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  1. Hi there! I can't use pokesav (I have heart gold cart and no AR) so if someone on this forum could send me a movie arceus and the pikachu coloured pichu for activating the two special events it would be great! I'll my Friend code as rules require in the pkmn request spoilers, thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Could someone get this two pokemon and send them to me? I really need them, Thanks in advance:redface:
  3. I have a problem with pokemon platinum and the pokesav... I have both pokemon pearl (italian version) and pokemon platinum (american imported version), and I dumped both of the games on a DSone for the use of pokesav...the problem is that if i mod the savegame of pokemon pearl it works, but when I mod the save of platinum (with pokesav platinum, obviously), when i transfer the savegame on the flash card, everithing remains as if I don't modded anithing...someone could explain me why this is happening? Ps. Sorry for my English, I'm Italian, I could have done some mistakes ^^
  4. Hi to all here in the community! My name is Michael and I'm an Italian pkmn trainer, I hope we could be friends and we could battle sometimes ^^
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