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  1. Any Help? I need help with this. I dont know where is the narc file I can change these items. For Example on Route 6 there is a Pokeball with "Heart Scale" I know from the overworld file that there is script "7077" for Heart Scale but where is the narc with the script "7077"???
  2. Hi. I need 100% Save Game of Pokemon B2 or W2 because I want to know what is the Nature Preserve "Overworld and Script" locations. I can't edit the overworld and script in Nature Preserve without 100% Save Game. Any Help?
  3. I mean this narc where are Pokemon abilities for example: Eevee has abilities "Adaptability", "Run Away", Vaporeon has abilities Water Absorb", "Hydration". I wanted to know where this narc is and how to edit these abilities.
  4. Hi, I don't know where I can find Pokemon ability narc location. Somebody know it?
  5. Hi! I need to know how to change overworlds items that are laying on the ground. For example instead potion i want to receive Super Rod from Pokeball that is laying in the grass. Could somebody help me with this? I'm noobie with hex editing
  6. Hi, I can't localize some hex codes, I mean hex codes that describes appearing an "exclamation mark" like it is when we go front to another trainer and he then wants to battle. I want to add an NPC that when we go front to him, he/she wants to talk with us and then he/she will give us for example a Dream Ball. I have these hex codes but I don't have yet hex codes I described here Can somebody help me with that script?
  7. Hi I am trying to add a new trainer battle. I used Spiky's DS Map Editor 1.8.1 and in the section "Text Editor" I changed one name of a trainer, for example for Tommy but now I dont know how to change a name for Tommy in the "trdata / trpoke". Could somebody help me with that? I wanted also to know how to add new Trainers and Pokemon in the "trdata / trpoke". What I should do is to copy one slot and rename it? Then I must to know how to change the name of a trainer in "trdata / trpoke".
  8. OK I know now, Thx. But now I don't know how to add a new trainer name I used the PPTXT but when I tried to add new name and save it "Write To Narc" it doesnt change anything Could somebody help me with this? Which program should I use?
  9. Could you explain me it step by step what to do and where I have to paste these files? And how to script it? And which program I need to use to add the names in the text file? If u could do pictures what to do step by step it would be more helpful for everyone who also dont know how to do this.
  10. Hi, I need to know how to create new battles with trainers and put them into Pokemon B2W2 games. I saw Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 hack, there were added new battles with Hoenn Leaders, I want to do this same but with my own created trainers but I really dont know how to do that :C I have "BWTE 2 for Expanded Trainers (1000)", there are free slots for adding new battles. Anybody know what to do step by step to add Trainers and their names? It would be great to know how to do this. Thx for help.
  11. Hi I need to know what is the Haxorus Overworld Sprite code. I am using NPCE tool to change sprites of NPCs and Pokemon. I changed a lot of sprites but I can't find Haxorus's sprite code I couldn't find Emolga's sprite too. To check Haxorus's sprite I need to know what is the Overworld narc and Script narc for Nature Preserve, but I don't have 100% Save game and cant't check this :C Have someone the Pokemon Black 2/ White 2 Save game with Nature Preserve available???
  12. Hi Somebody know where I can find Pokemon B2W2 Overworld sprites list? I am using NPC editor tool but I cant find EMOLGA's sprite :C I need to write some numbers to have a sprite that I want but sometimes is too difficult to find sprite that I want :C for example: sprite for Skitty is under these numbers - 4429 sprite for Klang is under these numbers - 4700 sprite for Emolga ??? Can't find it It will be nice to know all codes for sprites.
  13. I know how to add Moon ball, Love ball etc making new script, then an NPC will give me Moon ball but it is as item only and I cant catch Pokemon with it :C Yes, I would like to have their original ability and will catch wild Pokemon with these balls. What about copy for example Pokeball script and replace it with new script making Moon ball??? Its possible?
  14. I have a question, It is possible to add to Pokemon B2W2 Pokeballs from previous generations to catch wild Pokemon with it? In the game Moon ball, Love ball etc are only items not for catching Pokemon Sb know how to add these Pokeballs into the game? It would be nice to have these all (Poke)balls.
  15. Hi, I have a question, It is possible to add to Pokemon B2W2 the Moon ball, Love ball etc to catch with it wild Pokemon? I did that one person gives me Moon ball but in the game I cant catch any Pokemon with it because its like an item only not for catching Pokemon
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