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  1. Hi! I have encountered a disturbing problem today which I would greatly appreciate help on. I was on Pokesav for Platinum editing my Platinum save file. I made a Uxie become a Dratini (just to see what'd happen), by changing its species and name to Dratini, saved and downloaded the save file to my Platinum cart. I turned on my game and found a nasty surprise at the continue screen. My player name was no longer displayed and my play time (284:35) now appeared as ?35:?5. Clicking continue only revealed more damage. My character is now the female (it was originally the male). The frame text appears in is now formed of a glitchy half black half transparent lines. Attempting to view my party Pokémon freezes my Platinum, including the music. Attempting to view my party through the in-game PC reveals there are no Pokémon in it (in reality I should have six, including Uxie/Dratini). Taking about 20 steps results in an, "Oh?" message as though an egg were about to hatch (I have no eggs), followed by the screen going black and my game freezing. I have attempted to change Uxie back, make it another Pokémon (Vibrava), even delete it from my team, but downloading those saves did nothing to fix my game. I have also deleted my Platinum's save file from the cart and tried re-downloading it, but I get the glitched save again. When I view my Platinum save file in Pokesav for Platinum, everything looks fine and normal. I've used Pokesav for Platinum quite a number of times this month and never had any problems like this. I uploaded my Pearl's save file, edited it a bit, then edited it back to how it was before. Then I downloaded it back to the cart and there was no problem. I tried again with my Platinum and I got the glitched save once more. I would really appreciate help to get my Platinum save back to normal.
  2. Well I put around 24 Pokemon in a box on Pokesav and put only that code on my entire AR. But when I boot up my AR and try to start it up with that code, it freezes. Anyone know how to solve this?
  3. I'm completely new to this. I read through everything about Pokesav and began making my pokemon (I don't know if this matters but I didn't upload my game's save, I was just making pokemon and nothing else.) I made them reasonable levels for where I am in the game (after the elite four). Once I was done I saved it, opened the save, and copy-pasted the code (not the html code) into the 'new cheat' box in my ar manager. I loaded the code, started playing, pressed L and R, and there they were, all the pokemon. However, they were all level 1; when I went to their summaries, they had xp, but their 'to next level' number was negative (-12345 or whatever number it was). I've looked through some faqs and didn't see this problem being adressed so I came here. I'm quite sorry if I posted this in the wrong subtopic area.. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. I found a problem with Italian PKTOPIA Electivire. When I put into Legality Checker vB54-5, at the bottom, it noted 'Hacked Pokemon'. Is it the program's fault? because I downloaded Italian PKTOPIA Elec. at the main website.
  5. I used pokesav to get a Kangaskhan and It doesn appear in my pokedex at all. Did I do something wrong?
  6. Today, when I tried to upload several legendary pokemon, my game froze. I pressed L+R and then brought up the main menu and tried to view them, but then the game froze. Is there a problem with the pokemon, or are you simply unable to upload legendaries, since I managed to upload several non legendaries earlier...
  7. Hello, I'm new with PokeSav, but I tried it a few times. Unfortunately, I made my Pokemon illegal. I noticed it when I tried to send a Battle Video, there appeared information that there was a problem with my Pokemon and data hadn't been sent. I used PokeSav again and made all my Pokemon legal again but the problem appeared again. I tried to delete all my Pokemon, except one, (I copied my save file before) and then tried to send video again. Unfortunately, the information appeared again! I don't know what to do, is it possible to make my game "clear" again? Please help!
  8. First of all i want to thank GreenCat for the legality guide, that helped me a lot. Well today was the first day i tried this so im still a bit shaky. But i came across this when editing the PIV's . And was wondering how you arrive on the type's. Eg., Legal, Illegal, Hacked, B-A-D-E. Well here's a screenie of what i've gotten so far. I can upload the pkm file if needed. I understand all the EV, IV values and things from research so it's really just this bit i need to understand: about the B-A-D-E <Unrestricted> What the hell is this one :confused: Any help is great guys, If there's a thread i've missed or something that you can point me to, that'd be great as well, as the search didn't turn up any results on this bit.
  9. So I used the latest PokeSav to change my Shaymin from Land Form to Sky Form. It was an illegit Shaymin...but I also used a cheat and downloads to get the 'Legit' form apparently and I STILL have the same problems. The lady will also never give me a grace flower. This is the main problem with PokeSav: 1. Shaymin turns into Sky Form with PokeSav and works on the computer, however after some time it reverts back to Land Form.. 2. I transfer the new sav file with the Sky Form Shaymin to my handheld DS (R4) and it will never show up as Sky Form on there, but only Land Form. It seems that Sky Shaymin keeps reverting back to Land form and doesn't turn into sky form at all on my R4 when I move my sav file onto there. How do I fix this problem? I want to play Sky Form on my handheld, or have my Shaymin be permanently in sky form...
  10. So, when I hit the button to enter the OT while making a poke on Pokesav, I enter my name, hit OK, then it goes back to blank I am using Pokesav plat/ anyone know whats up with this?
  11. Gliscor


    idk why, my items pocket can only hold 2 items,can someone tell me why?
  12. Hi guys, earlier I tried to trade a giratina origin forme to pender but for some reason, it changed to alterned forme when it got to him and the griseous orb had disappeared Can someone explain this and is there any way to get past it?
  13. I really wasn't quite sure what section to place this, because the problem could of occurred in the Flash Cart, or MicroSD Card, perhaps even both. Just recently a problem occurred in either my Micro, or R4 ,(no duh:redface:) it started when i woke my DS up from sleep, it was already in the YSMenu, as i forgot to turn off at school, and when i tried opening a Rom, more specific Knights in Nightmare, but then a error message popped up saying: "Error opening NDS file" (something in the lines of that) So i thought OK, i rebooted my DS then the message popped up saying: "Couldn't find _system_.dat" (something in the lines of that) I started thinking O NO!:eek: So i plugged my MicroSD Card into the adapter, then into the computer, and now my computer doesn't even recognize my SD Card, only the adapter, i have tried rebooting the computer, blowing on the SD Card, Adapter, R4,Slot-1, even the area you insert the MicroSD Card Adapter, but of course no avail.:frown: Much to my surprise there were some files in my Adapter, which are: -TTMenu.sys -YSMenu.sys (My memory is quite vague at the moment) Now I'm not so sure what to do,:confused: and please i hope I'm able to recover the files on the SD Card, i haven't updated the back ups recently, and losing all those files on my SD Card would be heart breaking, all those save files, and the R4Ysauto took ages installing, i would have to replay several games i was half done.:frown:
  14. Hello everyone, I'd just like so quick help with the key items pocket.. I edited it(so I could have oak's letter, etc.) and now I don't have a VS. Seeker. I noticed this after I saved, so I have a bit of a problem. If any of you can figure this out, thanks! I really appreciate the help.
  15. Hey, everybody, I have a question about IDs on Pokesav. (If this is in the wrong section, please move it to the right one.) I recently made a Pikachu with the following ID: 66714. Every time I clicked on Stats Edit, however, the ID would change to: 65535. If I change the ID to something else, sometimes it doesn't change when I click Stats Edit again, but most of the time it reverts to 65535 again. Is there any reason why it does that?
  16. Hello, I have been trying to make my own codes and every single code that I make doesn't work. Well it works but when i try to save after I activate the codes it says "Save Error", but if i have the codes on before i activate them, it saves fine, and when i restart my game, it saves fine also. Somebody Please Help! (and i know im doing it right because ive watched tutorials after tutorials and it still hasnt worked ) Thanks (oh and i am using Platinum with the Platinum version of PokeSav) ---------- Post added at 07:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:42 PM ---------- somebody please help me
  17. Alright, pokesav for platnium hasnt really been working for me. I only really used it twice, once for an item:didnt work, and second time for mystery gift, manaphy:didnt work. I'm pretty sure im putting everything correctly, since i've been using pokesav diamond for quite a while. Now, is their some type of difference between diamond pokesav and platnium pokesav? Like something that is different, that i must change? More specifically Mystery gift. Thanks.
  18. Hi all. Just went out and bought an ar card, i put the pokesav codes in and i accidently pressed the quick update button:o, now all of the codes that were on the card are gone and it won't let me put any new ones on, it just says not enough disc space. Here is a screen shot, any help would be great. ---------- Post added at 12:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:23 PM ---------- problem now fixed, it needed resetting.
  19. I found a problem with Italian PKTOPIA Electivire. When I put into Legality Checker vB54-5, at the bottom, it noted 'Hacked Pokemon'. Is it the program's fault? because I downloaded Italian PKTOPIA Elec. at the main website.
  20. Maybe the title doesnt says a lot... This is what happens: I played all 3rd generation games in the VBA emulator, but this year I bought a DS. I tried to transfer the saves to the Slot 1 card (I have the slot 2 card too) But, when I try to boot the Pokemon Sapphire or Ruby, the message: "The Save File has been deleted..." is displayed. I can open the saves with the emulator, but i couldnt find a way to do it in the DS. After investigating a lot, I saw that my saves were 64k, when it should be 128k. So, my question is, is there a way to fix this? Or there is any way to "copy" the data of the save to a healthy save, without having to start a whole new game? Thanks for the answer...
  21. As I said in my intro, I learned VB Express in school, and did really well. I decided to try to make a pokemon program. Anyways, I got up to displaying the OT, but I'm lost now. I know where the OT is in regards to the offset, but I'm stumped how I would convert it. For one, I have no clue what it converts to, maybe Unicode or ASCII. So if someone could help me with that, I'd be grateful.
  22. I just started using pokesav; I am not using AR ,but i am editing my Diamond save file using it. The problem i have is that it doesn't always save onto the file. Might sound confusing, first i edited money and saved it. Worked fine. Next few times i edited other things such as pokemon, saved it, opened it on my ds and nothing was changed. I'v only got it to work twice, editing my money and one pokemon. Any know what im doing wrong or why it isn't working?
  23. I have a problem with pokemon platinum and the pokesav... I have both pokemon pearl (italian version) and pokemon platinum (american imported version), and I dumped both of the games on a DSone for the use of pokesav...the problem is that if i mod the savegame of pokemon pearl it works, but when I mod the save of platinum (with pokesav platinum, obviously), when i transfer the savegame on the flash card, everithing remains as if I don't modded anithing...someone could explain me why this is happening? Ps. Sorry for my English, I'm Italian, I could have done some mistakes ^^
  24. I'm trying to use the Nature modifier codes, and I've run into some problems as of late. When I tested the code by trying to get a Jolly Heracross, it worked. It also worked with the natures I chose for Uxie, Azelf, and Giratina. However when I tried it with Mesprit, it didn't work the first time. After resetting to make sure the code was on, it worked. Now my problem is this. I'm trying to get Eevees of a certain nature in the Trophy Garden. However now when I try to use the codes, they aren't working at all! Is there some limitation to these codes that I don't know about?
  25. When I finish my code and drag it into the code manager it doesn't work. and the code coes up like this: 94000130 FCFF0000B21C4D28 00000000B0000004 00000000200002B4 00000001E000A93C 00000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000800000000000AA3C EDB88320E000AA68 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 EDB88320E000B288 000003580000000100000000D2C5D2C603DC00001425D87AD3EC36838803F199A4244E6EC0A9A545705395F84E758C12314D64AD714AA3C88DEBC6135BB1A4F0CFB4782BE71142B9B77CE6A7E04A1AB44300CD8F77F49F6436EDDDF4C5D42B1E10AFFB00AADA4F79DCE84EA35A702260FCB5A79E69E31CAFD27396EDD0647551C94230E47E18E36107F2441EDEE8179D241A3742CAB94F97590989C773FFBB32F4E475F64617B6F4E79ADF78680E10BAC0A270506C8887D5A8F0AF4A189A90FF1E782709B4F9658CE3F4EA5F4D53D1DF28E409DF81FC771F2DD6CEB1CFCD742AE8E6CEA47248A9CA6E882D8944000E2622859FBE4137C37B0000000000000000000000000000000000E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E200E2012200E20124012401DE01280149012D01490150014D0146FFFF01DE00000C00000800010153013001DE01560124012201280124013E01DE014501560152014D01560149FFFF0157FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00FB00FF000000000000000000000D3DD2000000 00000000 what's wrong?
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