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  1. Is there any known way of making the HGSS locations appear on the Pokesav Pokemon editor? I just tried to make a file and the locations that were selectable were the D/P/Pt ones instead of the HG/SS ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Could I have a Movie 12 Arceus PKM file that will activate the events in HGSS for the Dialga/Palkia/Giratina egg?
  3. Thanks for the help, I'll get it onto my game right away. But there is just one question I need to ask before I do. Is the ID supposed to have 4 digits or did you miss a digit on it?
  4. Hi again. I am currently in need of another Pokemon. This time I'm in need of a Pokemon Colesseum Suicune. Here are the details of what I need: Species: Suicune Nickname: Suicune Level: 100 OT:Whatever is the OT in the game. ID:Whatever the ID was in the game SID:Whatever the SID was in the game IV: 31/17/31/31/31/31 (If thats possible to obtain in the game) EV: 252/0/252/4/0/0 Nature: Bold Held: Leftovers Shiny: No Pokerus: Not obtained Pokeball: Net Ball Ribbons: Any that were on the colesseum suicune Location Met: Colesseum/XD (Or Hoenn, whichever one appears when its migrated) Pal Park Ability: Pressure Moves: Rest, Sleep Talk, Calm Mind, Surf I need it as a .pkm file or a ARDS code, thanks in advance
  5. Ok, I currently am after a Shaymin that will activate the gracidia's flower event in platinum. I dont know what the OT, location etc. is for it so anyone who knows what it is would help. I actually am actually a .pkm file or ARDS instead of getting it via trade because I dont actually have a working wifi connection so I would prefer it if someone could make a .pkm file or ARDS code for me pokemon: Shaymin Held Item: The one that came with the event Level: 100 Ability: Natural cure Nickname (If wanted): Shaymin-S Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): The one that came with the event Trainer ID (If specific): The one that came with the event Secret ID (If specific): The one that came with the event Shiny (Yes or No): Yes if its possible, no if it isnt Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Modest or Timid if theyre possible (Modest would be preffered) Attacks: Seed Flare, Earth Power, Hidden Power (Fire/Ice, fire preffered), Grass knot PP (max or normal): Normal Pokérus Status: No Status Pokéball Captured In: The one that came with the event Battle Stats: EV Stats: 4 HP, 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed IV Stats: Any possible with the event, ones that make hidden power fire or ice would be preffered Ribbons (If any): The one that came with the event Location/Date Met: The one that came with the event Level Met At: The one that came with the event Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): None Happiness: 200 Contest Stats: The one that came with the event
  6. Ok, thanks, I also have one more question. If a Pokemon is hatched, can I just use the generate button where I pick if its shiny and its gender or do I still have to use the one with the list of valid IDs?
  7. Theres a question thats been bothering me for a while now and I thought I'd ask it here. Does the Pokemon ID generator in Pokesav actually generate legal Pokemon IDs based on IVs, the location obtained etc. or does it just generate random Pokemon IDs? If it does generate random Pokemon IDs, is there any way that I can get a legit Pokemon ID for the given IVs, location obtained etc. or would I have to remake the pokemon completely?
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