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  1. I believe UU means Under Used and relates to some sort of tier ranking, BTW Tbird you have a great team on your hands!
  2. Thank you, I updated my first post with the required information; I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. Thank you, Best Regards, ProjectDestiny
  3. If at all possible I would like to ask for some ar codes. It would be preferable that all Pokemon are legal enough to use online, however, I will be grateful for anything you can throw my way. Thank you for your time, Best Regards, ProjectDestiny
  4. I am reasonably sure that she means that she is going to use their wifi to download the wonder card.
  5. Would it be possible for me to request the following three Pokemon, and if so in the same AR code? Thank you for your time, ProjectDestiny
  6. First off thank you for all your hard work managing the site and replying to all of the various posts on the form. It is my understanding that all of the PKM's and Events that were previously hosted on the main site were legal and that you will be posting their legit counterparts some time in the future? I'm sorry if that's already been asked, I read through the posts and I was stilled confused so I just thought I would try to clear that up. Regards, ProjectDestiny
  7. I'm sorry I'm not quite sure what you mean by Type 8 PID's. My understanding is that Type 8 is the algorithm used for the PID/IV creation but I can't seem to find it in the one I have. Thanks, Bill
  8. Is there anyway to edit an Event wondercard or pkm such that the Pokemon's nature is set while still retaining its legality/legitimacy? (I know the Pokemon here aren't legit) Thank you, ProjectDestiny
  9. Oh, I totally forgot about that. It's been awhile since I Pal Parked anything. Thanks, ProjectDestiny
  10. Does anyone have a legit, or legal, pkm for the 10th Anniversary Journey Across America Surfing Pikachu? I can't seem to find one in the database, and I've searched the forums as well. Thanks, ProjectDestiny
  11. Ok, thanks for all your help today. Oh and btw your sig is awesome
  12. One more question: Do these Pokemon pass the legality checker? It really doesn't matter if they don't but it feels weird not knowing. Thanks, ProjectDestiny
  13. Sorry about that, the game is Diamond. Thanks again, ProjectDestiny
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