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  1. Hello! I wanted to know how one would go about editing the moves of a ROM: adding new ones, change/recycle the animations, change the effects, change the descriptions, etc. All the hacks I've played of X/Y seem to be limited to changing things with pk3DS (power, accuracy, type, etc.) Isn't there a way to edit the actual raw code? By using pk3DS, I've noticed that the code in a/2/1/2 doesn't change a bit. So how come when I rebuild the ROM, I see the changes? Does that mean that the actual code that controls the move is somewhere else? Perhaps in the ExeFS folder's files? If so, how can I edit the .bin files? I tried to change the code in a/2/1/2 myself but I don't understand what a part of the code does. This part comes before all the move data that pk3DS actually shows me. (This is all translated hex to dec) What does this control? I was thinking that it could be making space for the move data but I have literally no idea. WARNING: LONG Interestingly enough, I've noticed another thing. When a number will surpass 255 (dec), it will be counted as 0 1 (the 1 meaning 256). There's 380 effects in X/Y. If I subtract 256 from 380 I get 124. The code above has two blocks, the first one ends in 38 and the second one in 86. Which added result in 124. Maybe this code somehow control the effects after all? Sorry if this is the wrong subforum, btw
  2. Heyo! I'm an artist/hacker in the making. Glad to be here! The site looks spiffy. It's been a while since I was part of a forum... lol
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