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  1. It's the same event; here's a screenshot of WC6 editor after I collected it: The card: (Code is used) I wonder if we might've seen each other at Waterway Point, heh.
  2. I'm sure magical or someone else can figure out the RNG. If not we can find someone who knows ARM assembly.. if not I'll see what I can do. Method 1 should be easy: Packetlog the DS, then recreate that packetlog except screwing with the selected cipher. We'll need to see if Apache (I'm assuming the SSL part is HTTPS) works with it; if not we can try to write our own.
  3. After doing more reading, I see what you mean - we figure out the premaster secret, and then just give the cert Nintendo uses.
  4. The first way will never work (unless you use the hosts file to spoof the domain AND manage to get the DS to transmit unencrypted). The second way is more plausible but we still need to get past the problem of certificate.
  5. My guess is that they do this: (as quoted from wikipedia) # The client may use the certificate authority's (CA's) public key to validate the CA's digital signature of the server certificate. If the digital signature can be verified, the client accepts the server certificate as a valid certificate issued by a trusted CA. # The client verifies that the issuing CA is on its list of trusted CAs. Nintendo or GameFreak would thus be the 'trusted CA'.
  6. That would be pretty hard. We'd need to get a private key that matches the public key the DS has (either that or we figure out how to change the certificate in the ROM, but that would be pointless, since if you can load a hacked ROM, ...). (and no it's not possible to get a private key from a public key). Best chance we have is brute forcing the key. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security#Security. The DS<->GTS would fall under the first few applications there.
  7. I think they communicate using the same protocol.
  8. But if you have a flashcart then why not just dump the SAV file? And if it's on HGSS then you could trade a Pokemon over using a friend's DS and check it out.
  9. If you have shared hosting, port 53 would be used as they need to host their own DNS server for everyone on that server there. Unless you have a dedicated IP, that's a different story.
  10. Capitalise the last 'l' in my username. (i.e 'AngelSL'). Thanks.
  11. Hi, fellow C# developer. It'd be easier if I could talk to you on MSN or IRC (something live) so you can respond instantly.. but.. Here, try this as a solution to 'havn't managed to stop the backgroundworker when it is waiting for a connection'. private void BGW_GTS_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) { BGW_GTS.ReportProgress(1, "GTS started..."); Socket serv = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp); serv.SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel.Socket, SocketOptionName.ReuseAddress, 1); try
  12. Following the previous 2 generations (III and IV), where I and II's first paired games (respectively) were remade, what is the possibility of Ruby/Sapphire being remade for Gen V? This may be the first generation where Kanto does not appear in the main series for that generation, should Black/White/<improved version> not include Kanto. It is also possible that the remakes of Gen I are remade again. If they are, then B/W/<improved version> would not need to include Kanto. However, I think this is extremely unlikely, either Kanto will appear in B/W/<improved version>, or Kan
  13. I don't think BIND (at least I think that's what your host is using) allows you to specify CNAMEs for domains not in your domain's zone.
  14. str.join was supposed to be commented out. Comment it out by appending a #
  15. No, problem is the DS doesn't support CNAMEs probably. Did you do the fix I told you to try? If this doesn't work, putting it at your frontpage won't either as you don't have a dedicated IP.. (shared IP using virtual hosts) @Vlad I modified his script to return a CNAME instead of an IP. Theoretically it should work. Won't work, you also need the event flag set, not just the Key Item. (which is why there is a special wonder card type for each of the event items in DPPHGSS, and not just a 'Item')
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