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  1. ill give it a try ---------- Post added at 07:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:38 AM ---------- wierd. I hatched the first 5 in a couple minutes, and when they popped out the eggs, they looked shiny, but they arent *actually shiny*
  2. same thing happened to me. maybe make it 2 codes? or 3?
  3. why cant I stats edit pokes that im trying to make in storage w/ pokesav for platinum?
  4. So, when I hit the button to enter the OT while making a poke on Pokesav, I enter my name, hit OK, then it goes back to blank I am using Pokesav plat/ anyone know whats up with this?
  5. Ive got one, idk on legitimacy tho, my buddy gave me it with a bunch of other pokes, said they were a legit batch, buuut, he is a big hacker, idk why he'd hack a slakoth tho o.0
  6. Can anyone possibly help me out? I have a few (6) pokes i need to to trade to evolve, just wndering if someone trust worthy will help me out and trade them from and back to me
  7. thanks! ironically, start also doesnt work. but i can change it to just R huh? good! ---------- Post added at 12:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:44 AM ---------- can i interchange any of those 6 with any other one?
  8. Can any of you coders out in the world help me? I need to make that pesky L+R notifier into an R+Sel, or anything that doesnt use my L button, It it broken
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