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  1. I'm holding R and doing the steps but It still doesn't work. Someone help?:bidoof:
  2. It is indeed. But it only unlocked 4 courses since I earned all the other ones by running. :tongue:
  3. What do you have to do? I use the IV/EV Checker and it says the normal usual EVS,Not 252:bidoof:
  4. Nothing shows,only the johto region and mt silver.. can anyone help me?
  5. I need one with all 8 badges,has level 100 pokemon. Is there a sav file editor?
  6. I'm going to run with it. I already run 5 miles a day lol.
  7. http://www.pkmdb.com/ If your still here,heres the link.
  8. Soul Silver I like Skarmory more then Mantine
  9. Go back and talk to professer birch,he'll give you a completed national dex.
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