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  1. Thank you! This skin is awesome and it is my favorite skin.
  2. If you use DeSmuME go to file>export backup memory, and then you edit that save with PKHeX. After that you go to file>import bakcup memory and you choose the file that you recently edited. Remember that the .nds and the .sav file need to have the same name except after the "." .
  3. It happened the same to me before, try to re-do it and analyze yourself. In mycase, the mistake was that I was editing a Mario Kart 7 instead of Pokemon Sun, and after that, it worked.
  4. Hello, me and my friends started recently to play Pokemon White and Black to feel the nostalgia, but now that we finished the game we want to make some casual fights. Does anyone knows how to do it with DeSmuME? Thank you.
  5. As Kaphotics says, you just need to edit the Pokerus/Infected value.
  6. Hello! I have Pokemon Shield but I would like to know which are the differences. I know that in each version there are some exclusive Pokemons like Tyranitar. But, any other difference?
  7. It happened the same to me, if someone has an answer, I'll thank if you could help me.
  8. Kaphotics and XxPhoenix1996xX, you are right, mine bad. The same problem that Mauri had I had it before, too, in Platinum. But now I solved it, thank you!
  9. In here I made it legal. You're welcome. 256 - COMBUSKEN - 5D162316CBE9.pk3
  10. You can try to change the cords to a place like your house. If that doesn´t work make a backup of your save, then copy all your Pokemons with PKHeX, then start a new file an add all your Pokemons to your PC. You'll lose all your progress but you can still have your Pokemons, that happened to me in Platinum.
  11. In here is the Beldum 1504 - Steven Shiny Beldum (ENG).wc6
  12. I think there's no way. So you need to get familiar with it, but you'll get familiar with it quickly.
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