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  1. Title. (BP = Battle Points, those that you net from the Battle Subway and from the Frontier in the previous games)
  2. Oh my god... You have no idea how long I've been looking for a tool that's capable of this! ♥♥♥
  3. A bit off-topic: regarding the Dream World, from the latest news in pokemon.co.jp, apparently it will be back up by October 13. Darn, they said a week ago that they'd be back October 11 T_T
  4. Guys, Vs. Recorder is a bit bugged. The video gets sent to Global Mode, though it might hang while in the process of uploading (it hangs 100% of the time for me but the video gets uploaded anyway). When you view the video code in your local Vs. Reocrder, the video code is bugged.
  5. Just to clarify, this is because the PokéShifter and Transfer Machine makes use of DS Download Play. The Downloadable Software will detect the presence of the cart, so it can't be on Flash Carts unfortunately.
  6. The games have to be Japanese. You can transfer non-JP Pokemon from japanese carts too; I've been transferring some of my Pokémon from Platinum to my JP SS Cart so that I could PokéShift them.
  7. Also I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post, but is it possible to have an infolib.dat and extinfo.dat that can run both the clean and the patched games? (YSMenu obviously) If so, does anyone have those files (since I have no idea how to edit them...)? When I play the clean game using the crappy woodr4dldi, it doesn't have the fix for the C-Gear, and thus I can't do any wireless functions except the Transfer Machine and the PokeShifter. I was able to run the clean game on my YSMenu... that is until I found the post (somewhere in the first version of this thread) which tells how to make this work with YSMenu, in which the infolib and extinfo's entry for Black and White got replaced with the ID of the translated one. I was wondering if anyone has infolib and extinfo that can run both the clean and the patched? Like, is making a new entry instead of replacing possible in those .dat's?
  8. @above: I'm not sure, but I am actually getting to work my copies without patching a second time; try not doing number 2.)
  9. Uh, I'm sorry for making the size big, but I would just like to make sure that this issue gets across... Ever since v2, the PokéShifter is not working anymore. The DS that's using the DS Download Play gets stuck at the Nintendo logo now. I am actually using the PokéShifter via my un-English'd version of the ROM, and I was able to use the PokéShifter on v1. I am thinking that the main culprit here is the translations that you've done to the PokéShifter or something. Same thing happens with the Transfer Machine, too... The other DS gets stuck at the Nintendo Logo. Yes I do have a 4th gen JP cart, and as I said I've been successfully transferring stuff before v2...
  10. OK I'm not actually doing the Labyrinth event atm lol But 2 of our Eeveelutions have already been revealed to have special properties: I have to ask for source first though, but it's coming off from our newswriter in PKMN-ph which has like 467938276 authentic sources. VAPOREON WITH HYDRATION. Now THAT'S gamebreaking!
  11. Errr, I can read non-Kanji Japanese characters and I can enter the text into IME so that I can (hopefully) translate stuff into English. Can I help in any way? (I'm not sure if I could get Pokémon B&W though... might want to pre-order it once I have the money orz)
  12. Lol, the romaji is 'Laglarge' (Ra-Gu-Ra-ー-Ji), while the Japanese (in Katakana) is ラグラージ .
  13. Errrm, question please... Which method should I use to find legal PIDs for Mystery Gift Pokémon? 10 or 11? Or is it not possible at this time?
  14. Hvae you alerted on this yet: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3649 ? AFAIK my 256KB files that get converted 512 works fine on PPSE
  15. Try saving 2 times before editting the save file. If it still doesn't apply the changes after that, save it 1 time, then edit again. If that still doesn't work then I don't know what will D: I'm referring to the 256KB issue. It was discovered that the Platinum save files are split into 2 256KB files, and that only one of them is the 'real' one, which is used in the normal process of loading. I don't know if it affects flashcarts since AFAIK flashcart .savs of the Platinum are 512KB already... but just a hunch. Sorry if I'm not of any help though :\
  16. Well when I edit my Platinum save files, there's a really high chance that the 'save file is corrupt' message will appear, but at the actual game the changes I made is visible. So you're playing Platinum in a flashcart or something?
  17. Also, someone mentioned about the 87h values being used, too.
  18. So a Pokémon that hasn't found a shining leaf will always have 00 as the 41h? Also, will further research on this eventually lead to which of the 5 slots for each routes for each nature will mark an X? I think that's a bit extensive, but it's a bit important. I think I can help with that or something... I just need to know how many Pokémon of each nature I should have (because there's a large number of combinations)... I might also do some self-comparing for a while once I get to finish my SS again.
  19. So the 41h changes along with how many SLs the Pokemon has found? ...wait, I don't think I'm asking this right. Can someone expound on this further, since I do understand that the location of SL is dependent and different on each Pokemon...
  20. Well now all we really need is a way to extract the .sav from the HGSS carts...
  21. As soon that it's done. So be patient and wait for it :\
  22. Well technically that's correct, but you'll still need an appropriate PID/IV/Nature combination if you wish to change the nature. So far Pokesav Platinum doesn't have the complete list of Mystery Gift PIDs (I have legit events and they don't match up with the PID/IV generator), but I think the Type 8 PIDs still work as legal for the Mystery Gift Pokemon. Just make sure you re-run it on trashbytes.exe to make its trashbytes valid.
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