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  1. Aarux: First I wanted to check if it happens with every video, so I started one battle at Battle Frontier, using Blaziken and fled. KazoWAR: Ohh, what should I do to change stats so it could fit EVs? Is there any "automatic" way to do so? Edit: One more thing, I used to send videos with hacked Pokemon already. I can't do it since yesterday. 0_o Ok, I changed stats so it fits EVs now. If I changed it to every Pokemon and record a new video, will I be able to send it? Thank You veery much! ^^ My Pokemon are all right already, I didn't even have to change stats to fit EV, I just had to record video again, with legal Pokemon, like You said. Thanks again, You're great!
  2. Ouch, all right... I'll keep it in mind for future. ^^ Thanks for helping...
  3. I could delete it, no problem, but I would get "There appeared to be a problem with your Pokemon. Data was not sent" again. ;/ Oh, and here are my other Pokemon, just in case. http://www.easy-share.com/1905462663/Other_Pokemon.rar
  4. Ah, OK, sorry... I'll save and upload them in a minute... But is there a possibility that this problem isn't caused by Pokemon? Could Pokedex data (like Arceus'), items or something else caused it? Edit: http://www.easy-share.com/1905462587/Main_Pokemon.rar These are the Pokemon I've hacked. I'll send rest of my Pokemon in a minute, but probably I've hacked only these ones.
  5. Ok, here it is... http://www.easy-share.com/1905462458/POKEMO~3.SAV As I said, even when I delete all my Pokemon, the problem still appear. Because of that, I did't upload single pkmns and I uploaded whole save file. I think that only the Pokemon in my team and box "Druzyna" were ever hacked. I have an Arceus too, but obtained with Azure Flute and not hacked. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm new with PokeSav, but I tried it a few times. Unfortunately, I made my Pokemon illegal. I noticed it when I tried to send a Battle Video, there appeared information that there was a problem with my Pokemon and data hadn't been sent. I used PokeSav again and made all my Pokemon legal again but the problem appeared again. I tried to delete all my Pokemon, except one, (I copied my save file before) and then tried to send video again. Unfortunately, the information appeared again! I don't know what to do, is it possible to make my game "clear" again? Please help!
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