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  1. Another Cune, this was traded from HG to Platinum..As well the first dog, flawless IVs...RNG Abuse or Hacked pokemon? 1.pkm
  2. Ok thank you..But the Suicune that we can download from Project Pokemon is a Wild NDS or GBA, this because it was traded to Ruby from FireRed?I don't understand...
  3. Many thanks Sabresite ^^..just for my knowledge, "Roaming GBA" which Type number has? ---------- Post added at 06:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:45 AM ---------- Ah ok, maybe is Wild NDS or GBA?
  4. Hi, i trade this Suicune today..It look legit, but the Iv's makes me suspicious.. Cune.pkm
  5. The Hatched pokemons have 0 in level met, i'm sure. But a shiny, flawless Flygon makes me suspicious ..Btw thanks ^^
  6. Is this Flygon legit?Thank you :creep: Flygon.pkm
  7. Hi, first, sorry for my english:creep:. Btw, i trade a Clefable that was transferred to Platinum from Fire Red (so the legal.exe show me a Invalid Trash Bytes), but the problem is another. Clefable has Magic Guard, but in the Generate windows is check the Class 1 tab (the pokemon isn't a egg). Is it possible? Thank you :grog:
  8. Ok thank you ^^, so the pokemon was edited?
  9. Hi, this is my first post, and i'm not english so sorry .. i trade this pokemon, that was hatched in emerald i guess, and i want to know if it is legit or not..Thanks guys:grog: Mmm another question: the 10ANNIV Celebi has only this PID (Common GBA Event restricted) or it is possible that it has another type of PID? blissey.pkm
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