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  1. Has anybody made a hack where its possible to use Meltan and Melmetal in USUM? I think that would be a cool addition and would love to try one out
  2. @Kaphotics Alright, this should be the final few question: I recently finished USUM using edits I made on PK3DS, however there were a few story important battles that crashed: Multi Battle with Hau against Faba and an Aether Foundation Employee (I changed the employee to be Sina) 1st Battle Royal battle against The Royal, Gladion and Hau (I changed Hau to have a Raichu and The Royal to have an Incineroar) and finally, the champion battle (which I had changed Hau to be Kukui and the Kukui model didnt even appear, it was just a ghost) Do you think the reason why the game crashed during these battles and these battles only are because they all had changed trainer classes? (Minus the battle royal) The new trainer classes not being registered with the story...or do you think it could be something else? Many thanks, Ben P.S: Does "The Royal" trainer class work outside of the battle royal or nah?
  3. Im on PK3DS right now and theres an AI bit for doubles, I suppose thas what I needed to click when it came to double battles as well? lol, sorry if that is the case EDIT: Yep, it was sorry haha
  4. @Kaphotics When I made a double battle, the opposing side pokemon attacked eachother, is there any way to fix this? Was there something I did wrong?
  5. Everything has worked perfectly! Just one final question @Kaphotics. I tried changing some pickup items to z crystals, however, the items dont change the z crystals, is it because z crystals are unable to become pickup items or am I doing something wrong? Many thanks
  6. 1. Are you able to edit totem pokemon battles? (eg. I change Gumshoos to a Pikachu) 2. If so, will the models used in cut scenes be replaced or nah 3. How can I change a battle from a single battle to a double battle? 4. What does "AI Val" mean 5. Can you change the z crystal rewards using Pk3DS? Hope somebody can help. Many thanks, Ben
  7. Alright, thanks anyway Figured id try somewhere else as the PK3DS thread doesnt seem to get much answers these days
  8. Final questions while im here: Have you ever used PK3DS before? Ive seen you comment in a thread surrounding the application, if so, in the "trainers" section, if you change the trainer class, will the model change to suit that trainer class as well or would it just be the text? Same applies to changing totem pokemon to a different pokemon. Also, what do "AI values" mean? Is changing the battle format (eg. single to double) just as simple as the dropdown box?
  9. Perfect! Once again, thank you for doing this for me!
  10. Yooo, thank you so much! After this battle is done, would the story continue? Aka I would then have to battle Hapu, go the league etc
  11. Tested it, I am indeed now in the correct location with no black void, but no event occurs as you suggested Heres the save: main
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