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  1. Does this even still work? i mean i downloaded everything and its all just empty page icons. theres no useable exe file.
  2. Hey, just incase your wondering idk, I've just (as of time of writing) found an option for filling the Pokédex Way quicker. in the Pokédex section theres a modify button that will allow you to complete the dex in one click. the shiny thing thats still something your going to have to do yourself it would seem, however. you probably don't even care anymore but when i found this i thought "hey maybe that guy would want to know" idk take this what you will.
  3. How does 169 (Nice!) people not know how to use the position modifying aspect of PK3DS. DOES ANYONE KNOW?! either this or can someone point me towards an up to date version of UMOON/USUN?. Like its a thing people know, why not categorize it so other people can know it for future reference?.
  4. I simply* want to find a way to change my characters dumb get up at the start of the game so i can look how i want to look. In Pk3DS in the trainer editor section theres XZY coordinates changing them to the supposed cords of the clothing shop on Melemele island results in just a black screen when you load the save. i heard in an another thread that you have to copy/paste the cords to some other file or something... does anyone know how exactly to change the cords so i can warp around without actually activating the story triggers. so i can get the the clothes shop and hairstylist and then warp back to where i started and Start the game with a cool get up as apposed to the dumb one you start out with. like what file, do i need to paste the XY cords for this trick to even work?.
  5. In PKHeX where it says its illegal if you mouse over and click it it will say why its illegal. Maybe it has illegal moves? it can't be captured in your version of the game if at all perhaps? wrong Pokéball for encounter type etc.? maybe is just, you can't capture a shiny version of these Pokémon. what does it say?
  6. OOH.. shit so thats how it works.. i figured the higher it was the better/harder the AI will be. that answers some questions. hm so.. just keep Trainers around 8 then?
    Its a damn handy Tool.
  7. And of course nobody responds to this, (sorry btw) i wanna know how to warp to locations just so i can "start" the game from the beginning looking how i want my character to look. but its like its a big secret or something i can't find any information on how to solve the black screen issue.
  8. Can you please add a clothing section to PKhex for Pokemon USun/moon like how it is for X and Y. the fact that its missing is a little perplexing.
  9. Just download a program called PK3ds This video will at least show you how to install the program and after that it should be quite strait forward to use. its an easy tool to use, it just requires a bit of time to edit trainers and gym leaders. you can also edit the story text if you want to, among other things.
  10. sorry if this isn't where i should put this but, The selection of clothing in these games is abysmal. and i'm honestly surprised nobody's ever dealt with this issue in any way, can anyone tell me where these cloth's are stored in some file somewhere?. so maybe for X and Y's case i could perhaps add new colors for the clothes that are in the game, like how it is with Sun/Moon. is there a tool i could use to access this? if not could there be?
  11. So theres a Trainer appearance editor in the PKHEX app that allows you to change your characters clothing. So changing the hair shirt pants etc. all works fine. but why is there various options to change makeup? when i change these settings in any way my character just defaults to her beginning get up?. even though she had a blue shirt shorts and the like before hand. theres a freckles option that can be changed*? and it doesn't screw with my characters look, (does the default female character have freckles?) however her face icon on the save file looks a bit screwy. But any other options mascara, lipstick etc. all reverts my character to her default clothing. am i missing something here? is there certain numbers that correspond with particular lipstick colors? like 2 4 6, instead of 1 2 3 er whatever?. theres no dropdown list of options its just an editable number. not sure how that works exactly can anyone fill me in on this?
  12. These are just my wild imaginings but would be cool to see none the less imo ha ha. Name: 1000 Strikes Type: Fighting Attack: Base 100, 90 Hit rate PP: 3 Description: The user unleashes a blindingly fast flurry of skin rending Punches, organ tearing palm strikes and bone shattering chops. This move is unique (as in no other Pokémon knows this move) and can only be learned by TM. any fighting type Pokémon with fists (excluding Hitmonchan) can use it but its base damage will be lowed to 70. for full effect teach to Machamp. Name: Armageddon Type: Dragon Attack: 1000, 100 hit rate (95 hr vs flying Pokémon) Charge time: 3 turns PP:1 Description: The user, after three turns unleashes a Mega Powerful beam of Energy annihilating anything within its path. it doesn't need to be accurate. This move is unique (as in no other Pokémon knows this move) and can only be learned by TM. This is the ultimate attack. if the enemy can't take down the Pokémon using it within 3 turns, regardless if the enemy trainer has any other Pokémon left, if this move fires, you win. if targeting a flying type Pokémon however only that Pokémon will be taken down and the battle will continue. the one hit win only applies if targeting a non flying type Pokémon. it will then require three entire battles to recharge to be able to use the Pokémon and the move again, One battle if sent to a Pokémon center right away. the Pokémon who used it is essentially "fainted" until then. IF this move actually misses, somehow.. the Pokémon who actually dodged it deserves a medal and a one month all exclusive paid vacation to a location of its choice. and the Pokémon who used the move won't be able to fight afterwards and will have to be switched out.
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