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  1. NOT the Pokemon Musical already circulating... [video=youtube;DiwPPlvtNOY] We performed at Sega's E3 party last week, too. Enjoy! o^w^o
  2. hey guys...I've been learning programming for a few weeks now and am improving ever so slightly. However, the more I am able to learn the better I become....sometimes it's best learning to look at things from more than one perspective... Does anyone know of any websites which give tutorials on scripting or the C# language?.... Bear in mind I have used google and found out quite a bit, however I'm talking about sites that give tutorials but don't have the words ''programming'' or ''C#'' etc in their name, thus making it ''not so easy'' to locate them on google.... To those guys who make the awesome hacks and patches for the roms...do you have any ideas?....thanks in advance...
  3. Every Pokemon i generate has an ID of 0000. Where do i change this. I've generated a PID but i don't think their the same thing.
  4. This is just a WIP. Hello, people of PP! I hear there's a Pokesav Request Thread. But I'd like to introduce something that I call a "PokéShop." This PokéShop is a place where you can get Action Replay codes for custom Pokémon that I made. You can also download .PKM files of the Pokémon for Pokesav research. (The .PKM files will be available soon, so please wait.) Eggs: [iCON]Egg[/iCON] Victini Received at Nuvema Town What's Inside: Victini - Lv. 1 Nature: Hardy Ability: Victory Star IV's: 30 HP, 31 Attack, 31 Defense, 31 Speed, 31 Sp. Atk, 31 Sp. Def [Hidden Power: Dragon-type, 70 base power] EV's: 255 HP, 255 Attack, 255 Defense, 252 Speed, 255 Sp. Atk, 255 Sp. Def Moves: Hidden Power, V-create, Fusion Flare, Psychic Code: ---------------------- More to come soon... By the way, how do I make the Egg icon appear using the [ ICON ] BB Code tag?
  5. Hey, guys! I'm now taking Pokesav requests!! I can make any Pokemon or Egg, however you want! However, I cannot make Shiny Eggs!! My Pokemon White FC: Hilda 0604 6136 4073 Please fill out this form for your request (copy/paste into your post and fill out): ----------------------- Pokemon (English name if you can): __________ Level: ___ Pokemon Gender (if applicable): ______ Poké Ball: ____________ Nickname (optional): __________ OT Name/Gender: _______ Trainer ID (maximum of 65535): _____ Secret ID (optional): _____ Egg (Yes/No): ___ Approximate Egg Steps (multiples of 256, please!): _____ Shiny (Yes/No, for non-Egg Pokemon only): ___ Ability: ____________ IV's (31 max): __ HP, __ Attack, __ Defense, __ Speed, __ Sp. Atk, __ Sp. Defense EV's (255 max): ___ HP, ___ Attack, ___ Defense, ___ Speed, ___ Sp. Atk, ___ Sp. Defense Pokerus (Yes/No): ___ Place Met/Obtained (town/city, Day-Care Couple [egg only], Pokemon Event, etc): _______________ Moves: 1. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) 2. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) 3. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) 4. ____________ (PP Ups [3 max]: _) Ribbons (optional): _____________________________ Pokemon Black/White (choose one): _____ Happiness (non-Egg Pokemon only, 255 max): ___ Party/PC (choose one): _____ ----------------------- Limit ONE (1) request per day. If you don't know what something means or aren't sure about something, feel free to let me know. Also, I can either give you an Action Replay code, OR we could exchange Friend Codes and trade through WiFi Club. Again, my friend code is: Hilda 0604 6136 4073 By the way, I'm really a guy, not a girl.
  6. PokéYOG1 is officially DEAD! Since when? Since December of 2011. Why? Because my life had become so stressful from a number of things, mainly the unknown disappearance of my Nintendo DSi, and school. What's new? Well, I have a Nintendo 3DS, and Pokemon Black Version 2 (English version, of course). I also have Pokemon Rumble Blast, and I run a Minecraft server much like I used to run this GTS Distro. Also, my computer crashed in the summer of 2012, and I had to wipe out my hard drive and re-install Windows. I still have Pokemon Black Version (the first one), and I'm pretty sure my copy of Pokemon White is in my long-lost DSi. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can view the old content of this post in the spoiler below.
  7. So, my new pokemon black ROM cannot connect to wi-fi or Infrared connections. I searched around and could not find a way to fix this. I had recently gotten a genesect on it and would like to transfer it over along with some pokemon I caught to my friend, but I cant connect to Wi-fi even when my DSi XL itself is. Also, I am using an Acekard 2i, which is supposedly compatible with it perfectly. I havent had a problem until now. Help?
  8. i'm trying to edit Tm/Hm in Pokemon Emerald & Fire red but the tool that i recently download won't even open and all it says when i open the program is Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. and i was hoping that there is a Tool like Advance Trainer that don't require Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid since it is such a pain in the ass
  9. I want Ash's Surfing Pikachu. But I don't know how to get it into/onto my game. Can any one help me with this? :confused:
  10. ive recently strated using pokegen for white and it has been working perfectly as i wanted and as it should. ive done basically everything in the game, short of playing online since the pokegen pokemon dont tend to work. im not worried about all that i just want to know if i can restart the game and play with hacked pokemon all the way through (after beating the first gym leader so i can get the c-gear and use the gts) thanks in advance! :redface:
  11. Im new to these forums so excuse me of this is a dumb question but I tried my hardest and just couldn't figure it out myself. So I downloaded pokesav, I have action replay and I downloaded pgf files. So how do I actually get the Pokemon from pokesave to my ds? I go to pokesav click on mystery gift and load my pgf. Then I export the pgf using action replay and check the mystery gift box. I look at the code and input it in my action replay software for Pokemon black and it doesn't work. If anyone can help me out I'll really appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Hello! This is my first post here... I was trying to make a new AR code. Ive been using the Fast hatch code, and I realized the Instant egg code can be detected as a hack (im guessing because you can get PID's that wernt in sequence with an egg appearing) I was thinking, what if we made a code to just speed up the daycare step counter? It is said that the daycare does a check for every 256 steps to see if you get an egg or not, and I wanted to make a code so it checks this every 1 step or so (kinda like the fast egg hatch) I set a ram watch at both 0x0223CA8C and 0x0223CB70 (on pokemon black US) and there are 4 byte step counters. They are matching values to my knowledge. now... I ran back and forth on the road, in the spots where the daycare man calls you over. Here were my results: (breeding value of 50) 1st egg: 11A steps 2nd egg: 16F steps 3rd egg: 2F6 steps 4th egg: 34B steps First off, there isnt even 256 steps between egg 1 and 2. second off, none of them are multiples of 256. can anyone shed light on the matter? or just make that code? thanks.
  13. Hey I was just wondering if anybody has any information at all on the next Pokemon game for DS? Thanks :biggrin:
  14. I'm using Pokemon White. So basically whenever I try to create LEGIT legendary Pokemon with the newest version of PokeGen it doesn't work, they're illegal when I'm following everything to make them legal, for instance I send it to my game with Pokemon selector and when I try to trade it over GTS Negotiations it says there was a problem with my Pokemon, because they're not legal. I think the problem is, is that you can't breed legendaries because it works with all my Pokemon besides legendaries. I set all my Pokemon in an egg that hatched at Route 1 and the location Day-Care couple and Encounter Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree Shaymin. So I tried making a legal shiny Giratina but it was illegal, so then I figured you can't meet a Giratina at level 1 in an egg that's probably the problem, so I used the older version of PokeGen and unchecked egg, made it's encounter Distortion world, made the game Platinum, made it's encounter level 47 and it still was illegal. Then I made sure that all it's moves it learned by either TM's or by leveling up not by a move tutor and it still didn't work when I tried trading it over GTS Negotiations. I'm using my real trainer ID and Secret ID but I generate a shiny ID. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing wrong, it works for every single Pokemon but Legendaries and I'm pretty sure it's not the shiny part because I've made legit shiny Pokemon. Could anyone help me out?
  15. Chat I had at Pokecheck.org Conri - hmmm. I hope I can still fix this because a friend was counting on me for this Aug 15, 01:24 Santos- Ummmm idk =Z Aug 15, 01:22 Conri - Thank you Santos, but I'm still curious about what makes it frowned upon: is it that it was bred from a hack or was it because its an English one bred from a Japanese dw eevee? Or perhaps both? Aug 15, 01:20 Santos- ur eevee its legit =) Nice job Aug 15, 01:12 Conri - Ah, so would it be better if I managed to breed a dw eevee from a legit japanese dw eevee? Or do you mean that breeding one yourself from a japanese one is looked down apon? I'll go ahead and remove it. Aug 15, 01:12 GaiaLT- Yeah I know it appears as legit. You can't tell the difference, but it's widely looked down upon. Kinda like RNGing on emulators. You can't tell, but ya know Aug 15, 01:08 Conri - I apologize if it is a hack. I was trying to help. Aug 15, 01:00 Conri - Really? Everything checks out. The eevee was hatched from a japanese dw eevee,but i shortly realized after I got it that it was a hack. So i bred with that eevee and got this one. You see, its possible to have one American if an american got a japanese one and then bred and egg. Plus everything checks out. How come its still a hack? Aug 15, 12:54 GaiaLT- Corni, actually many people do beleive it's still hacked. Sorry __________________________________________________ _________________________________ The above chat is one i had at pokecheck.org. You see, I acquired a DW eevee I got from this site, but then I was told by others that it was a hack. Before I knew it was a hack, I bred over 30 eevee's with a dw ability. However, today when I showed others one of the eevee's I bred with that hack, they all said it was a hack too. I understand that its ok to breed from a Japanese pokemon so you can have one yourself in your own language and country. But they all said that it is "frowned upon". Is it because it is bred from a hack? Or is it because it is bred from a Japanese pokemon not available in America and that I'm just taking the "easy" route just to get one myself? Or is it both? I'm so confused... Here is the hacked DW Japanese eevee I had (which I downloaded from the DW Pokemon Cafe thread on this site): DW Japanese Eevee -Also could you tell me what makes this hacked and if I can fix it? Also, I would really appreciate it if you could please show me where I can get a legit Japanese DW Eevee. Here is the DW american Eevee I bred: My DW American Eevee that I bred -Main problem Let me know what you guys think and thanks for the help in advance. EDIT: Solved
  16. Question moved to "Legality Question" Thread. Sorry I posted at the wrong place.
  17. I've seen some posts around here that said they thought that having a gts on their droid would be a cool feature. I already know that if you go onto pokegts.us on your droid, it acts just like a GTS, but it looks terrible on that tiny little phone screen. I've designed a frontend to use for the site that looks nice, simple, and is easy to use. I've been testing it out on the site this morning (the site has given me some weird errors), however I've fixed almost everything, and so far it works really well. Pretty much, you have a nice simple layout of all the selections your usually do on the website, and when you're finished picking your pokemon, there is a big 'submit' button that you press. If your ds is connected to the internet through your droid, or on the same wifi as your droid, then it can get the pokemon your droid has selected. Would anybody use something like this? It's not finished yet, and the website is still giving me some errors, but since I'm already building it, I'm curious to see if anyone else would have any use for it. Thanks!
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKCwEBZcsbk it looks real! can someone please help me understand! I NEED THIS REMAKE NOW!
  19. Ok, so I'm trying to code in correct trash bytes for this shiny mew (Japanese)...I can get the Name's Pal Park bytes, but OT seems to NEVER work. The OT Name is "ミモ" Is there something wrong with the Characters or the name? Because the programs never fail. So please, if anyone can help I would looooooove you! P.S. I used TrashBytes.exe and Legal.exe but it doesn't help, still get Invalid TBs.
  20. Hello my name is Roylan Davinci I'm a developer of Action Replay & Pokesav I'm a webmaster I do alot of gamming and stuff on my free time and I'm looking forward to working with the community
  21. Hey guys thought you would be interested in this. For those that are, check it out and it's easy to sign up [video=youtube;Z5T2hD6uYvU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5T2hD6uYvU&feature=g-user-lik
  22. Remember I asked a general question about 'What kind of Pokemon application would you like to see?' Well, I gave up with that and did my own thing (sorry about that)! This is the Alpha/Beta result: Pokemon Item Index! This applications development process is meant to help new and experienced Pokemon players to get to grips with the items found in the Pokemon games. Each item has it's own page, and has images associated with it. The current release schedule for this application is February 2012 I have now opted for a "when it's done" approach, as there are more important things I need to be working on. 23/12/2011: New build, less content so far. 04/02/2012: Fixed the 404 Dropbox error. Hopefully fixed, along with "time constraints" too. Updated to A60. Pokemon Item Index - Public Beta Revision 60 Note: There WILL be no support for previous versions. They are updated via this page. Please PM for bugs and other information! Thanks for your interest. TYPO: PII A History, >>>SECONDARY
  23. I've been seeing codes for a lot of things, but I haven't seen a lot of codes for getting pokemon except for legendaries and the such. Does anybody have a code for getting Darkrai and Zorua?
  24. Hi all, my name is Zappo23! This is my very first tutorial, a complete guide to PokeGen for beginners. I tried to answer as many questions as possible with this tutorial, explaining every part with painstaking detail. This is the first tutorial that I'm posting. The reason I chose to make a PokeGen tutorial is that information about how to use it seemed too scattered. So, I decided to make a full-fledged tutorial. In Word, it's 24 pages long :biggrin:. But luckily for you, I have it here in PDF format hosted by Scribd. Complete with pictures and examples, this tutorial is sure to answer any questions you might have about a particular aspect of PokeGen. Also, if you read my tutorial and see that something is missing, or that any information is incorrect, please do not hesitate to tell me because I will fix it and update it as soon as possible after such occurrence. This link will redirect you to Scribd.com, which is a safe and secure, FREE document hosting site. Also, the conversion was kinda bad so the hyperlinks to downloads are THERE, it's just...their lines are ABOVE them instead of beneath them. Basically, every time you see a blue line, click underneath it:biggrin: . My next tutorial is going to be ShinyGTS. I also noticed about ShinyGTS that solutions to several different types of problems are also scattered around the web, so I am going to make it my personal mission to compile all the information I have learned into one comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting guide. I hope you guys enjoy my tutorial!
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