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  1. いかりまんじゅう is likely to be Anchor Manjuu.
  2. "Forme Viewer" and "Language Extension" are two unlockable features of the Pokedex that let you view a Pokemon's different forms as well as see the Pokemon's dex entry in multiply languages, respectively. I've updated the .ts files with everything they need for the next release. If the volunteers could have them done by some time tomorrow, I should be able to release the latest PPSE, finally. This version will NOT have HGSS support yet.
  3. Usually, "That's one less thing to worry about."
  4. What game is the save file from? Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver?
  5. SCV did the checksum stuff for the save files, so I never really had to mess with it. I would have never expected the algorithm to be in HxD. I already know about the block sizes, footer stuff, and the locations of all the Pokemon. The Pokemon and the Pokedex (found that too) were the first things I looked for, followed by the save footers. All that other stuff will be useful when PPSE gets around to it. So, HGSS uses the same checksum algorithm?
  6. It wouldn't happen to be an HG/SS save file, would it? ---------- Post added at 07:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:19 PM ---------- It's not about specifying whether the video exists or not, it's abut specifying which side of the save has the current block for that video. 2E 00 00 00 DC 00 00 00 2C CF 00 00 23 06 06 20 00 00 B8 A1 The key to that lies, I think, in the bolded section of the small block save footer, located at 0xCF18 in Platinum save files. Oddly enough, I have found the same value inside the big block footer too. 2E 00 00 00 6B 00 00 00 E4 21 01 00 23 06 06 20 01 00 A5 A6 I forgot what exactly made my suspicious about this area, but something did catch my eye, I'm sure of that. I tried examining the footers of the video blocks themselves, but all the ones I saw were identical to each other (except for the checksum at the end), even in saves that originated from different cartridges.
  7. :eek: Really? That's some pretty good news. It'll make save research a lot easier.
  8. The Dec number should always look bigger than its Hex counterpart, since dec has a smaller base.
  9. Lol, you converted the wrong way.:tongue: It's 155,648 byutes from the beginning.
  10. There are some values that I"ve found in the small block footer (and I think in the big block footer) that appear to be related to deciding which of the battle video blocks are the current ones. Likely, those were tripping you up when you tried to swap out battle videos. The locations are simple. They are all 0x2000 bytes apart, IIRC. First is 0x24000, second 0x26000, etc. There's also some header information that needs to be worked out, like the names of the participants, their Friend Codes, the video's ID#, etc. However, that's the easy stuff, trust me. It could be done in a few days of concentrated effort, easy. The real problem is that the Battle Video's script is encrypted, and that needs to be broken before we have any chance of actually editing the content of a Battle Video. A known bug. HG/SS research is underway at the moment. ---------- Post added at 03:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:13 PM ---------- I can now auto-detect HGSS saves.
  11. No, what's high on my list at the moment is 1) Finishing the Pokemon Editor. (Really want to get this done) 2) Research HG/SS, and add in the capability to read it's saves. I've already found a few major pieces in the save file. 3) Research Platinum Battle Videos. I REALLY want to make a BV editor.
  12. A Pokemon Editor, which I'm almost done with. ---------- Post added at 09:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:51 PM ---------- Oh, and multi-language support.
  13. Let's see.... Hall of Fame The basics of Battle Video structure How the Touch Screen Poketch App stores it's picture Uh...I think that's about it. I've only a few questions: 1) No, on both accounts. 2) As I said, I know the basic structure, so I could edit it. The problem is that I don't know exactly what values represent what.. Except for trades, each line in the Journal is a 4 byte value. For something like "Used PC Box", that value is 03 00 00 00. For something more complicated like "Flew to X City", the first byte is again the identifier, and the others clarify where exactly you flew.
  14. Actually, I do know the basic structure and location of the Journal. It's some of the details that I don't have fully worked out yet. Like for example, how it records the day's starting position.
  15. Slow. I'm sure they are. Hm....couple days at most, maybe less.
  16. Give me your save to play around with.
  17. In PPSE I use "customPPSE/Pokemon"
  18. There shouldn't be, it's the exact same structure in both games.
  19. SAY WTF!?!?!? ---------- Post added at 12:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 PM ---------- And unfortunately, the one I have doesn't work at all.
  20. Oops. I think the operator I wanted to use there is ~. That's the one that inverts all the bits, right?
  21. We need to debug it while connecting to Wifi. No emulator has the ability to connect to WFC yet, which is why we need a hardware debugger.
  22. Fixing the Pokemon probably won't work, since the video has already been made. It's my suspicion that the Pokemon used in the Battle are stored directly in the video*, so editing the Latias now will not let him upload it. * I have not confirmed this, but based on how thorough the GTS's hack checking is it only makes sense.
  23. Well, some things that could be done to test for auto encryption is to test certain areas against their known range of values. For example, the Dex number must be between 1 and 493 (inclusive). By my math, when a Pokemon is encrypted, there is a 99.2% chance that the value will be outside of that range.* Even just using that as a criteria, we can have an incredible amount of certainty in whether or not the Pokemon is encrypted. The PP Ups area is even more restricted than the dex number area. If we consider just the 4 PP Ups area, we can determine whether or not the Pokemon is encrypted with 99.999994% certainty. That works out to a 1 in 16,777,216 chance of guessing wrong. So, it is possible to auto-detect encryption with an incredible amount of accuracy. Perhaps with some not-so-fancy PRNG math, we could do it with 100% certainty. It may very well be impossible for the PRNG to make the PP Ups area look legal. Also, I've noticed that a few of my PKM files that I made with Pokesav are in the encrypted format. So there is a bit of a good use for this. *The dex number on a Pokemon is stored in 16 bits, so its full range is 65,536 numbers. Dex number, by contrast, has only 493 possible numbers. When the Pokemon is encrypted, the value at that location is effectively random, so we can consider that all possible values have an equal probability of occurring. 65,536 - 493 = 65,043, meaning that over 65,000 of the possible values are not possible for a Pokemon to have. 65,043/65,536 = 0.9924774169921875, which works out to about a 99% chance of an encrypted Pokemon having a value in the dex number area outside of the possible range.
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