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Found 5 results

  1. Pokémon Team Building Guide - Guide Created From: Silent Storm Welcome to the guide! This guide will cover everything you need to know about team building and the statics of a Pokémon and how they be modified. We hope you enjoy the guide and be sure to read the EV Training Guide for more info on how you can make the most of the Pokémon's stats. Movesets I take it you know what movesets are so there is no point explaining what they are. When deciding a moveset you have to consider the fact that you can't have two moves of the same types unless its a power up move or a move like Spikes or whirlwind. You also have to consider that the moveset should be varied to take down a good selection of Pokemon. Take this moveset of an Infernape as an example. Earthquake Grass knot Close combat Flare blitz. This is a standard moveset for a competitive Infernape. Flare blitz and close combat cover a fair majority of Pokemon, mostly common Pokemon used in this generations teams. The moveset is a mixed sweeper moveset, so it can take down a a good selection of Pokemon without too much trouble. Earthquake takes down electric, ground, rock and steel Pokemon, Grassknot takes down the likes of water Pokemon and works effective with heavy Pokemon like Snorlax. Close combat takes down rock, ground, steel and normal Pokemon, and with a hasty nature, defense being lowered while using it is not important. However, movesets are dependent on the natures, a topic that I will cover later in this guide. IV's A Pokemon has 6 stats: - HP - Atk - Def - Sp. Atk - Sp. Def - Spd And every Pokemon gets a random Individual value (consider it an extra bonus) ranging from 0 to 31. (to get an idea of the individual values of a Pokemon JUST BORN you can use two methods, leveling up to at least lvl 20 with rare candies or using the day care, IT NEEDS TO LEVEL UP WITHOUT FIGHTING OR GETTING EXPERIENCE OF ANY FIGHT = no exp.share, and using an IV calculator like the one at Serebii.net) Getting a 0 doesn't mean it's bad, but you're not getting any extra push that could mean victory or defeat... so people aims to get better values on their Pokemon by catching, trading or random breeding the Pokemon they want. But there's an option to at least make it easier. Breeding helps to inherit or "pass down" some of those individual values from the parents to the babies. This is an example (showing stat/IV) Male: HP/31 Atk/16 Def/30 Sp.Atk/2 Sp.Def/31 Spd/20 Female: HP/11 Atk/30 Def/0 Sp.Atk/25 Sp.Def/31 Spd/29 Let's say this Pokemon will be a defensive wall, the Sp.Def on both parents is 31, they can reach the highest value on Sp.Def, and look.. the father has also the highest HP and a very good Def. so we'll be aiming to get those 3 values inherited... the HP and Def of the male and the SP.def of the female... Why only 3? There's a rule for IV breeding; 3 of the IV's of the baby will be inherited from the parents at random and the other 3 will be totally random, so it still be a matter of luck... only that you have a higher chance now of getting the combination needed. Getting the right 3 values can take a long time and lots of rejected babies but you don't need to aim for perfection.. you can use the better babies you get if you get tired. In Pokemon Emerald there was a guy who evaluated your Pokemon by their IV's but now each Pokemon has a little flavor text on their summary Here's the different options and the range of values they cover: the ones in bold contain the highest value of 31... so you should aim for those and check with the calculator if theyare indeed 31's... cause they can be of a lower value btw... the message appears depending on the HIGHEST IV the pokemon has, but if it has more than 1 value at 31, the message will be chosen at random form them (a 31 hp 31atk pokemon can say either "often dozes off" or "likes to trash about" for example) Hidden Power Hidden Power is move where its power and type are dependent on the IVs, this move becomes very useful in the field of battle when you get the type and power you want. To calculate the type and power of HP look at the time below. Or if you like taking the easy and effective route, then use MetalKid's calculatorhttp://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/OnlineProgram/Calculators/HiddenPower.aspx Remember the higher the IVs, the stronger Hidden Power is: NaturesLike EV's and movesets, Natures are vital when you are preparing a good balanced team. These are the natures. Ok by following this, if I get a snorlax with a Adamant nature, I will EV train it with 252 attack evs. 252 defense evs and 4 hit points evs, focusing on attack EVs most cause of the nature. If you don't get the nature you want the first time, re breeding helps (or if its a one off Pokemon like Rotom, soft resetting helps cause Natures are random, hopefully it won't come to that if you are lucky.) Hold items Hold items are also important, cause they can either power up the stats of your Pokemon, or lower the stats of your opponents Pokemon. Hold items can either work in battle or outside of battle, but I am talking about in battle in this guide. So say I have a Snorlax and it has a rest move, I would have it hold a Lum berry so that when it uses rest, Lum Berry effect is that when the Pokemon holding the item is affect by any status affecting moves it will automatically heal the Pokemon. Seeing as rest makes the user sleep, it will heal the user's status, maing it a +1 on your side, and a -1 on the opponent's side. Leftovers is another common hold item, it heals the Pokemon by a bit while battling. Using it with a defensive will make it annoying as hell to beat, especially if you fighting a Blissy or Snorlax. To find out about the different kinds of hold items, check the site's new Pokedex from SCV! To sum it up, to build a competitive team, you are going to have to consider IV's, EV's, Natures, movesets and hold items. Also, I wanted to talk about egg moves, but there is not really much to say, just look on Serebii for egg moves. http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml Tip - By catching a ditto with an adamant or jolly nature, giving it an Everstone and breeding it with the Pokemon you want to train will give the egg Pokemon the nature of the Ditto. Same applies to female versions of Pokemon. Type Chart Links - Under Construction - Threats In The Game Credits Dark_Azelf, JUDGEMENT0, Serebii and Silent Storm.
  2. alright so bassically i want to know how to trick the gts building video uploader (if you dont know if one of the pokemon in the battle is hacked it cat upload) so even if your pokemon look 100% legit thay can still screew you over i gave my hacked pokemon (latias in this case) very modest IV just because the only reason i savd is was i didnt feel like taking the hours to catch one on emerald and then transfer it to platinum only to find out that its IV are horrible so bassically i gave it fair IV i know theres a way to trick the gts uploader but idk how also can you alter the hex values so you dont have to worry about it at all?
  3. Ok, my current wiki project is a large one. I'm working on building a guide to all the places in pokemon sort of like Serebii's pokeearth. These pages would include a lot of information that of course is only obtained while in game and not using any other outside resource to build the page. It will cover detailed information on all the places a page for each place. This information should be listed by game so for example route 201 (my current page in the works) should have information for platinum, pearl, and diamond games. What is included in these pages? ~Place name ~How to get to place ~Pokemon that are in this place while walking around in morning, day, and nighttimes ~Pokemon that can be found using only the pokeradar ~Pokemon that can be found only when a certain GBA game is inserted into the GBA slot on the ds/lite ~Trainers in this place and pokemon ~Items Where I need help Everywhere, this is a big project for one person to take on alone. I was hoping to get people to handle certain routes or people to handle certain aspects of a page. Like a certain group of people will handle what pokemon can be found in the morning in platinum. Or people that do specifically the pokeradar pokemon. If you would like to offer your services PM me. What region to start with? Sinnoh is the current region to work on. Then we'll work back from there. However, sinnoh, in and of itself will be hard to complete and should take a while. The next region to work on will be hoenn but dont even bother with that. For now sinnoh. I will update this post when sinnoh gets completed. Questions? PM me if you have any questions or you want me to assign you a job. If you do help.... If you do help and decide to finish a route or notice a route is complete please PM me telling me it is complete so I can take it off of the list. Note: I will be doing other side things for wiki whenever I get like, a light bulb idea, so to speak but this will be my main focus. Please comment, and PM me with your questions and offers to help!
  4. To begin, I would like to emphasize all of the seventeen Pokémon types in the game. They are the Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Grass-, Electric-, Ice-, Fighting-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Psychic-, Bug-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon-, Dark- and Steel-type. Each type has its own advantages and weaknesses. Well, I've been playing Pokémon RPG for almost 6 years already. Building a team, "my way" is quite hard and takes a lot of effort for this works strategically. From Pokémon Yellow all the way up to Pokémon Platinum, I've established many great teams that could outwit all the Pokémon types. At this time, my team Pokémons are: Weavile, Lucario, Swellow, Arcanine, Milotic and Tyranitar. I will use my team as an example on how I create teams. To make things easy, let's refer on the chart. Type -------> Effectiveness Normal-----> x1 Fire-------> x5 Water------> x1 Grass------> x5 Electric---> x5 Ice--------> x3 Fighting---> x3 Poison-----> x5 Ground-----> x2 Flying-----> x3 Psychic----> x4 Bug--------> x4 Rock-------> x6 Ghost------> x4 Dragon-----> x3 Dark-------> x1 Steel------> x6 For my Weavile, I have the moveset: Dark Pulse, Psychic, Ice Beam and Earthquake. This enables my Weavile to outwit Fire-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon- and Steel-type Pokémons. Weavile is immune to Psychic-type moves. For Lucario, I have the moveset: Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, and Flash Cannon. This enables my Lucario to outwit Normal-, Fire-, Electric-, Ice-, Poison-, Psychic-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dark- and Steel-type Pokémons. Lucario is immune to Poison-type moves. For Swellow, I have the moveset: Aeroblast, Fly, Air Slash and Earthquake. This enables my Swellow to outwit Fire-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, Bug-, Rock- and Steel-type Pokémons. Swellow is immune to Ground- and Ghost-type moves. For Arcanine, I have the moveset: Magma Storm, Crunch, Power Whip and Flamethrower. This enables my Arcanine to outwit Water-, Grass-, Ice-, Ground-, Psychic-, Bug-, Rock-, Ghost- and Steel-type Pokémons. For Milotic, I have the moveset: Air Slash, Surf, Ice Beam and Earthquake. This enables my Milotic to outwit Fire-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Bug-, Rock-, Dragon- and Steel-type Pokémons. For Tyranitar, I have the moveset: Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake and Dragon Pulse. This enables my Tyranitar to outwit Fire-, Electric-, Ice-, Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon- and Steel-type Pokémons. Tyranitar is immune to Psychic-type moves. Well, there it goes... I hope that you get the point on how I make good teams. I have made a bunch of teams and I would be happy to share it with you guys. I can supply them to you by either giving you the .pkm files or by using an ARDS code. This guide emphasizes only one aim and that is to outwit all Pokémon types by just 6 Pokémon. Send me a message or a post if you have any comments... Thanks!!! God bless ProjectPokémon!!!
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