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  1. It took longer than expected, but the next version is finally here. Version 0.3.0 RC1. This version is essentially feature complete, it does everything I know how to do. Unfortunately, all my attempts to get it working on the DSi have failed. DLP mode should have worked, but unfortunately, you can't run homebrew via DLP on the DSi, and no one bothered to update this method after the success of Flash Cards. Some other ideas also didn't work as expected, and now I am 99% sure that we will need a System Menu/Launcher-level exploit to get it working on the DSi (or the 3DS). Nintendo did indeed lea
  2. Okay, it has been a busy time during the last weeks. I am just recovering from a (business) trip to the States, and getting past the jet-lag is not nice. And then I had to reset my password... Anyway, here's the latest news. I have set up a project at google code hosting (http://code.google.com/p/savegame-manager/), where the tool will be hosted from now. So far, I have placed the source code of the previous versions in the SVN repository, with more to come in the next weeks. This has the advantage that everybody who wants to donate code, report bugs, etc. can (will be able to) use the more c
  3. Version 0.2.4 is out. This is a new snaphshot that primarily addresses an issue with dead 3in1 batteries, which causes the dump process not to continue after rebooting the DS. About 50% of the user interface has been reworked, and the ability to translate it will be coming soon. And there is now a Readme file, which gives instructions how to set up most things - even though it is not finished yet (no proofreading, some missing bits), it should be mostly usable. Several small things are yet to come (and I haven't found the time to look into some R4-related issues yet). Nevertheless, the current
  4. Finally found the time to check the last few pages, and collect feedback for the latest version. It seems like there are two remaining major issues: 1) setting everything up correctly (which is not a bug in the program), and 2) various clones of popular cards that do not work as expected (especially R4 clones). Plus some minor glitches, such as the FTP connection still not working on some occasions. Some answers to questions that pop up regularly (I may edit something in the first post): It does *not* work on the DSi/XL. I spent some time trying to figure out why, and it seems like the DSi cu
  5. I really wish I would find more free time to post/update more often, but Real Life keeps eating my nerves (full-time job, spending hours in traffic jams, having to support two residences... a day sometimes does not have enough hours). Anyway, here is the next release, mainly bugfixes. (At least I could reproduce *these* bugs reliably.) This re-fixes 3in1 backup mode (forgot to update one line in the last version, so it worked exactly once; tested once on both of my 3in1s, so I didn't catch it earlier... :mad:). It also improves WiFi connectivity. After trying everything, debugging other people
  6. (I was going to post this yesterday evening, but my internet didn't like me, so sorry for the small delay.) I've just finished the next version. I still do not understand the random data corruption in the first 256 bytes (with the 3in1 method), but I fixed it anyway. I am simply leaving the first 256 bytes untouched, and write the save to a different location on the 3in1. Poryhacks save now dumps/restores correctly (and those who had still issues with the 3in1 should also try this version). Version 0.2.2 is available at the first post. (I really wonder how flash cards work around this issue?)
  7. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I am still working on what I hope to be the last glitches in 3in1 mode (and then I will release a new version, probably this weekend). In fact, I decided to go with snapshots since the bugs reported by some people do not seem to appear for everybody (and I did not want to release new versions that did not fix anything...). During the last weeks, I learned a lot on how the 3in1 actually works, and what kind of stuff is glitched in the standard code provided by Team EZFlash. (For those technically interested: the 3in1 NOR is almost identical to Flash saves on G
  8. I have finally found the time to extract some German Events from saves I have been collecting for almost half a year. I have browsed through the last 20 (or so) pages, and found that several events (especially the European Ranger 3 events ripped by herooftimedark) already seem to be there, but I could not find them either in the zip file or the event download section on this page. So I apologize in advance for any duplicates in this collection. So here you go, German versions of: - the Enigma Stone - the 10th Anniversary Mew - all Oblivia Pokemon (you won't have to edit dates this time) H
  9. This is good to hear, I have been doing my last tests with a Platinum cartridge (without errors), and I'll need to re-test it with my own SS. Since you are using Acekard/AKAIO (V 1.8.5?), it should be easy to reproduce, since I have this card myself. The warning you are getting is actually a new safeguard added in this section. After the program writes a block to the 3in1, it immediately reads it back and verifies that the data is still the same, i.e. without random garbage appearing again. But I already have an idea how to fix this - I'll try to extract those commands that banished the garbag
  10. Yeah, I did't experience anything like this either. But then, who knows what Rudolph had to go through to get it working correctly; his program is not open source, unfortunately, so we can't check. Anywaqy, I just made some progress on the 3in1 issues that still seem to persist. Placing the code aside for a few days really helps to make place for new ideas, and I think I may have fixed it this time. Essentially, there are *two* bugs which appear when addressing the 3in1. The first bug (which was fixed in 0.2.1) happens on *some* (but not all) flash cards and produces random garbage in the sav
  11. Yesterday my free Cyclops iEvolution sample arrived. Well, at least I think it did, 'cause I won't get my hands on this package until Friday evening (but it is from the correct region of the world). There is already a shiny new microSD-card waiting for its slot to arrive. This weekend, I will have a look into everything and see what can be improved without too much work. Other than this, I did not make much progress in the past weeks (as this is not my only pet project). I have tried out some ideas to get the current code working on the DSi, but it did not work. I have a few more things to tr
  12. Thanks for all the feedback, good to know that FTP mode is more reliable than 3in1 mode. However... I have found an old MicroSD card while cleaning and used it to revived my old (back-up) EZFlash Vi. This allowed me to nail down the reason why 3in1 mode does not work here - it's an issue with the EZFlash DLDI driver, which is continuously stealing access rights to the 3in1. Maybe it is looking for a slot 2 DLDI-able device (EZFlash IV perhaps?), maybe it is using the extra RAM to cache something, or maybe it is simply a bug in the driver. Fortunately, fixing it was quite easy. So here (i.e. a
  13. A new version of the tool is available (see first post), which I hope will fix most issues with the 3in1 some people are experiencing. Version 0.2 introduces the following new features: - An ini file. If your flash card supports "argv", you can drop it in the same folder as the nds file. If you get an error, place it in the root folder. (The tool will complain if no ini file is found.) - [Needs the ini file.] WiFi/FTP save dumping/restoring. Tested with smallftpd-1.0.3 and a Ralink-based WiFi stick in SoftAP mode. - File browsing is now fully functional, both in FTP and 3in1 mode. - First
  14. That is funny. You seem to have two versions of the 256M cart, and I have the C11 as well, which seems to be working fine for me. @Balrog: Yes, I am deleting the NOR before using it. The main difference between my tool and other tools seems to be that I do not delete the entire 256/512M range, just as many pages as I need to fit in the save (which shouldn't affect anything). If there are indeed some hardware revisions which refuse to work, the best way might actually be to disable them or at least place a warning. Maybe I'll add a quick way to identify the hardware revision of the 3in1 in the
  15. Thank you everybody for your feedback, so it seems like only one of the three 3in1 HW revisions refuses to work. To support additional testing, I have prepared a quick-and-dirty testing tool that reads the same magic values used by the default 3in1 detection code. Those of you who have a 3in1 that does not work: could you download and run the tool attached to this post, insert the 3in1 that is not detected and post the values it did dump? Just for clarification: my own devices detect as the 512M-version (slim size) and one of the two 256M-versions (big site, not sure which hw version, though)
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