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  1. [shinysprite]428[/shinysprite] [shinysprite]301[/shinysprite]
  2. shiny budew in platinum i didnt think i'd ever run into a shiny in the wild so i was reallyyy happy
  3. I didn't bother checking the validity of the other site, I just went directly to the main site to download the Shaymin (I didnt know they posted the event shaymin), and flew to Florama, the lady gave me a flower and it worked great and I have a sky forme now so I'll just stick with that. Thank you!
  4. I did catch Shaymin at night. But i turned it to sky form during the day. I guess you answered the question part of why it keeps reverting back to land form, it was because I turn on the game (on the computer) at night too when I see it in land form again. I still have problems with the Sky Shaymin appearing on my handheld DS (Sav file is on the R4). What do you mean by 'Frozen'? I am going to try several more things now because I think some of the problems are from the night thing. I am going to redownload the 11th movie shaymin and see what happens during the day~ This is where I got the file, I'm not sure if this is the event shaymin?: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=153317
  5. So I used the latest PokeSav to change my Shaymin from Land Form to Sky Form. It was an illegit Shaymin...but I also used a cheat and downloads to get the 'Legit' form apparently and I STILL have the same problems. The lady will also never give me a grace flower. This is the main problem with PokeSav: 1. Shaymin turns into Sky Form with PokeSav and works on the computer, however after some time it reverts back to Land Form.. 2. I transfer the new sav file with the Sky Form Shaymin to my handheld DS (R4) and it will never show up as Sky Form on there, but only Land Form. It seems that Sky Shaymin keeps reverting back to Land form and doesn't turn into sky form at all on my R4 when I move my sav file onto there. How do I fix this problem? I want to play Sky Form on my handheld, or have my Shaymin be permanently in sky form...
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