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  1. I got it! Thanks a real lot, dude!
  2. Kaphotics, since we're here, let me ask you The AltForms field returns a number. How (or where) can I get the correspondent Alternate Form name? Thanks a lot for the help, man
  3. Awesome! I didn't even thought of using that, Kaphotics. Thanks a lot!
  4. I was wondering if it's possible to create a script that reads PK6 files data and puts them in a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel)? I'm actually trying to organize my pokemon in a spreadsheet, grabbing the information manually from PKHex. I have more than a thousand pokemon, so I thought that a little automatization would help a lot. If anyone is curious, here's a template https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iQ7AXuvWvheHCwQsgfysnbMGEqJsVuurhTR3b1ZdKiQ/edit?usp=sharing I have absolutely no real coding experience, but this can be a good weekend project to get my mind off real stuff. Thanks in advance for any direction.
  5. now I see it was just a newbee mistake thanks a million Kaphotics really!
  6. I'm trying to import wc6 files to my sav but when I open the wondercard injection in PKHex, it only shows what pokemon it contains, but doesn't give me the option to receive it with the [<] button. http://i.imgur.com/W8YM9QG.jpg What I'm doing wrong? When I drag the wc6 to the main window of PKHeX, the pokémon is loaded correctly. So I'm guessing the problem is not on the wc6 files. I've searched for the problem here, but I guess I couldn't find someone with the same problem. I'm new to the whole sav editing thing. I'm using PKHeX (04-10-16) on Windows, playing Alpha Shappire original. thanks a lot and sorry in advance if the post is a duplicate.
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