  22. Hey guys, Happy New Year! With the VC release of Crystal forthcoming, I apparently forgot to include the flag for receiving the Odd Egg for the non-Japanese Crystal, which is now in the respective spoiler tag in my OP. I also gathered all of the Egg data for the English version with the help of the re-receiving GS code. As for the Japanese ones, they were based and adjusted off my hypothesis that the OT name of "ODD' and Nickname of "EGG" in Egg form are likely to just be translated only (credit to this Glitch City thread for the names). I dunno if they'll patch the Japanese VC Crystal to get these through normal play akin to Celebi as well seeing as you needed this Mobile Adapter thing- which its services are long discontinued. But as I like to help out, I'm posting them here for those who'd still want them. Odd Egg (C).rar
  23. Sorry about the late reply, I was and am still busy with last minute Christmas shopping with a friend and other errands. I've updated the (USUM) dex with them; I'll add Shiny Celebi next month (you can also just check them yourself in PKHeX). Also forgot about this, here are your longest daily Battle Tree streaks: SM = 0x6B352 USUM = 0x6B952 You can set the byte to 0xC8 (200) to get all prizes when you walk up to the receptionist. And in case I'm not here for the remainder of the month, Happy Holidays!
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