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  1. Is it possible to take a screenshot of this background scene when battling a member of Ultra Recon Squad? Like without the member in front and just the bg only? If so, can I ask a help on taking a screenshot of it and exporting both PNGs, the one that shows background only and the other one like the photo below (any member as long as it's Ultra Squad haha) Thank you.
  2. What does the anti-cheat do btw? I nearly forgot about that one
  3. shiny-note.thumb.png.6900493347cbdb532556c5b0ee47b478.png

    1. theSLAYER


      This is missing:
      Any Ash-Cap Pikachu
      AZ Floette (none Available presently)


    2. Jovie


      Yup, I just listed the legendary and mythicals that are locked on the pic haha ^_^

  4. I know the shinyness in gen 2 is determined by the IVs but does anyone know how the IVs are being rolled? Like for example, in gen 3 frames with each spread are being rolled per millisecond and I wonder if it's the same for gen 2
  5. Their spread will only be created after giving the Sapphire to Celio in One Island
  6. Yes, I saved the game to the point before giving the Sapphire to Celio and saving the progress after the spread has been created (beast starts to roam), dragging the save file to the exe and if the shiny status is false, load back the save file that you're about to talk to Celio
  7. Omfg you just made shiny hunting for the roamers even more possible! You even included if it's shiny or not, this is game breaking! You probably want to create a new topic about your tool, you going to make lots of people happy Oh man, thank you so much for the help! Literally made my day ^-^
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